Good morning from London with my sisters that I guess you know from my videos Helen and Nagham.. they know you from the animals video and Helen from which video? the hummus video we’re today in London and I WANTED TO TAKE YOU WITH ME Maha is going to educon today and is leaving us alone and it’s our first time in London -if it rains, go to the museums we will go to the museums because they’re super important we will go to the national History museum and British museum we will do many cool things without maha so.. stay tuned we will go drink coffee and eat English breakfast now.. what a beauty! it’s still very early.. what time did you wake up? 6! we came down here at the food market ok what do you want? the Sandwiches are not attractive attractive or not attractive? this is not attractive? Nagham, last decision. you wanna eat here or no? – yes after we walked all Camden Town and everything was closed it’s now 9:35.. we are awake from 6:00 we didn’t find other places to eat, except this one, and it’s very nice look where I am getting closer to I made it! I arrived to the Youtube Space The educon event will start shortly and I’ll take you with me, Yalla! They check your ID for security huh.. she probably understood I’m Arab ok, more security checks and finally I’m in! here is Lucrezia who teaches Italian in Italian! which is great and I should also teach Arabic in arabic This is Aly and he teaches English “papa teach me” , super funny guy and this is Tom, from eat sleep dream English, these guys are amazing and I love them a lot, along with Lucrezia came for a small break and look what I got, Falafel Hummus wrap! and some tea! some shots from the sessions after all this food, we have dinner in 2 hours! Cme here to the Green Room to film a video with Lucrezia.. she wants to interview me it’s a very nice room, we have everything, a bathroom, and a place to fix hair & Makeup! Event is over! we’re super happy yet super tired. on the way to the YouTube Dinner I hope you had fun with me .. will see you next year for Educon we came to place.. what is it called again? – I have no clue! we came to this place called the good life eatery what?! where are we heading now? -London Bridge and Borough Market how nice is this borough Market Walla! too bad Chef Jum’a not here.. -how do you know?ask.. – I don’t see him, I know him lol We came to eat at Juma’s, you have to eat here when you come to London, cause it’s delicious! is this Kubbeh? -yup, delicious! can’t not have a kNAFEH! We arrived to London Bridge, and here is some of its history Helen and Nagham had a fight Helen do you like London so far? Yalla give me your fingers, This is one of Laila’s kindergarten songs:) Damn the devil that made us fight Reconciliation we have to cross the bridge ya majnooneh – I didn’t understand! -then we can go to another area we will cross the bridge and will go take the underground to go to Camden Town Vintage market we will eat at bubble Waffle Helen, look at this amazing view.. the ancient building and behind it the modern ones good morning, we came to have breakfast at this place then I want that Lemonade drink I have to go to… Breckton direction and get off at,, I don’t remember.. ahhh Prince regent I am at the station, I hope to arrive at Excel London soon it is a very far stop from the centre, I am based around Piccadilly Circus which is very central and in order to arrive to Ecel London where this Vidcon event is held it took me so far 40 minus and I need 15 minutes more so it’s 2 full hour inside London to go from one place to another! I made it!! wow people are so excited about Vidcon.. I prefer Educon btw as it’s more my field.. EDUCATION got the bracelet and the creator badge where we write our names should I write Maha Yakoub or Learn Arabic with Maha, what do you say? Learning sessions started! this is lokman, one of the most famous Italian Youtubers he is of Moroccan origins but was born in Italy and these are Riccardo and Francesca I am .. very. happy how much do you Arabs eat! food is for free, so this is great! so this is the end of vidicon, I hope you liked it, see you soon! last day Good morning, Nagham and Helen went home. today I am at the British Museum as you can see behind me there is a big queue and to be honest, I brought a mask as today there were worrying news about Corona virus I hope that by the time I edit this video the Emergency will be behind us but I am thinking to wear it or not as it will be very crowded inside this is not the first time I come to the British Museum but I have a few hours before I travel back home to Italy My flight is at 8 and now it’s 11:30 so I have plenty of time which I want to dedicate to something educational if you visit these Museums you won’t be bored as there is always something new to see so I advise you to come There is another Museum that I like “Natural history Museum”. and Museums in LONDON ARE FOR FREE! as I told you museums in London are for free, but you can donate if you like I have 2 more hours so I decided to go visit a new area I haven’t seen before I was requested on stage I hope you liked this tour of London, Vidcon and Educon. I learnt so many tricks on how to become a better content creator and Arabic Teacher and I made this video in Arabic on purpose so I can add English subtitles and my students can see me not only teaching MSA but also hear me speak in my dialect ( our Palestinian dialect). I hope you enjoyed watching and I’ll see you in the next Vlog from a new city, bye