today we are going to make paan sharbat concentrate ingredients and quantities are listed in the description box here are the ingredients required 6 paan/betel leaves, Calcutta or any sweet paan leaves as these are quite dark in color these have been washed and wiped dry 12 green cardamom, soaked in 1/4 cup water for 2 hours soaking will soften the cardamom and help in extracting its maximum flavor 1/4 cup saunf/fennel seeds soaked in 1/2 cup water for 2 hours the saunf too has softened now 1/3 cup gulkand/rose petal preserve 1 cup mishri/rock sugar, crushed. you can use normal sugar instead 1/2 cup water juice of 1 lemon a pinch of green color powder, food grade (optional) in a blender jar put the chopped paan leaves, soaked cardamom with the water and gulkand, and blend into a fine paste. cut the pan leaves into small pieces before adding keep this paste aside now blend the soaked saunf in the grinder jar adding a couple of tbsp of the soaking water at a time until it forms a fine paste. add 2 tbsp at a time and if this water is used up add fresh water if needed when ground, transfer the saunf paste to the ground paan leaves mixture along with any remaining water blend until everything combines well remove to a bowl and keep aside. start making the paan sharbat now in a pot put 1/2 cup water and the mishri and stir a few times. keep the heat on low-medium add the ground mixture which was kept aside stir cook until it thickens to the consistency shown we have used mishri as a sweetener in this recipe but you can use sugar if you wish after about 8 minutes the syrup has thicked. add the optional ingredient – green color mix well and cook for a minute or two on low heat after 10 minutes the paan sharbat is ready add the lemon juice mix well and remove it the syrup is thick now cover it and let it cool down completely strain out the cooled mixture transfer the paan sharbat concentrate to a clean dry bottle. cap it tight and store in the refrigerator it will keep good for 3-4 months to make the paan sharbat add a few ice cubes in a glass, put 2 tbsp or more of the pan sharbat concentrate and fill it with chilled water. stir & serve here is our recipe – paan sharbat concentrate. do try this very flavorful sharbat and share your experience if you like the recipe please share our video & subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon so you are notified about our new videos. thanks for watching