today we are preparing an Indian dessert – Falooda Kulfi which we will prepare with leftover barfi which is an Indian sweet you can use any leftover barfi like mawa barfi, kalakand, peda, cashew barfi, etc to prepare this kulfi we will first boil the milk pour the milk in a kadhai/wok and let it heat up a bit. heat is on high once the milk heats up a little put in the barfi breaking it into smaller pieces we are using leftover khoa barfi stir a few times put in the ground cashews and sliced almonds too now stir the milk and let it come to a boil we need to cook boil the milk until it reduces to about half keep scraping the cream off the sides of the wok as you stir it the milk has come to a boil. reduce heat to low-medium and keep stirring continuously until it reduces to half use a thick bottomed wok for reducing the milk after about 12 minutes the milk has reduced to about half of the original volume and has the right consistency you can also see specks of cream. this is the right time to take it off the heat the sweetness too, is fine so we are not adding any extra sugar. you may add, if you need it, after tasting it if case the sweetness is more add a little fresh cream to lessen it take it off the heat and let the kulfi mixture cool down completely the mixture has completely cooled down. stir it well to blend in the creamy layer formed and transfer to kulfi molds put the kulfi molds in the freezer and let the kulfi set for 7-8 hours or overnight to remove the frozen kulfi, swirl the mold in a little water a few times and then run a thin pointed knife along the inside to loosen the kulfi rub mold between the palms a few times & remove the kulfi to a plate cut into pieces sprinkle falooda & rose syrup on top and serve this rose syrup is homemade. check out the link on the screen to watch how you can prepare it at home do prepare this falooda kulfi and share your experience. in this way, you can make use of leftover barfi to prepare delicious kulfi which even children will love you can also prepare kulfi with fresh barfi if you wish if you like this recipe, please share our video & subscribe to our channel to watch more recipes. thanks for watching