prepare color and preservative free mango frooti which tastes even better than the market one ingredients and quantities are listed in the description box we have taken 3 ripe mangoes, about 800 grams in weight and 1 raw mango about, 400 grams in weight peel the mangoes and chop into rough pieces and transfer to a steel pot all the mangoes have in chopped into pieces. add 1 liter water to this keep on high heat and let the water come to a boil stir a few times once the water comes to a boil reduce heat to low, cover with a lid and cook until the pulp turns soft. stir in between. check after 5 minutes after 6 minutes the mangoes are cooked soft, the raw mango is the one to be checked as the ripe mango cooks faster put off the heat and strain out the mango pulp save the water and allow the mango pulp to cool down before we blend it to a puree while the mango pulp cools down, prepare the simple sugar syrup put 250 grams of sugar in a pot and add 1 cup of water heat it until the sugar dissolves stirring constantly we are not preparing any string consistency syrup just need to dissolve the sugar complelely stirring constantly will ensure the sugar dissolves faster once the sugar dissolves completely put off the heat and remove from the burner. cover and let it cool down once the mango pulp has cooled down blend it to a fine puree add this mango puree in the saved water (in which the mango pulp was boiled) and stir it well put in the sugar syrup and stir again strain out the pulp now and mash the pulp in the strainer with a spoon until only the fiber remains in it here are the mango fiber and the pure mango syrup separated. discard the fiber check the consistency of the mango frooti. it is still a bit thicker than usual add water as needed and sweeten it with more sugar syrup if needed until both the consistency and sweetness are to your taste in our case, we added 2 more cups of water & 50 grams of sugar made into a syrup you may add as as per the sweetness of mangoes you are using now the consistency is like the market available mango frooti mangoes vary in sweetness hence giving a fixed quantity of sugar in the recipe is not possible. we used the minimum quantity necessary, initially you will need to taste the frooti at your end before you decide how much more sugar and water you need to add our mango frooti is ready. transfer to a jug transfer the remaining frooti to another jug and chill in the refrigerator before serving do not add ice cubes to chill it as it will destroy its taste do try preparing this color and preservative free mango frooti as per our method and give your feedback if you like the recipe please like and share our video and subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to get our new video notifications. thanks for watching