Hello everyone, so in this tutorial, we’re
gonna check about what are the requirements to set up a WordPress blog?
The first requirement is that you need to have a domain, you need to purchase a
top-level domain, so that your website can be open using the domain instead of
the IP address. So, domain is basically the address where the Internet user can
access your website. So, it’s similar to your home address like so if someone if
you want someone to come to your home you need to provide the address to that
person, so it’s similar to that. The second thing is that you need a virtual
private server, in this course we’re going to basically use Cloud VPS. So, why
they are going to use Cloud VPS is explained in the future tutorials. Right,
so virtual private server is a virtual machine which actually runs its own copy
of the operating system and it provides with storage capacity to store our files
and folders of the website that we will be launching. So these are the two basic
requirements to set up the WordPress website. In the next tutorial, we are going to compare Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Shared Hosting.