Hello everyone, so in this tutorial, we
are going to check how we can optimize images for the WordPress blog post. So
what happens is that whenever we write a blog post generally we will add some
images to it. So if we can optimize the size of these
images it can actually improve the performance of our website. So they are
lot of websites which actually do the compression for the images one of the
website that I use is tinypng.com So, this website basically compresses the
images without losing the quality of those images. So for example we will try
to upload one image so it is compressing So basically it has done 25%
compression and you would observe that the quality has also remains same. So
what you should do is whenever you write a blog post you should first of all
compress the images that you are going to use for your blog post and then use
those compressed images. In the next tutorial we are going to check how to
disable emojis in WordPress blog.