Hi everyone, it’s Yusaku Maezawa. First of all, thank you so much to everyone who participated in the giveaway. I would like to announce your result for the giveaway through this video. Yes, YOU! Your result for the giveaway is… after careful and fair picking… You have… WON THE GIVEAWAY!! Congratulations!! Amazing There were 4.1 million retweets so it was a 4100 in 1 chance of winning. Really, congratulations! Luck is on your side this year So, I want to talk about what the process will be like from hereon First, I will notify you of your result again by sending you, the winners, a DM from my official Twitter account so please keep an eye our for that All this information will be written in the DM I will send you but I would like to communicate with you all regularly. As I have mentioned in my previous giveaway-related videos, but this is a social experiment to me so I want to know what you use this money on and see whether your lives, your living and your environment changes I would like to know these things through a survey. I will be contacting the winners again with further details so please also keep an eye out for that. Umm There are a lot of people who say that I’m making this giveaway sound like a big deal by saying ‘social experiment’ or, I can’t experiment the effect of BI with only 1000 people, I get told a lot of things… but to me, I just want to have fun doing this. I have no intentions of proving anything. I just hope that this money brings people chances and happiness. That’s enough for me to feel glad that I did this giveaway. So you are free to use this money however you want. I hope a lot of you challenge yourselves with creativeness and freedom when using this money. And you guys! You guys won this money with a 4100 in 1 chance, so luck is on your side! I really hope this money gives you a chance to be happier and I hope to hear lots of interesting stories from you all so please keep in touch through the surveys. Again, congratulations for winning the giveaway So, to those who won the 1 million yen let’s make 2020 a great year together. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you so much! Congrats! Thanks guys!