Good day, I’m Shiro Today on Twitter, I was asked to introduce this tool called Teddy This tool lets you create 3D models by sketching It looks like 3D models get made just by drawing by hand How would that go about? Let’s try that now! To begin, I will draw a certain something and then you try to guess it What will I draw…? I know. Let’s do this. Can I make it? Let’s Create We wrap up the waist here [It somehow disappeared] Do your best Just one of those days aa, so hard Awesome It’s so puffy, like a soy bean, although it’s not a soy bean Guess what this will be Let’s draw some parts This is great. As soon as I draw it becomes solid, like nyoooon This is nice How will the lower part be? Good. This is fun. Also, I can copy this part here I’ll just pick this We have a copy Let’s color it black Well then, who among you can guess it first? Hey, I have pretty good artistic sense I’ve been using Teddy for just this five minutes and I’m getting the hang of it See, I’m good You can already guess it, right? This is important How do I undo this brush? I don’t know aa, the eyes I can erase it So, how can I turn this color into a solid? It’s become part of the body I can only paint on colors I erased some of it ! Wait a minute, better calm down I know, I should undo undo No, it’s not working When this is done, since this is 3D, I’ll show you all sides of the model So far so good ! I did it once, and I did it again The expression is good, if I should say so myself My masterpiece has come to life The answer is…Mr. Penguin Did you guess right? Alright, we’re done [cute applause] Next up, I’ll try again with my second drawing What to do It doesn’t have a front; does it even have arms? Go! This is crazy! You’re thinking “that,” right? but it’s not “that” No, no there Not there either It’s over here Awesome, I’m like Cooking Papa Wait, wait, what happened here? How do I paint this? It’s going to paint badly whichever way I paint it. See, there’s this part that can’t be painted Oh well, I hope you guys can still guess what this is This is the advent of my demise. Just great Do your best, Shiro There, can you guess now? No way This is so messed up So messed up if I do say so myself My drawing is so bad What is this part? What happened? It hollowed out here Can you guess it now? Let’s…check what’s going on here I want this, not like that Great. It’s like a fang now Let’s look here… Hey! Don’t leave it hanging The tooth has come off My great talent earlier can only be used once I’m having a hard time placing this It’s getting bigger This is My spatial recognition has popped away I have a great idea; how do I I see, setting to side view How do I revert this Let’s try undo undo Is that its thickness? This is messed up How far back can I undo This resize thing here causes a lot of problems, huh Let’s see I can’t understand anymore I’ve only attached one eye so far I’m only turning horizontally this looks kind of What the What the hell Let’s put the other eye on the head How do I fit this here Looks like the eye is not attached It’s not attached How do I attach it How do I even see the depth? Hey It was quite the disaster, so we pretend it didn’t happen and with that I have created a 3D model with the simplest of ease and I’m impressed Having your drawing turn into solid geometry is truly a futuristic experience It was great There’s a URL in the description for those who wish to know about Teddy, so please drop by I wonder what else I could make? Maybe I could conjure me an ice cream I could eat. No way At the very least, that soft bed I wanted earlier, I’ll just make it myself just as easily just like alchemy Today was a moving experience So everyone, please check out Teddy, and thank you for watching Bye bye Thank you very much for watching. For those who still haven’t, please feel free to subscribe to the channel. If you’re watching from your PC or phone, there’s a link on the screen here For others, please click on the “Subscribe” button under the video. Let’s meet on the next video! Bye bye!