First, cut the stems off of the strawberries Cut off any of the white, bitter part at the top Total, there should be eight strawberries Put the strawberries in a container Next, smash them until they become liquid with little chunks left Pour in 60g of sugar Stir sugar until it has a jam-like consistency Put the mixture in a pot and place it on the stove on medium to high heat Stir and wait for it to start to simmer After it starts simmering, place it in another container and let it cool down Cut six more strawberries Dice them into small cube shapes After you are done, put the strawberries in a cup Get a container that you are going to put the strawberry milk in First, put the cooled strawberry syrup in Next, put the diced strawberries in Finally, fill the rest of it up with milk Use about 200-400ml Shake the bottle so everything is evenly distributed Then, you are finished!!