Hello, WayLanders~! This is Way! I brought another special guest today! Do you remember that program My-Li-Tel? (My little television) When Baek JongWon chef was cooking, she was famous for unique facial expression! It’s Kimi(Tasting) writer! So today we’ll be having QnA together and ask her about Korean variety shows & writer! Hello~~
(Yoon Hee-Na writer aka Kimi writer came long way) You’re entertainment program writer, right? Yes, yes Have you watched some of our videos? Of course, I was really enjoying your video and I was surprised when you contacted me~ Such a relief! Thank you~ I’ll uplod her channel over here so don’t forget to Like and Subscribe, too! I didn’t upload so much.. I’ll do harder.. The most asked question was if it’s 100% real or is it already planned! They asked this most! I think that’s really ambiguous.. We already planned the flow of the program and how should we end it. But we let the participants do whatever they want within that order. So we find out what we’re going to do and where we’ll be going And ask them for cooperation if we can record beforehand. But I think it depends on whether if we open that information to the participants or not. For the program ‘Infinite Challenge’, the script is only written until Yu Jae-Seok’s opening lines. And there’s nothing at all after. There are many cases like that. And there are cases frequently that the script is changed right on the spot while filming. But we don’t really correct that. For example if they suddenly enter the restaurant in 1N2D, even for cases like that, we ask for their cooperation right on the spot Then that’ll make the program 100% real again, right? Yes, since situations can always be changed~ Yes, yes, yes~ [Q. Was Chef Baek JongWon’s food really delicious?]
Since you got famous through My-Li-Tel, was it really always delicious ? (Her food reaction was always famous) Basically, he’s excellent at cooking. And I can’t help but to taste everything delicious, the staff can barely eat anything during the recording.. Even for My-Li-Tel, we don’t eat anything for 18 hours straight and imagine how delicious it would be when I ate that.. That’s why your eyes were wide open like this~ Which food was most delicious? First, the high calorie foods were all delicious.. [Q. How do you become a program writer?]
Anyways, your job is program writer, right? And how do you become one?? There are really various ways but.. But I think I chose the most common way.. After I graduate university, I went to the broadcasting academy. And I became a writer through the academy. Wow, what’s broadcasting academy? It’s like an educating institute from the broadcasting station! It’s not an academy? It is! Director Lee SoonJae.. I’m from MBC academy.. So we’re from the same academy? Yes..! We are~ I’m from SBS though~ I thought they only taught singers, but they also taught writers, too~ There’s also another course for program writers! Shall we proceed with the QnA? So you went to the SBS academy and? I went through the course! First of all, if the broadcasting station needs a new writer, they contact the academy most of the time. So when I entered the SBS broadcasting station, I joined the ‘Animal Farm’ program team And started like an intern at first. Then the educating writer that visited us was the main writer of the program ‘Three wheels’ So d he/she picked me.. And asked me if I want to join their team.. When.. When was it? It was about 2010 or 2011 Because I participated at the program at 2013.. So I was just wondering if you were there at that time.. I think I was there.. Really?! Yes.. Haha Ah because, the reason I wanted to talk about ‘Three wheels’ is, I talked with the writer before I participated in the program. And I talked with the writer so long at that time! They wanted to bring out my funny episodes.. You are.. I thought we never worked together.. Because when your group got really popular I called to cast your group and.. I have this huge memory of getting rejected hahaha We rejected?? Yes.. I’m sorry [Q. What’s the main work of entertainment program writer?]
What do entertainment program writer usually do? Entertainment program writers also write things, too. But it depends on each one’s experience what they’ll be writing. To talk about the script first, In the entertainment field, we usually call it as ‘Filming composition plan ‘ It contains every flow information of the filming. It even includes how the set will be made. If the camera directors look at that, they’ll know which camera will be needed, and check which audio equipment will be needed. Anyways it’s all written in that script. [Q. Is there any standard on Idol group’s sitting arrangement?]
And many of them were also curious, [Q. Is there any standard on Idol group’s sitting arrangement?]
Since there are many members in Idol group, Is there any standard how you decide seat arrangement? There is.. Oh, really? First, every group has that member that suits with entertainment program, right? Oh~ You’re right~ Mainly focused on those members, In the front? Yes, in the front or at the place where it’s well visible by the camera.. We decide the seat arrangement mainly focusing on them, and they also have that member whose good at reactions within the team.. Then we fill the surroundings mainly focusing on them. We usually arrange the seats like that.. I think I sat at the front~
(Bursting with confident) [Q. How do you promote to main writer?]
You said you joined as newbie writer, right? Then you’re main writer now, right? Not yet..
(Career experience 10 years) Really?! I think I’m about sub-writer? I’m building a company, so I’m the main writer for now.. But in the program.. Yes.. Oh, you are~ So do you have different works depending on the rank? It’s really different.. For example, if we’re gonna do something, we basically need researching. For example, if we’re gonna be casting you, We search everything about you. Thinking like we should know as much as your mom.. The newbie writer collects all the information from the internet. And proceed with the pre-interview according to that. If we gather all the information and hand it to the main writer, The main writer writes the script. Then how many entertainment writers usually work together? Usually about 8 people? But recently there are teams that work up to 15 people~ [Q. How much is the income of the main writer?]
Then I guess the income of every writer must be different based on their experiences.. It’s really different.. Then do you know how much does the main writer earns? I know them but we can’t do anything about it because, The more your career experience build-up, you can do several programs. So for example, I’m earning $5,000 a month through one program. But if I do 2 programs, it doubles up. If I do 3 programs, it triples up. Do they have the time or the broadcasting station allow them to do that? Basically, all the writers are switched as freelancers right now. You can do any programs but if you’re the new writer, there’s no time to do 2~3 programs. But as you start promoting, you have more responsibilities but start having free time. So there are also people who do 8~9 programs at once. Then they earn about 6 digit USD.. 6 digits??
(Should I change my career?) Jackpot.. There are a lot of writers like that~ [Q. How much is the income of newbie writer?]
What about new writers? [Q. How much is the income of newbie writer?]
For my case, I started at the headquarter so it was a pretty good case.. I started as 1,200 USD per month 10 years ago
(depends on the program) 1,200 USD isn’t bad for 10 years ago..
(Way didn’t have salary at all..) But for educational program writers and friends from outside the headquarters got about 600 USD.. I know right? Recently, a newbie writer joined our company and.. I heard that how they treat new writers are getting better now.. I think it’ll keep getting better.. [Q. What was the hardest memory as a program writer?]
How long did you work as a writer? It’s been 11 years now! The most upsetting memory! There was this time that I cried for the first time.. Oh really? I’m curious! I’ve been working with so much fun, but it made me think if I should quit this job. And I was in an unfair situation. While I was working as a new writer, there was this guest that we had hard time casting. And we even gave the appearance fee ahead of time. He/She was doing the recording well, but in the middle of break time, he/she suddenly came out with their bag! And I caught them right on the spot! So I ran to them yelling ‘Where are you going!’ Then he/she started saying that they had an important meeting but they forgot about it.. And he/she left so hurrily.. So I held them saing ‘you can’t go’ but he/she still kept pushing me away to leave the set I was in a rush, and I was the only one who saw the scene because everyone was so busy So I held onto their pants and begged them that they can’t leave.. But then, he/she still left after shaking me off like this.. Shaked their leg off and still left.. It was really absurd and I felt so unfair at that time.. But wasn’t their manager or staff there, too? There was a manager but.. But it was a huge top star, right..? Yes.. Is he/she still working? Of course~ [Q. What are the proud happenings as a program writer?]
I think there must be when you felt proud, [Q. What are the proud happenings as a program writer?]
Or thought it was a good decision to become a program writer. Basically, the producing team treat the celebrities with affection, right? If I see them doing commercials after getting famous, or if I see them doing good in another programs, I feel really proud~ Ohh like they became famous through my program~ Yeah, even though I didn’t raise them~ But you felt like you raised them? Haha [Q. Is there a case you build friendship or fall in love with celebrities?]
You meet a lot of celebrities, right? How is it like? Do you actually get close with them? Like love or something? Love…? I think there are quite number of times that we get close with the celebrities.. For example, if we become the writer in charge of them, there’s no choice but to get close with them. We talk about things deeply, meet frequently, and prepare quite long, too! So for people like them like Baek JongWon chef, we’re still in touch. We even met recently. Oh really? Also with actress Ha YeonSoo.. Oh, you look like Ha YeonSoo by the way! I think I’ll be getting mean comments-! We’re close~ [Q. Is there a case celebrities date program writers?]
If you look at younger people, how is it? Have you seen any? (Hehe I know so much things) There are some people that date each other~ There are also Idols~ With the writer? Yes! OMG~
(Our face looking at this video.jpg) Since it’s an environment that we can build intimate relationship.. It can happen but! Alright then~ [Q. Who do you think is the best Idol member at entertainment program?]
Is there anyone that you think they’re really good? Like you have no worries at all So basically, there are funny members in every group, right? Like Seung-Gwan from ‘Seventeen’ Hyeri from ‘Girl’s Day’ Yes, Hyeri.. Also KyuHyun and HeeChul from ‘Super Junior’ They’re all good at it So for all the friends that seem like ‘I’m seeing them a lot in entertaiment program’ They’re frequently appearing because they’re good at it. So sometimes the fans say like, “The agency is only letting them appear on the program~” and complain about that. For the newbies, the agency can suggest the member to us but, if you’re not, it’s most likely they’re picked by the producing team. Is there anything you want to say to those people who dreams to be a program writer? There are a lot of people who ask me about those, actually.. Curious about how do you become a program writer and ask me about those things.. And they have that desperation within the question.. But I don’t think you should be that desperate! Oh really?
(Should I really change my job?) Because it’s actually easy to become a ‘program writer’ Since there are so many broadcasting station and so many programs! It’s not hard to start but the problem is enduring it. You’re right.. Rather than just thinking of becoming one, I suggest thinking if you’re really suitable with this job. For example, ‘I want to be close with celebrities!’ There are actually many friends who dreams to be a program writer with those kind of reasons. But it’s not easy to be BFF with the celebrities right away as soon as you become one.. And there are so many hard things to endure just for that reason.. What is the hardest thing Basically, food, clothing, and shelter is not guaranteed.. I tried staying up for 4 days. I stayed up for 4 days without even sleeping for 1 hour Really..? Yes.. OMG..
(I’m sorry..) We had to keep editing the script.. So there are a ton more of hard things than good things as a program writer I suggest having enough time to think about it And I hope you’ll find the fundamental reason why you want to be a program writer. Since she told us a lot of things today, I think it would be great to have this video as a reference~ Thank you for sharing with us so much today~ Thank you~ Do you communicate with Instagram, too? Of course~ I like communicating! I’ll put her Instagram account here, and I’ll put her Youtube acoount here~ If you have more questions, I think it would be nice to ask here directly~ Thank you so much for being with us today~ If you like our video today, Don’t forget to Subscribe, Like and
Turn on the notification~! Bye~! Thank you~! Oh~ We did it at first try~ Thank you~!