Fabric, Adhesive cotton, Adhesive core, Toggle buttons, Square ring (4 pcs.), Zipper 25cm, Bag bottom plate The outer skin is cut separately by seam allowance. Cut the adhesive cotton without seam allowance and put the fabric. Create two of the same shape. Bottom-The fabric is cut off by seam allowance, and the adhesive cotton is cut without seam allowance. Attach the fabric to the adhesive. Cut 4 pieces of fabric to the size of 5.5 * 5.5cm. Fold diagonally and iron. Side-The fabric is seam-separated separately, and the cotton is glued to the cotton after cutting without seam seam. 14 pieces of triangles, two pieces of right triangles, two pieces Ironing the seam allowance. Secure the vertex with the hour hand pin and run the stitch. Arrange the vertex fabric and iron the seam allowance. Draw a seam allowance on top of the adhesive cotton and cut the fabric. The lining is also trimmed and the lining is applied with an adhesive core. Cut the outer to fit the size of the lining. All lining foundation is separate Leave the window hole and run the stitch. Lining by ironing. Lining with an iron. Both sides and back of the bag are produced in the same way. The bag handle is made in the same way. (40 * 3cm) All work with blind stitches. Running Stitch Roundtrip, or backstitch. Zipper work (22 * 3.5cm) Zipper makes running stitch. Draw a line, fix it with a pin and blind stitch it. The bottom of the bag will be rounded corners (20cm * 7cm) Complete Thank you. Tomato candy.