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rambling let’s jump into the very untap very valuable Twitter influencer and
Twitter marketing content all right let’s go alright it’s crazy it’s really
in-depth you guys got not be lazy and let’s go ahead and jump into it so like
I said this is very in-depth so try to stay with me here the work that these
people put into this is pretty crazy so we have these fake accounts
okay there’s one two three four these are just four examples now you notice
it’s all an attractive female okay these are all fake Twitter accounts we look at
these accounts and we all see each of them have a niche this one in particular
it looks like it’s kind of a relationships niche and she’s retweeting
just kind of girly travel things looks like she kind of goats goes through
phases she did some travel photos for a while and she’s doing some relationship
photos now it’s all fake this one is also fake she’s retweeting city-type
stuff for a while and then more recently she’s retweeting life too
touch stuff they go they all go through phases and different niches this one
retweets a bunch of flower junk okay stay with me here
this one retweets a bunch of food stuff okay why does any of this matter
these are attractive females that other people are gonna feel comfortable around
okay these are fake accounts but people that are following or potentially going
to follow or even see these accounts in general will feel comfortable when it’s
an attractive person and what they’re retweeting is things that are relatable
everybody likes food most people likes traveling most girls like flowers and so
on very basic stuff okay so why does any of this matter here’s the
kicker okay they they take the time to build these fake accounts and then keep
in mind all of these accounts are owned by a Shopify store company so here we
are we see Rosie again we scroll down a little bit and here she is starting to
tweet promotions okay my boyfriend doesn’t even know we’re dating okay for
a lot of women this will be relatable okay they’re having boyfriend troubles
is his basic common stuff and we see here she’s retweeting this Morgan girl
oh my god my boyfriend gave me this keychain with a date and blah blah blah
engraved on it and she retweets it saying something relatable meanwhile I’m
just getting played over and over again okay how many times have we heard girls
say that or men but in this particular situation this is directed more at
females or the boyfriends of the girls I don’t really know but you get the point
same over here at Raquel she’s posting something she’s retweeting and posting
something relatable no really though where are y’all finding guys like this
okay everybody has boyfriend or girlfriend
problems but she’s retweeting sunflower Jules see check back here it’s also
sunflower Jules see that these are all the same company retweeting meanwhile
the only thing my boyfriend surprises me with is attitude sunflower Jules again
we go over here Morgan promoting sunflower Jules and posting
something relatable to women sunflower Jules something relatable we
go over to over to Cindy posting about retweeting about sunflower Jules
and something relatable here here and here these are all fake accounts that
are owned by sunflower jewels so why does this matter if they are fake
accounts these people have put in a lot of work and they’re making loads of
money because of it so they have this is a beautiful drawing
to kind of show you what I mean here you have fake account what posting something
something relatable and as well as promoting the item so in this example oh
my god my boyfriend bought me this cat necklace from cat necklace calm okay
this fake account is owned by the Shopify store fake account two retweets
this retweets this onto their own Twitter page with their own heading oh
my god I wish my boy I wish I had a boyfriend this necklace is so cute okay
so that’s two promotions on fake accounts then the third or fourth they
might do this three or four times on different accounts then the third or
fourth time they pay an influencer with millions of followers to retweet this
entire thread or retweet chain whatever it is and that’s when the money starts
piling in now you might ask yourself if I’m making these fake accounts and I an
influencer repost it or retweets it the people are going to look at the fake
account and think it’s bull because you know there’s not gonna be any
followers or anything well you know what these people are doing is they’re buying
followers okay for the most part these are fake followers now this hasn’t been
accounts since 2015 so they’ve probably acquired some real followers and to do
that you make your account and just start engaging with people’s content if
you have an attractive person you’ll obtain some followers organically by
doing this so I want to do some digging and see where the images even came from
so I did some reverse image searching I got a few results and one of the results
brought me to here Webster Graham and I’m not positive but
it looks like this is the same girl with different hair color and different
makeup well Webster Graham shows me right here a YouTube channel so I copied
that link and I went over to YouTube and here’s the same girl from Webster Graham
now if this is the same girl that is on the Twitter profile which I think it
might be with just different hair color then we know for a fact that the Twitter
profile is fake because here her name is and then we go to her YouTube and her
name is Haley Bowie or whatever the hell that is also I did some more digging
after I did that reverse image search I go down here and I see what pages this
image is also shown up on okay these two are massive influencers on Twitter 4.4
six million followers okay now I’ve scrolled through here and
I can’t find the image of the Rosie girl but what that indicates that indicates
that the posts has been removed and it was a shout-out or a retweet good for 24
hours that the sunflower jewelers company paid for and Google has just
simply not updated yet here’s another one one point six nine million followers
and they probably retweeted sunflower jewelers fake account for 24 hours and
just made a killing for them on sales and as you can see on this quotes page
they’re doing the exact same thing for a different fake account this time for an
entirely different product and an entirely different website and we’ll
look at Emmys profile here in a second we’ll see how this is a recurring theme
and recurring method so we go to this Emmys profile and again it’s an
attractive person but an entirely fake account I bet if I did a reverse image
search on her profile picture here we would get similar results
seeing her profile pictures show up on big influencers pages and then if I did
some digging I’m sure it would lead back to you somebody that has some kind of
online presence probably in a different country and you can see here she’s been
promoting the crap out of this bad and every once in a while she’ll retweet
some relatable content but then they sprinkle in random content but as you
can see here on her page she’s promoting tons of stuff all linking back to the
same Shopify store Aloha curco a little bit complicated so I want break this
down into kind of a text visual text format that you can screenshot for
referencing later this isn’t gonna be very long but I just want to do this and
kind of add onto a couple things so that you guys truly understand how this
Twitter marketing and Twitter influencer process works all right so the most
in-depth technique and we’re gonna go over some more simple techniques in
future videos but for this one what they’re doing
they’re creating multiple fake accounts with an attractive person as a profile
picture it’s important to have an attractive person as the profile picture
is just naturally going to attract more people and it’s naturally going to be
more trusted all right they’re purchasing purchasing fake followers at
first but if you share relatable content and you have an attractive person as a
profile picture you’ll find that you obtain followers naturally if you’re
retweeting and commenting and posting all the time
another method can be the follow unfollow method to get people’s
attention and get people to follow you now remember this is all long game all
right entrepreneurship a lot of times we have
to do a lot of in-depth work so that we can cash out later so you have to be
patient and you have to be willing to put in the work these fake accounts are
retweeting back and forth coming off as organic natural kind of real person
posts which is creating social proof and I want to show you guys an example of
this kind of chain and how the life cycle of these shoutouts really works
because that’s what it is it’s a life cycle they in a process that you have to
go through during this retweeting process if you have real followers you
may get some sales and visits which you can retarget later so this is the life
cycle of what these pages are doing okay so you have the first fake account makes
a tweet talking about how her boyfriend bought this thing from blah blah blah
calm you have the second fake account which is retweeting oh jeez I wish I had
a boyfriend and also promoting this product and then the last step is you
have the giant influencer that retweets this entire chain of social proof so
it’s not just the quote page posting something they’re posting something that
has social proof people that look like real pages that are enjoying this
product so people on this that are following this quotes page will think
that this item is super popular because multiple people are talking about it
that’s really all Twitter is people trying to fit in so if they see
attractive people trying to that are enjoying the product they’re gonna want
to fit in and they’re gonna want to buy that product as well it’s just human
psychology and kind of helped the nature of Twitter is alright you want to shoot
for an influencer with anyone anywhere from 100 K to 1 million or
more followers because once you have the tweets retweeted and engaged with you
have all that social proof and you could pay our low influence here beautiful
influencer here to retweet it and just as a bonus tip large influencers will
often retweet each other’s content to be able to share each other’s followers so
you want to pay for a promotion with all the influencers that are retweeting each
other see the king and queen beautiful influencers alright so
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