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I don’t want you to miss a video as I mentioned before I’m gonna be sharing
with you how to make money online blogging blogging profits again this is
not some this is not something that you’re gonna be doing for hobby just for
fun but to make money online and chances are you’re watching this video on
YouTube and you’re wondering like hey Tianna
talking about blogging really what she really knows about this well let me tell
you back in 2007 I started my own blog network it was pretty successful at that
time I was doing everything in Spanish so chances are they maybe you never hear
about it and I did this because I was looking for a way to make money online
right so by the time you took wasn’t my thing right I think if I’m not wrong it
was kind of hard to monetize your YouTube channel because Google was not
the owner of YouTube so anyways I was on blogging and I was like hey okay this
sounds like fun I’m gonna create this I actually start
with just two blocks to be honest I end up with about 10 blocks every one of
each has their own niche I’m gonna be talking about more in a moment but I
want you to understand that I’m I know what I’m talking about and this is bait
based on my experience and my advice so you can literally take
it right but I know what I’m talking about anyways if you’re really serious
about making money vlogging the very first thing that you need to understand
is that you need to set up a block a lot of people are out there daydreaming
about this right but they never saw a block and you know that’s the very first
step you don’t need to have any kind of technical knowledge I know a lot of
people are scared today because they think that I don’t know they need to be
some kind of programmers designers and that’s not really the case okay you can
install and you can have a block up and running in less than ten minutes you can
use a platform that is called warp price that is like the best platform for
blogging for blogging and it’s actually for free you can install a team a team
is like the design it can free free or premium a lot of people are like ok so I
need to create a custom design know that really there are a lot of great designs
for free you can start with the free design and if you require it in the
future you can evolve and you can grid or you can use a premium one which is a
paid one it’s gonna be doing thirty fifty dollars or you can create your own
cost something right something that you need to understand it that and this is
something that I mentioned before like every single one of my blogs they used
to have in a specific niche they used to talk about in a specific topic well we
used to write about on a specific topic on them so what is your blog is gonna be
all adapt okay it can be something generic maybe you’re gonna be in the
weight loss industry and you’re gonna be covering topics for teenagers men women
you know so it can be something generic or you can mean this is specific let’s
say that I’m on the weight loss industry and as well but I decided
that I’m gonna be doing this but weight loss just for women so my target
audience is gonna be just woman so it’s gonna be really nice and specific so
maybe I can talk about yoga maybe I can talk about how to lose weight after you
give birth how to keep working out maybe it’s not gonna be about weight loss but
how you can keep working out while you’re pregnant so as you can see it’s
really nice in specific so you need to know what is your God your blog is gonna
be all about okay and you don’t need to have any kind of technical knowledge you
can get you need to get a domain okay I know you can use subdomains but it’s not
really professional people are now gonna take you serious about this so you need
to get out of me I usually buy my domains on name.com so if you want to
use my affiliate link I’m gonna leave a link below
and if you’re looking for a good hosting Bennett hosting it’s the way to go
it’s 695 per month and you’re gonna have your hosting by the way your domain can
be 1295 or maybe ten dollars per year so it’s really affordable okay so if you
want to click on the link from banner hosting and use my my link and gonna
live link below again you’re gonna be using WordPress is the best blogging
platforms they do have a lot of free teams a lot of cool plugins and you can
install it with just like three clicks right almost every single hosting can
you can install it like really easy so again there’s no technical knowledge
required and there is a low entry cost but you need to take this serious and
you need to make sure that you feel passionate about this if you really want
to make six figures on per year maybe seven figures per year with just
blogging and trust me edits possible then okay you have your blog yeah right
with your domain with your host saying Co do you already choose what’s that
your topic you need to start creating content to generate traffic one of the
things that I love about blogging is that you it’s all about attraction
marketing people are gonna consume your content okay people are gonna go on
Google right people might share your content valuable and on social networks
so it’s gonna be all attract about attraction marketing so people are gonna
be really interesting what you have to offer but you need to create valuable
content then depending on your niche it can be helpful you can be teaching
something or you can being some some kind of entertainment right okay do you
need to understand who is the person that is searching for this set of
content okay remember my example I put like okay it’s gonna be on the weight
loss but my main target is gonna be women okay so you need to understand
that that whenever I’m gonna create a content right it’s gonna be based on
that persona that person it’s gonna be in my mind so I’m not gonna be talking
about something for guys because that’s not my audience that’s not what I want
to cover right so the same for you yeah I know it’s gonna be tempting to say
like okay I’m gonna be doing a magazine because this is really easy this is
simple to use WordPress and to create categories trust me it’s super simple
but magazines are really hard to rank okay are really hard to rank and by
ranking I mean this do SEO search engine optimization so that means that but
you’re counting on the very first pages in Google because it’s so random
you can talk about several things so you will need years if you really want to
make money online but if your niche is specific you don’t need to have that
much traffic okay you will need to have certain amount of people and because
that people is really target they are gonna jump into your content and you’re
gonna be making money again this is something that it’s gonna be working on
the long run especially if you are on a budget so you need to understand that
you need to be consistent you need to create as much content as you can and
you need to be consistent as you can if you want you can create just one blog
post per day let’s say that you I don’t know you are working you’re super busy
you know black life happened so maybe you can create just five really good
articles per week that’s okay just put them Monday to Friday that’s it
rather than to program them to put all them five and on Monday right so because
we want to keep consistent we want people to know that we are updating our
blog one article per day it’s good it’s not like the super best but it’s good
it’s better right people know that they can return the Google BOTS you know this
but there are searching or content they know like hey this guy or this girl they
are actually updating their counter pretty consistently okay so your chances
to rank are gonna be way higher you also need to build your list okay remember
that I told you that blogging is attraction marketing so it’s a great way
to generate leads okay it’s a great way to generate leads I know at the
beginning were like okay work can we offer oh maybe we’re gonna put like a
pop-up or we’re gonna put these banners and we’re gonna tell people like hey
subscribe so you can get our content right like a newsletter um you’re gonna
get a people now and then but try to give them something for free right it
can be an e-book minoccurs a video a PDF like a cheat sheet right or a checklist
it’s gonna be something related to your topic right so they are like okay I’m
gonna be giving my email because I want to have this free ebook for example so
after they download the e-book you can keep sending them notification that it’s
you’re gonna have way more people who are interested in you in your blog your
content if you’re giving them something for free the tool that I use to do email
marketing it’s actually a Weber I’m gonna leave a link below as well so you
can give it a try it’s a 30 day free trial
okay once you have your your list you need to start doing email marketing this
is the best at the beginning it doesn’t make sense right but it’s the best way
to automate your marketing okay it’s the best way to build trust with people
because you’re gonna be sending them valuable content you can do it that on a
daily and actually remember that the key here is that everything is gonna be
automated so you are gonna set it up once and it doesn’t matter where the
person is maybe you are colonel in the US and that person is in Europe right
they’re gonna receive the notification or the information in this case the
e-book that we talked about before right away so you don’t have to be like all
sleepy like oh who jump into my newsletter Oh Bob Deana Susan no no I
need to send them the information no everything is gonna be automate you’re
gonna be building a relationship with the person via email you’re gonna be
building trust and again it’s gonna be working for you 24/7 so it’s actually
amazing do you need to have something to sell to your audience and this is a
mistake that I did a DNA was like okay I’m gonna monetize everything with
Google Ads in that year I was doing a lot of money with Google Adsense
yeah it works but to be honest if people are paying for ads it’s because they’re
making way more money than a couple of cents
right or $1 that they’re spending per ad so I find out that you can promote your
own product or you can promote someone else products like me I do a field of
marketing I haven’t created my own product yet so again let’s say that we
are on the weight loss industry remember weight loss for women so I can
go to clickbank right or I can go to a hot Mart or any other platform right and
I can start promoting this product is and every single time some word purchase
because a they are interesting on the weight loss topics that I’m covering
these are women’s so I know it’s a really target audience right I’m keep
sending them my articles every single time and not actually my articles but a
couple of lines or it can be a brief summary right and I can tell them like
if you want to keep continue reading it click here so they’re gonna learn on my
post right and I can offer them this product says every now on them so again
we’re gonna be creating you know what a relationship just you can have the best
funnel you can have the best product okay but if no one’s knows about it
equals nothing okay so remember again let me go back the
very first thing is that you need to set up your block okay a who is your block
what is your are your blog is gonna be all about who is the target market you
know remember no technical knowledge required then you need to create content
to get traffic be consistent that’s key most people don’t fail online based quit
okay especially with this type of businesses because hey your domain is
gonna be $12 per year and your hosting is going to be 695 per year so you need
to be consistent a lot of things can change
new year do you need to build your list again if you want to do it I use Aweber
the link is below so you can have 30 days for free you’re gonna be doing
email marketing November he’s gonna be working for you 24/7 send the available
content information selling 10 things now and then and this is actually how
you’re gonna make money online okay now that you know about this if you want to
know what’s my number one recommendation right now to make money online I’m gonna
live in the link below it’s gonna be the very first link in the description if
you have some questions regarding vlogging okay leave the questions in the
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