Hello, I am here today
to talk about Weebly and how I have used it in my classroom. And also discuss how you might be
interested in using Weebly in your classroom as well. You can see here I have
two websites opened up. They are free. To login to Weebly,
you go to www.weebly.com and there is a login screen. Or you can sign in using
one of your accounts. I suggest using your Google account. It works pretty seamlessly, and it is
what we used to communicate at my school. So here I have Costa Rica 2015,
this was for my 2015 Costa Rica trip. Students could treat this as a web
quest and would be able to get credit, a high school credit for completing the
web quest and completing a journal online. Down here I have,
what’s known as, student example. This is again just a website so that they
can see how to create their own website. I won’t be sharing their web pages,
because of PERPA and confidentiality, but let’s go ahead and take a look at the Costa Rica
trip 2015 webpage. So I’m gonna click on it. You’ll notice over here
it says that it is free. And I can go ahead and
go over here and edit the webpage. And here it’s telling me that there’s
an update available for my theme. Would I like to preview it? No, thank you. I’m going to keep this just as. And you can see I can
update these options later. So, originally I did pick a theme and
then I edited everything here. I changed it to say
the name of the webpage. The homepage is sort of
an introduction to everything. I inserted a panoramic that I took
on a previous trip to Costa Rica. Here I have a slide show to sort of get interested in the trip itself, and these
are actual pictures from previous trips. And then in here, I have inserted a video that’s sort of
an introduction to this is Costa Rica. And then here, I have Join the Discussion,
which is an off topic theme. I put everything as off topic rather
than news or the main page there. But you can start different topics and
such. And here are all the members that
signed up for the Costa Rica trip. And down here I have a crash
course ecology video, which is sort of
an introduction to the ecology. The reason we go to Costa Rica every year,
is to study ecology and the biodiversity of a tropical
rainforest and basically see how that would impact them
in their own lives at home.