Hi there I’m Yvonne Decelis coming to
you today on YDCtv; it is the very last day of November
it’s Saturday November 30th it’s about three o’clock just a little after 3:00
p.m. and first off to all of my loyal subscribers and followers I’m sorry it’s
been so long I got a really really bad cold and it took a long time to go
through me and I shouldn’t really talk about it in past tense because I
honestly don’t know if it’s completely through my system yep it’s a bad one I
had one like this a few years back and it came and went and came and went for a
while it lasted a long time but anyway all that said I just want to do an
energy healing video today I haven’t done one in a while and I’m not really
sure when I’m gonna be able to do one again because we still have a lot of
things going on in our lives when I say we and you me and my husband have a lot
of things going on right now so life just keeps getting in the way pardon the
air quotes but can’t think of a better way from the bat phrase anyway I’m gonna
do a quick one just to show you a quick exercise you can do that’s supposed to
help with improving balance and I’m actually I’m gonna do that one first and
then I’m gonna follow it up with one that I saw done by donna eaton and her
daughter’s de tanya and dandy Dahlan very recently she was saying tap your
spleen for Halloween so I’m literally with this one because I didn’t do that
and that particular moment but since we just got through Thanksgiving that’s one
of the famous times of year in America anyway I don’t know where else but it’s
a very famous time for people to just go overboard with eating so doing the
spleen points would probably be really helpful for getting your digestion going
getting your metabolism running anyway but first off let me just show you
really quickly and this is an exercise called the cross crawl and this is a
seated version I’m not standing for this because a lot of the people that I’m
doing this for can’t walk you can do this seated or standing but
if you’re sitting you want to do a kind of an exaggerated mark so I’m wearing
black it’s kind of hard to see what’s going on actually I will stand you can
do this seated or standing you want to do an exaggerated March so you want to
bring your knees up and the opposite arm should be going so you want to be
basically Criss crossing your energy so if I bring my right knee up I bring my
left arm down and then vice-versa so you’re basically making like a figure
eight almost so you just want to do this a few times maybe ten fifteen however
many times feels right to you but that can actually help with Criss crossing
the energies there’s also some tapping you can do to get your energies going in
the right direction if they’ve been reversed or screwed up so let me just
show you a few just on the cheeks this can also be somewhat energizing on the
k-27 points which I’m trying not to hit the microphone that’s what this little
black thing is k-27 points to find your k-27 you want to trace your collarbone
collarbone from the back all the way to the front and then down and out from the
collarbone just at the very base of the collarbone there should be two little
soft spots small indents most people have soft spots here those soft spots
sorry I’m think I’m bonking the microwave (MICROPHONE) but these soft spots are your
k-27 points and when it’s half those I eat just say tap it with the index
finger in the middle finger or you can do a three finger pinched tap with index
middle and thumb and just tap that a few times and then the last one just moving
that crystal is right at the thymus the thymus lump have those are all good
wants to do best breathing technique when you’re doing energy healing or
energy medicine breathe in through the nose if possible and out through the
mouth and regardless of whether you’re doing nasal breathing or through the
mouth the other important thing is when you breathe in your tongue should be
touching the roof of your mouth when you breathe out you can let your tongue drop
so that last exercise that I wanted to show you out that that was one I just
want to go to this next one the spleen when they said tap your
spleen for Halloween I thought that was pretty brilliant good way for getting
people to memorize what they were doing scarred let me get that window out of
the way to tap your spleen points the spleen
points are actually on your spleen meridian and where they are it’s
parallel to nipple right at that last rib at the down at the bottom go up one
rib rib bone parallel to the nipple and right here is where you want to tap and
you want to tap right underneath again parallel to the nipple tap maybe 1520
times you do it slowly you don’t do it super hard don’t actually don’t do this
hard don’t do like a really hard tap be very very gentle because if you do this
you can unwittingly give yourself back spasms I do this very lightly actually I
do know someone who accidentally gave himself spasms I don’t know if the
spasms were at this point or if they were a little bit further out when you
do the tracing for the spleen Moretti and end up tracing up to this point and
then going out about here about an inch and I think she might have been tapping
here but she accidentally gave herself a back spasm so please be careful when
you’re doing that but again it’s probably a good one to do since we’re
now recuperating from the busiest eating a holiday of the year anyway or the most
most okay I can’t even think of the right word for it I’m kind of blanking
at the moment but I think this is the most common pig-out moment in history
right now is right after Thanksgiving so I’m hoping that that will help you I’m
hoping that the spleen meridian tapping will help you feel better if you’re
having problems digesting that food and then one last thing for balance I’m not
actually going to stand to show you what I mean here but one exercise you can do
a good balance exercise it sounds really easy but it’s not and I guess the first
thing is safety first whenever you do these balance exercises you should make
sure you’ve got something all the way around you maybe have someone spot you
so that if it looks like you’re going to fall they can catch you but if you’ve
got access to it Jim or something like that or if you’ve
got access to something where you’ve got something blocking you all around you
can stand with your feet from heel to toe one right in front of the other and
just try to stand it that way for some moments and again I can’t I’m really
sorry I can’t film my feet to show you exactly what I’m talking about but if I
can find a link to someone doing it I will put a description or I’ll put a
note in the description of this video down below anyway I’m going to go for
now I will try to be back soon I just wanted to come and do a quick video this
ended up going a little longer than I expected
so again apologies and apologies for being so few and far between with these
videos I will try to get better thank you so much I hope this was helpful for
you and as always let me know in comments down below if you have any
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take care of yourselves have a great holiday season by the way
Cheers bye bye