Your course may include a blog assignment. A blog is a shared online diary. Most commonly, a blog will be used in your course to share reflections, facilitate discussion and submit evidence of participation. Blogs are less structured than the Discussion Board, and they’re chronological. Also, the format is more open and conversational in style than a Discussion Board. A blog can be located in either a content area or within the course menu. Contact your instructor if you have trouble locating the blog in your course. When you open the blog you should see directions on how the instructor expects you to utilize the blog. Click on the title of the assignment to enter the blog. To add content to your blog click “Create Blog Entry”, and add a title for your entry. Click the ‘Show More’ icon to the right of the content editor to display more text editor options if it is not already expanded. You can then use the text editor to add and format text, as well as add media, images, links or files to your entry. When you are done editing your post click “Post Entry”. If you are not ready to officially submit your entry, click Save Entry as Draft. Remember to go back to the View Drafts area when you are ready to submit, open the draft of your entry and click Post Entry so your instructor can see your work. The instructor and your fellow students can now view your blog and add comments. The title of your blog and a summary of the content will display as the most recent post at the top of the other posts. You can view the other student’s blogs by clicking on their titles from the Index to the right hand side of the page. To view and post comments to their blog posts, click Comments at the bottom of the post. Type your comment and click Add. The blog is a great place for students to grow through shared reflection and discussion. If you run into trouble, simply contact the Service Desk at [email protected]