Hi there! I’m Yvonne Decelis coming to
you today, Wednesday February 5th and it is getting close to 2 p.m. it’s about
150 and I’m just here to do a energy healing exercise I think I’m going to
just do one for right now this one is called heaven rushing in and I’m
standing back away from my camera because I’m I need to be able to show
you well I’m not going to be able to show you as high up as you have to go
here but this is as far as I can back away right now
thanks to this microphone and sorry I think I might have bunked it but just
want to show you this one really quickly this is a good one to do actually I’m
gonna come a little closer this is pretty good to do if you’re feeling
depressed stressed out anxiety or just just not in a great mood this this
should help it’s also somewhat invigorating and this one is called
heaven rushing in to any of my non-religious friends it’s not a
religious thing when I say have been rushing in but you don’t have to call it
that if you don’t want to if that doesn’t ring true to you you can call it
energy rushing in or positive vibrations rushing in but again this is a good one
to do it especially if you’re feeling down this can be kind of a pick-me-up
first thing I do is I rub my hands together or Jigme just in case they have
any negative energies then you I’m not going to do my legs because one sooner
those my hands go down you won’t see them but you want to put them on your
thighs and then you just want to loop your
hands together in front of you and make a prayer position with your hands up
against your heart chakra and do the Reiki breathing which is in through the
nose out through the mouth tongue at the roof of the mouth when you inhale you
can let it drop when you exhale so again so just a nice deep breathing and now
it’s not going to be able to go all the way up unfortunately but what you want
to do is on the in-breath you want to kind of just step up a little bit and
bring your hands up swoop them into the air just think of it this way bringing
your arms out as wide as you can which I unfortunately can’t do for this camera
but you’re basically scooping out a bunch of
good energy and you’re pressing it in down to your heart chakra and you can do
your out-breath here just breathe normally but just remember on that
in-breath you’re taking in energy positive vibes whatever you want to
think of it again it’s called heaven rushing in but you can call it what you
want whatever rings true for you and then you
bring that energy that positivity into your heart chakra oh and if you want to
if you haven’t got enough at this point you can just on your next inhale bend
down a little with your knees and then swoop up again and just get some more
it’s unlimited so you can get as much of this as you want scoop it back down into
the heart chakra once again and then on the out-breath just release the hands
and again just rub your hands together shake them off and that’s pretty much it
that’s the whole exercise I do hope that was helpful let me know in the comments
down below sorry I haven’t been here in so long been kind of busy with the
upcoming move and everything but good to see you all and I’ll be back as soon as
I can Cheers take care