Hello I’m Elizabeth Hall with Smart Office
Help Social Media Management. And today I’m gonna show you how to add a twitter widget
to your wordpress site. Before we get started I just wanted to say, if you would like to
get updates to the videos that are posted you can subscibe below also to rate this video. Ok lets get started. Alright, why would you want to add a twitter
list or box to your website? Because when people come to your website you will give
them another option to follow you on your social media. If you look here this is actually Smart Office
Help’s website and this is a widget area over here and this is the Twitter box here. So,
if you look you could actually see the most recent post here. You could actually hit the
follow button. So this a way for you to pick up some followers as well. Or you can send a Tweet to Smart Office Help
by clicking here. So first, first thing your wordpress site needs to be widgitized. So
that means that you need to be able to put widgets on your site. There are some themes
that are not widgetized. So you just want to make sure that your WordPress theme does
allow widgets. Ok, let’s go over to Twitter and you are going
to go to your setting. You’ll hit this little wheel here. And then go down to your settings.
Here in this screen you will go to widgets. Alright now that we are in widgets you’ll
see over here on the right, I already have one widget created so we are going to create
a new one. So you will go to create new. Now there are
actually four types of widgets that you can create here. One is the user timeline. And
then you have your favorites. List and search. So we will look at the user timeline first. Of course as it says. It’s going to show you
timeline. So it will show your most recent Tweets. And it will actually it will change.
So it is real time. In the configuration, this allows you to customize
how your widget will look on your website and if also makes it so you can create it
so it will fit on your website. First you’ll put in your username. Normally
it will automatically populate that field. Then you have your options. You can exclude
replies if you like or you can keep them in. You can change the height of your widget if
you link. Then for the them it is light now and you can make it dark. You can also change the link colors. You will
just select the link color and say done. You create the widget. Alright, Then here we go. Once it creats the
widget you’ll see where the link changes there. It says your widget has been created. But
before we add this one in we’ll go ahead. We have the embedded code here at the bottom.
Select that and copy. Once you copy that code you go into your WordPress
site, into the admin area. Now if you don’t know how to get to your widgets it’s pretty
easy. You’re going to go here where you have your menu here on the side. You go to appearances,
widgets. And then you will have to create a text box.
So if you don’t already have one available. If you look here these are all your available
options for your widgets. You are going to select text and you’ll drag
it over to the widget area that you want. Now we already have one choosen. I have it
open here. You embed you code in. You don’t have to put anything in for the title. Just
put your embedded code in and save. Once you save it, if you look back at your
website. It will save pretty quickly. You’ll see your Twitter widget on your website. OK, lets go back over to Twitter for a moment.
Because I want to show you a couple more settings. Go to widgets again. We’ll say create new
again. Alright, so lets look at the other types of widgets that you can have here. You go to favorites. You’ll see in favorites
it’s basically the same configuration. You put in your user name. And you’ll pick an
option weather you want to auto expand your photos. Now why would you want to auto expand
your photos? Maybe you have a website that is visually
based. Maybe you are an artist. You want to show off some artwork that you saw at a art
show or maybe you went to a museum. Saw some inspirational photos. You want to have those
show up. You would use auto expand. You can change the height. You can change
the theme color from light to dark. And you can change your link colors as well. And if you go over to list. Now with the list
you would have to have already have your list created. Now if you don’t know how to create
twitter list, I actually have a video. You can go to that on how to create and use Twitter
list. I do have some list here that are all set up. Go down and I can select one of the
list here. I just picked podcast list. Again, most of
the options are basically the same. You can pick the theme dark or ligt. You can pick
the height that you want and you can change the link colors. And then the last option that they have here
is search. Now in the search you would use a hashtag to search. Lets put in one. We’ll
put in #socialmedia . Ok and you’ll see and this is in real time. It’s showing any posting
or Tweets that have the hashtag socialmedia in them. This is what will show up on your website
once you embed the code. You would just pick your other options and then you would say
create widget. Now I’m going to show you one more little
thing here. Just so your widgets don’t get all cluttered up and you get confused, you
can actually delete them when you don’t need them any more. This second one here I don’t need, so I’m
going to go ahead and delete it. Simply say delete and it will ask you if you are sure.
And hit delet again. And that’s it. Now you have a nice widget. You have configured
it the way that you want it. I have the colors that I want for mines. It’s just perfect for
people to be able to follow you from your website. If you have any other social media related
questions please leave those in the comments. It may be answered on a future video or future
podcast. Any way around I will answer those questions for you. So go out and grow your network using social
media. Have a great day.