twenty-one reasons for unexplained
weight gain so often people say that well I didn’t change anything why am i
gaining weight today we’re going to talk about all the mechanisms and all the
reasons behind these seemingly unexplained weight gains coming right up hey I’m dr. Ekberg I’m a holistic doctor
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that notification bell so that you don’t miss anything now we’ll be in real
trouble if we are gaining some weight and we buy in to the general consensus
to the mainstream misconception that it’s all about calories they tell you
that oh you’re you’re just gaining weight because you’re eating more and
you’re not exercising enough you’re gaining weight because there’s more
calories in than calories out you’re not burning enough calories and while there
is some fundamental truth to that we’ll be in real trouble if we just look at
that if we don’t ask the question why why might I be eating more why might my
body slow down and burn less what is changing and the answer is that we’re
gonna go over 21 different reasons here but in the end they’re all gonna be
hormonal it’s gonna depend on hormones in one shape or form because hormones
determine everything about your behavior and everything about your physiologies
behavior and I want to mention one thing before we get into the numbers and the
reasons it’s what we think of as aging that a lot of people blame things on
aging Oh what I’m just getting older oh this is just happening cuz I’m getting
older my doctor said it’s just because I’m getting older and while aging is a
mostly inevitable process most of what we call aging is a function of dis
use deficiency or toxicity dis use is use it or lose it your body grows at a
certain rate that has its pre-programmed for growth as long as you’re growing
when you’re a teenager but once you’re fully grown if you don’t use it the body
says it’s going to look around and say oh well this muscles not being used that
muscles not being used I’m not gonna maintain body parts that are not being
used use-it-or-lose-it so most of muscle loss due to aging is disuse deficiency
means your body has to have something to perform a function or to maintain
tissues if it’s not getting it its deficient it can’t maintain tissues it
can’t maintain function if you don’t provide it and we are highly deficient
because of all the processed foods that we are eating toxicity means that the
body is trying to do something but there’s stuff in the way there’s junk
there’s toxins there’s debris the signals and the metabolic pathways are
interfered with because of toxicity so keep those in mind and understand that
health everything that we call function is sort of like a battery that a fully
charged battery at a hundred percent is going to make that Energizer Bunny go
but if the battery gradually drops over time we’re not going to notice that
change right away it’s not like the Energizer Bunny slows down to 70% just
because the battery’s at 70% it just means it has less reserves and that’s
how the body works as well that it has less reserves to cope and adapt which
means we may not get any symptoms until we have a significant reduction in
reserves a lot of symptoms a lot of changes that we’re going to talk about
may not happen until your battery is down to 50% and again some of that is
inevitable more or less with aging but a lot of it we can affect by exercise and
proper nutrition and activation and detox and just understanding these
issues properly in the category of sudden changes so now we’re talking
about something that’s happening really fast it’s like really out of the blue it
seems in a matter of weeks or a couple of months there was a dramatic change
and number one reason I would say is steroids that if someone gets
corticosteroids if they get oral corticosteroids that is a version of
cortisol and cortisol drives insulin insulin resistance and weight gain so
you could gain a dramatic amount of weight in just a few weeks with with
that number two obviously applying to women only is pregnancy that might be
something that if you don’t really pay attention or didn’t expect it that could
cause some quick weight gain and again because in pregnancy there’s some
dramatic hormonal changes number three if you start an exercise regimen that’s
not appropriate if you do what you think is cardio or aerobics but it’s actually
in the intensity level of an aerobics now you’re forcing your body to make
cortisol which is going to increase hunger it’s gonna drive insulin it’s
gonna drive the storage hormone insulin and you could gain weight rather quickly
even though you’re burning calories and it seems counterintuitive it seems like
you would exercise and lose weight you would compensate for it because you’re
shifting your metabolism you’re becoming more insulin resistant and that type of
training could make you ravenously hungry I had a lot of viewers confirm to
me that that’s exactly what happened to them watch out for your exercise so that
you do it correctly number four is not really an unexplained
reason but I just want to put it up there because if you go on a cruise and
you get the unlimited soda drink package and the unlimited beer package and you
take advantage of the 24-hour buffets just because it’s there
yes you gained probably 20 pounds in a week it’s
been done I’ve even gone on some cruises not with the soda package but I just ate
like a madman and gained 12 14 pounds in a week number five the holiday season
again most people probably expect this it’s not so unexplained starting in
November through December we’re gonna eat a lot more cookies and candy and
treats as a culture so that could certainly be a reason for some people it
might be the first time they they could get away with it on previous seasons but
something else has changed and now that holiday season just really kicks them
over the edge number 6 pathology we could have some
sort of disease or tumor like we could have a pituitary tumor or an adrenal
tumor that is producing hormones at a very very exaggerated and unbalanced
level so again it’s all about hormones and if we have a tumor that produces
cortisol that would create insulin resistance and weight gain very very
quickly that’d be sort of like taking steroids number seven and this is going
to sound strange to you coming from a low carb keto channel but you could gain
weight suddenly by starting keto and this would be if you start it and don’t
understand what it is if you hear that oh it’s all about meat and bacon and
high fat and you start eating those but you don’t reduce your carbohydrates
enough so you’re still insulin resistant and you’re not reducing insulin by
reducing carbs enough and you’re not getting fat adapted now you’re going to
still have that exaggerated appetite that sugar addiction now you’re just
adding fat to it and you could gain weight very very quickly so remember
you’re not supposed to eat more fat and maintain carbohydrates if you increase
the fat you have to drop carbohydrates dramatically to let that
insulin drop and to become fat adapted Kito’s not going to work until that
metabolic shift takes place so all of these things are things that could
happen pretty quickly the underlying metabolic change could be very very
quick in a matter of weeks and the manifestation the weight gain could also
happen very suddenly in a matter of weeks maybe a couple of months now we’re
going to move on to some things that happen a little bit slower that it
probably won’t happen in weeks if my it probably is going to take a few to
several months and the underlying mechanism would also be happening over a
period of several months this would be something like a life change maybe you
had to move somewhere maybe you had a divorce maybe there was a death of the
family maybe you got a new job so all of these large dramatic life changes can
start shifting hormones can start changing the way the body works
maybe that life change was because of number nine you became more sedentary
maybe your previous life situation allowed you to move more maybe your job
involve more movement and when you stopped moving then you become more
insulin resistant you use less energy burn fewer calories but you don’t change
your eating habits that life change could also be causing more stress
obviously the examples I mentioned are very very stressful and for some people
if it’s like severe grief that could cause the opposite effect
where you just stop eating and you lose weight but for most people stress
typically means that their body is going to look for more fast fuel it’s going to
be looking for sugar especially if you’re not fat adapted and now as you
have that stress you start eating more you’re making more cortisol from the
stress and you’re gaining weight becoming more insulin resistant
and the weight comes on number 11 you could also gain weight from a lack of
sleep if you don’t sleep enough that’s a form of stress in itself you’re wearing
you’re burning your candles at both ends but there’s also certain hormones that
are secreted that are released as part of your circadian rhythm as part of your
sleep and wake cycle so if you don’t sleep enough you’re probably not getting
enough growth hormone and growth hormone again is a metabolic and it’s a fat
burning hormone so if your growth hormone is dropping from a lack of sleep
then that could be causing some weight gain
number 12 working the night shift maybe you’re working at different hours of the
day so you have to sleep at different hours of the day so even if you get
enough hours even if you get your 8 hours that your body typically depends
on you’re gonna shift your hormones you’re going to disturb your hormones by
sleeping during a different time of the day you’re supposed to sleep when it’s
dark and be up when it’s light that’s what your brain has learned that’s when
your nervous system has learned in order to secrete the right hormones so growth
hormone for example works best if you get a couple of hours of sleep before
midnight number 13 maybe you just started a low-fat diet and – a lot of
people that sounds very strange if you listen to the government guidelines they
tell you to eat low-fat low-calorie and you’re thinking well you know fat has
the most calories I eat less fat so I should have less calories but what
happens when people eat low fat is they typically eat more carbs and when you
eat more carbs you’re going to be stimulating insulin insulin is a fat
storing hormone as you become more insulin resistant your body lowers its
metabolic rate and you get hungrier so there’s many different ways that you
could go wrong with a low fat diet sometimes people just start eating more
junk food they think as long as it’s low-fat then I can eat the cookies and I
can eat the ice cream and I can eat the super sweetened yogurt because it’s
low-fat and in doing that maybe you’re eating fewer calories and just becoming
more insulin resistant but it’s also possible that because you’re getting
super super hungry from all that sugar stimulation that you end up eating more
calories and more food in addition to becoming insulin resistant number 14
maybe you decided to become a vegetarian so before everyone yells at me I’m not
in favor of being a vegetarian typically but I’m not saying that you can’t be
healthy and maintain weight being a vegetarian also the problem is that it
takes some skill it takes some knowledge to be a healthy vegetarian and what
happens to a lot of people who just don’t want to eat meat because they feel
sorry they have some spiritual reason for it what happens then is when they
don’t learn enough about food now they start depending on anything that is not
an animal so they eat french fries and they eat Doritos and they eat all kinds
of other fast food bean burritos potato chips candy cookies anything that is
from a plant origin but they’re eating junk food ok so again you can’t be a
healthy vegetarian if you really really know what you’re doing at least most
people can not everyone can but most people can be a healthy vegetarian but
the problem happens when you don’t understand health and you start eating
junk you start eating any plant food because you think it’s just a better way
to do and now let’s talk about some of the things that sort of creep up on us
over the years and it might seem unexplained but if we understand the
underlying reasons and especially if we start understanding how our reserves
decline over time then these would make a lot of sense so number 15
older is not a reason in itself but what happens as we have disuse and deficiency
and toxicity the metabolic rate slows down the growth hormone slows down etc
so one of the things that might be happening is that insulin resistance is
catching up with us what does that mean well your blood sugar is regulated by
insulin so when you eat something your blood sugar Rises your insulin goes up
to control blood sugar and all is well but as we eat more sugar and we eat more
carbs and we eat them more frequently it takes more and more and more and more
insulin over time and this could be building up over 10 15 20 years and
insulin is a fat storing hormone in storing fat it in store it delivers
sugar into the cell that gets converted to fat so in that sense it’s a fat
storing hormone and because it’s tendency is to store things it means we
have less access to the fuel once it’s stored it’s sort of like your deep
freezer that you put in the basement you’re not going to go there for a snack
so you don’t have quick access to that food that’s how severe insulin
resistance works so as that insulin resistance builds up over time you could
get to a breaking point where you start gaining weight you think you’re eating
that roughly the same thing but you don’t have access to the food you’re
storing more and more fat and you’re gaining weight number 17 your fat muscle
ratio so maybe you’re maintaining your weight for 20 years but during that time
you’ve done a bunch of yo-yo dieting you’ve been mostly inactive you haven’t
used your body so the normal aging is happening at a faster rate because of
this use deficiency toxicity so your muscle mass decreases and muscles
are more active muscles is like the machine fat tissue is the long-term
storage so muscles are much more metabolically active fat tissue isn’t
very active at all it’s like we said the deep freezer so over time the ratio can
change you start with this much muscle in this much fat and then over a 20-year
period your muscle goes away your fat increases but your weight stays the same
so you think hey I’m doing the same I’m doing good but then you get to a certain
point a breaking point and now all of a sudden the weight starts piling on
because you’ve reached that threshold number 18 growth hormone growth hormone
declines with age that is inevitable but we have a lot of influence over how
quickly we can make a decline if we are sedentary if we’re toxic if we’re
deficient it’s going to decline faster we can have a decline at a quick rate or
we can have a decline at a much slower rate depending on our lifestyle but it
is gonna go down and growth hormone is a fat burning hormone growth hormone keeps
up your basal metabolic rate it increases the overall activity of the
body so as it decreases then that can also cause weight gain number 19
endocrine disrupters so this is part of the toxicity bit that endocrine
disrupters endocrine is your hormone system and hormones like we said manages
all about this the cortisol the insulin the growth hormone and endocrine
disrupters are toxins they’re things like plastics and foreign hormones and
metals and chemicals and pesticides that mimic the look they look almost like
your own hormones so they fit into the same receptors and when they fit they
block the receptor and they can either stimulate a function and exaggerate
something the body is or it can fit in and block it because
the hormone can block something or stimulate something so the endocrine
disruptor can increase or decrease something that the body normally does so
the body has less ability less influence to regulate these things all by itself
number twenty inflammation so inflammation is a natural part of
healing but low-grade chronic inflammation is not a good thing that’s
when inflammation has gone wrong that’s when there’s stuff present on in the in
the body year after year that’s creating a little
bit of irritation so these are things like toxins again they’re things like
foods that we don’t break down completely we don’t may not have a
full-blown allergy but we have an intolerance to those foods we don’t do
well with them and the primary ones are going to be processed dairy pasteurized
milk and refined grains or grains in general especially refined grains they
create a low-grade inflammation in the body and what that does is it changes
the sensitivity of a lot of your hormones your hypothalamus is an organ
it sits right under the brain between the brain and the brain stem and it’s
like a relay of all the traffic and it senses your hunger and your thirst and
your ph and temperature and all these different things that cause you to eat
more or eat less or want to do things and if they change if the inflammation
changes the sensitivity then you just don’t have the same function there
anymore so the hypothalamus might lose its ability to regulate leptin or gralen
your hunger hormones your thyroid hormones your metabolic hormones your
your insulin it can affect the resistance and the sensitivity of every
one of those hormones and on that note a very important thing to keep in mind is
the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 in your diet because they need to be
about ideally about a one-to-one ratio meaning we have equal amount of omega-3
to omega-6 in the diet somewhere up to about four parts omega-6 to one part
omega-3 is still okay it’s still optimal but the average person in Western
society is more like a 20 part omega-6 to a one part omega-3 and what that does
it promotes inflammation these substances are precursors to things that
control inflammation in the body so all the things that raises omega-6 are in
the sense pro-inflammatory when it gets out of control and what are those things
well they’re primarily sugar grain and seed oils seeds and nuts and that’s why
a small amount of a quality seed or nut oil is not a problem but once we start
eating large amounts of refined oils especially then that creates huge
problems and those are the only oil used in commercial cooking so anytime you eat
fast food anytime you eat out anytime anything is fried you’re getting all oh
may go sixes and for most people they’re doing pretty well but you don’t want to
eat too many nuts because nuts and seeds are high in omega 6’s so even though
they’re healthy you can get it a little bit out of control by eating too much
nuts and number twenty one reason you might be gaining weight is hypothyroid
and this is a huge one I’ve done separate videos on that to explain it
but hypothyroid means that your thyroid your metabolic regulator the thyroid is
your thermostat and hypothyroid means that it is slowing down it’s like you’re
just not cranking out as much heat and one thing that you can notice if your
thyroid is slowing down is that you tend to feel cold
even in a normal temperature room where other people are doing fine if you’re
just always a little chilly a little cold to the core then chances are you
have hypothyroid so if you’ve been having some unexplained weight gain then
start exploring these reasons because it’s critical that you start
understanding every one of these different nuances of metabolic function
and changes in the body if you just go chasing calories and you try to work out
chances are it’s gonna backfire a lot of these things people do because they
think they’re gonna lose weight but because they don’t understand the
underlying mechanism or how to do it properly
it ends up backfiring and it makes things worse if you follow this channel
for a while you know that we have videos on most of these topics or that we’ve
included these in other videos but if there’s one that you’d like more detail
and more information please let me know and we’ll try to do one specifically for
that if you enjoyed this video then I bet you’re gonna love this one
thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time