Who doesn’t dream of the perfect life? Sadly, the real world is often uncooperative
when it comes to our dreams and wishes, but if you work hard and persevere, you may not
get everything you want out of life, but you can get most things. But working hard? ‘Aint nobody got time for that, especially
when we can just simulate our perfect lives with tools like the ever-popular Sims franchise. Today we’re once more turning to our trusty
guinea pig and your favorite Infographics staff lab rat as we challenge him to build
himself the perfect life in The Sims 4- and as a special treat, we managed to rope ‘the
girlfriend’ in on it too, whom isn’t charging us an arm and a leg for challenges as long
as it’s just her playing video games! BOYFRIEND: So as far as challenges go, this
one is definitely the most mild one I’ve had… maybe ever? I just have to sit and play The Sims and make
a perfect life for myself in-game. It sounds suspiciously simple. I admit, I’ve never played any of The Sims
games, so I have no idea what I’m doing. I heard you can accidentally kill your Sims
though? That’s already way more virtual responsibility
then I’m ready for. So I’ve been asked to simulate my real life
within the game, and then make it ‘perfect’. The first step was creating my sims, and hey,
The Infographics tells me you guys have been howling for a face reveal- well sadly, we’re
just not willing to do that because you know, the internet and the people who inhabit it
can be terrible, terrible people. That’s why we haven’t given our names or social
media out- sorry guys, but just take a look through the comments section and you’ll see
why we prefer the anonymity of being animated and having a narrator! However, making our sim characters is probably
the closest we’re going to get to a face reveal, and I’ll admit, I have zero artistic talent
when it comes to making avatars. The sheer number of customization options
on these things is overwhelming- you can tweak and pinch and pull and stretch flesh every
which way to make the perfect look, I saw someone on youtube recreating celebrities
on The Sims and it was eerie how close they came. I am definitely not on that level, but you
know what, I feel I did a decent enough job. GIRLFRIEND: My boyfriend’s latest challenge
is to create the perfect life for himself in The Sims 4, and I thought that sounded
fun so I agreed to hop in and give my two cents. The more I watched him play this game the
more I kind of liked it, so I started playing it when he was not around. For once, a challenge I not only don’t mind
him doing, but one that I kind of think is fun. Beats him having to live off the land in the
wild or whatever silly nonsense The Infographics has him do next. He created our characters without me so I
got no input on the matter, which is kind of annoying. He gave himself a goofy look and I guess I
see the resemblance, especially now that he’s grown his beard out, but I still feel his
sim doesn’t look like him at all. As far as my sim, I really feel he definitely
spent way more time working on that one than on his own, which I guess is… kind of flattering? I don’t know how I feel about it. Have you ever heard of the phrase uncanny
valley? It is used to compare things like robots or
animations to the real thing, and there’s a place where they approach realism really
closely, but ultimately just don’t seem quite real and that makes people feel really weird
about it. That is exactly how I feel about my sim. Or maybe I just don’t like the thought of
being recreated digitally, it is a creepy feeling. I do love the dress he gave me, and he tried
to dress himself like a total doofus. Luckily for you the viewer I made him get
some normal clothes too- though of course he made his character walk like a total creepster. The worst part? He has started recreating that walk around
the house, and yesterday he did it in public until I punched him in the arm. BOYFRIEND: I think I have a crush on my girlfriend’s
sim, which I guess means I have a crush on my girlfriend which is definitely a good sign! Anyways, I guess there’s an option to start
so you’re already in a relationship with another sim, but I wanted to challenge myself so I
made my and the girlfriend’s sims be just roommates. I am out to win her heart in sim-land and
make the perfect life, which I really hope is a thing I can do. Like I said, I barely know what I’m doing
in this game. I learned the basics from the tutorial, so
I know about peeing and eating and sleeping and socializing- you know, all the basics
you learn as a baby. Which I guess is another thing you can do
in this game? You know, have a baby. That… is terrifying. So me and the girlfriend are digital roommates
now, and I decided to start with a custom built house that used up almost all of my
starting 20k cash reserves. Twenty thousand for a fully equipped two-bedroom
house, now I definitely know I’m living in fantasy land. Also I totally forgot to buy a toilet for
a while so my characters had nowhere to pee for the first day. My bad. GIRLFRIEND: I immediately thought that little
house was really cute. I watched him play around with the two characters,
sending them to work and having them make food and socialize, and it was just adorable
to see those two as roommates. I guess it reminded me of our first few months
together- in fact this whole experienced really gave me a lot of time to think on the past,
and it was kind of sweet. We originally met at a coffee shop, which
is funny because he hates those places. If you work in the entertainment industry
in LA though, it is where you typically meet up for business meetings. I happened to be there on a day off when he
came rushing in for a sit-down meeting with some random client. I remember he caught my eye because he had
brought his dog- our dog now- and he was just a little puppy back then. He sat down on a table directly across from
me to my left and apologized to the guy he was meeting, saying, “Hey man, I know this
is real unprofessional but I just adopted my dog and I couldn’t handle leaving him home
alone- he had a real bad time at the shelter.” I immediately thought that was the goofiest,
cutest thing. Who brings a puppy to a business meeting? And who does it because they can’t emotionally
handle leaving it home alone? I guess thinking back, I think I knew most
of what I needed to know about him as a person from overhearing that one exchange. The person he was meeting was not as thrilled
and the meeting was over pretty quickly after that, which was the luckiest thing to happen
for me because that left us both there alone. That cute little floppy-eared ragamuffin came
sniffing over towards me and the rest is history. If there’s anything that feels ‘wrong’ about
this whole challenge is that there is no dog in our little digital house. BOYFRIEND: So a bunch of people came over
to the house when we first started playing the game for a housewarming, and I decided
my sims needed to improve their social life so I threw a party. I figured I’d see what the sims do on their
own though and just kind of let them go on autopilot and navigate the party. I guess there’s goals you can accomplish and
you get scored for having better parties, but I’m curious what sims do on their own. GIRLFRIEND: Our first sim party was ‘hands-off’
so to speak, each sim did whatever they felt like. Immediately his sim went to the couch and
just sat there reading a book, and then went to my room for some reason and started reading
a book there. I cannot tell you how true-to-life that reaction
is. He is the worst at socializing, and when we
go to networking events he likes to plant himself at the open bar until I drag him away. I keep telling him he needs to always meet
new people and show his face around so that he can sell himself as a writer and photographer,
but he always says, “If anyone wants to see my face they can download my Facebook
profile pic.” Honestly, he is impossible. Also I don’t know why my sim decided it was
appropriate to host a party in her workout clothes. She had been jogging just before the party
and then just never changed. That is kind of gross. One thing that was funny though, my sim and
another guy sim ended up going into one of the bedrooms for a conversation. It made me chuckle and I asked my boyfriend
if he was threatened, then I reminded him that he still had to ‘win’ me in this digital
world, but now it looked like he had competition. He sort of narrowed his eyes and said under
his breath, “I don’t like that sim…” I also realized at that moment that his bedroom
had a bed for two people, but mine only had a bed for one person. I asked him what the deal with that was and
he just sort of grinned at me. Wow, someone was really confident his sim
stood a chance. BOYFRIEND: So the simparty was a success,
I guess. Some total creep sim went into the bedroom,
no wait, sorry, my bedroom, and sat to chat up my roommate/not-digital-girlfriend. Who even does that? That’s personal space, buddy. Anyways, I thought that if her sim got to
have a social buddy, then mine did too. I called over some blonde named Naomi from
the party that my sim had gotten into a few conversations with and we hung out. I had bought my sim a camera so I took a picture
of her, and I don’t know if every sim does this but she immediately struck a pose. I uploaded the photo to my simstragram and
got a bunch of followers, and I even managed to frame it and stick it on our table. GIRLFRIEND: I still hate that stupid blonde. She knew what she was doing from the start,
and who in the world takes a picture like that? A tramp, that’s who. Anyways, my sim’s career goal is to be a bodybuilder,
which of course my dear sweet boyfriend picked because in his words, “It was the closest
I could find to the real thing.”, and that is definitely not true. I think he was just secretly hoping that it
would turn my sim into a she-hulk. So as part of my career goal I had to take
my sim to the gym to exercise there, and I had her hop onto one of the machines to start
her workout. Suddenly this pony-tailed guy walked up and
started coaching her, and it gave my sim a perk making her workout more effective. I went on the treadmill and he kept at it-
although by this point my sim’s hygiene stat was getting really low. I decided he seemed to be really interested
in my sim, so if my boyfriend’s sim gets to have a buddy, then mine does too. I chatted up this sim and the friendship bar
filled pretty quickly. BOYFRIEND: Ok, the stupid gym sim- yeah, that’s
a case of art imitating life. I can’t tell you how many gym rats think the
gym is a great place to pick up women, and the girlfriend comes home with stories all
the time. Seriously guys, girls don’t want to chat when
they’re exhausted and sweaty. So no, I’m not surprised her sim got hit on
by some pony-tailed gym douche. Seriously, what guy wears a ponytail nowadays? Anyways, the Naomi girl kept coming by the
house, which is a little weird but I guess sims are really friendly that way. Like two game days in a row went by and she
kept showing up at the front door asking to visit. Turns out my sim’s becoming a pretty good
cook so I had him make food for the whole household and pushed that cook stat up. Here art imitates life again, because spoiler
alert- the girlfriend can’t cook to save her life. GIRLFRIEND: It turns out that my boyfriend
is as oblivious in a digital world as he is in real life. That little digital tramp Naomi kept coming
around day after day to our house and asking to come in, and of course he didn’t get it. In the real world I spot when women are attracted
to him at social events we go to, and he is always completely oblivious. In hindsight, it did take him a while to realize
just how in love I had become with him when we started dating. I decided that our sims needed new people
in their lives, as in non-Naomi people, so I organized another house party. He said I had to invite Naomi because we only
knew like six other sims, so I agreed- on the condition that I got to invite Darren,
the gym trainer my sim had met. He got kind of annoyed but said I could invite
Mr. Dumb-Ponytail. To pick up his spirits though I had my sim
flirt with him at the party, and I swear his in-game reaction to being flirted at couldn’t
have been more realistic. He really is as goofy and idiotic in real
life. Especially in public. Then we let our sims go on autopilot again,
just to see what they would end up doing. I almost peed my pants when his sim started
dancing to the radio in the middle of the party, because he really does dance that nerdy
in real life. Then my sim decided to go dancing with him
and… ok, my sim is not a very good dancer either. But I swear I am a much better dancer in real
life! BOYFRIEND: After our second house party Naomi
came over again- literally the very next day. I decided, screw it, I’ll be a little flirtatious-
specially because she was definitely being that way towards my sim. Next thing I knew, we were on a day-date,
which is totally different than a real date by the way. I had to explain that one to the girlfriend
a few times. Day dates are just, you know, friendly. Not romantic. Either way, our day date to the museum didn’t
end up going very well. I guess I told too many gross jokes. Either way, pretty sure Naomi wasn’t into
me anymore after this date. GIRLFRIEND: If he got to go on a date, then
I told him that I got to go on a date. So I did. I called up Darren and invited him on a ‘day
date’, which by the way, is a real date. I don’t care what certain people say. We went to the bar/nightclub and I guess the
two sims had a pretty good time. At one point Darren held my sim’s hands, and
I know this is not real, but this was the moment that I started feeling bad about the
whole thing. In a weird way it just felt wrong. I know they are just digital characters, but
I could not shake the feeling of gross that I immediately got for this Darren sim. Like any girl, I get propositioned by guys
occasionally, and I hate to say it, but this Darren sim really reminded me of the worst
type- the overly confident wanna-be alpha males. This is the type of guy that wants to ask
for your number when you are grocery shopping and have your headphones on, blasting your
music. Or the type that when you tell them, “I
am flattered but sorry, I have a boyfriend”, they respond with, “I didn’t ask if you
had a boyfriend, I asked if you wanted to hang out sometime.” Gross. So, so, so, gross. Back to our sim life- I called the date off
and went home, and then to make it up to his sim I had my sim flirt with him a bit again. BOYFRIEND: Ok, things got serious in this
digital world when her sim went on a date with Mr. Awful Ponytail. I decided it was time to turn up the heat,
I had to win my girl. You can’t just jump straight to asking someone
on a date though, so I decided our sims should have a friendly hang out, and I took her to
the park to play chess. I beat her because I had the higher logic
stat- both in-game and real life by the way- and then we went fishing together. After a successful friend outing, I knew it
was time- so I asked her sim out on a date the next day, and she said yes! To be perfectly honest, I was a little afraid
she would say no. I don’t know if I could’ve handled being rejected
by my girlfriend’s digital avatar- specially if it had anything to do with stupid Ponytail-face. But no, she did not reject me, and we went
back to the park for a moonlit stroll and get-to-know each other. Then, well the dialogue option let me try
for a first kiss, so I went for it. GIRLFRIEND: The first kiss was the most adorable
thing I have ever seen. And of course he had not been taking care
of his sim’s toilet stat so as soon as our sims kissed his ran off to go pee! If you knew anything about my boyfriend you
would know that this is typical. BOYFRIEND: After our first kiss our sims got
flirtatious with each other, and after my sim tried to be romantic and hold her hand,
her sim bopped mine on the belly and then made a chicken impression. Honestly, this game is pretty realistic. GIRLFRIEND: So a few days of our sims officially
being boyfriend and girlfriend and they started sleeping in the same bed together, which would
have been really cute and romantic if his stupid sim’s walking animation was not set
to being a creepy vampire. The worst part is he has taken to doing that
in real life and I told him if he does not cut it out I am going to make him sleep alone
from now on. BOYFRIEND: Our sims are an item now, so I
sold the bed in her bedroom and turned her room into an exercise room. Also Naomi has been calling my sim on the
phone non-stop and even showing up at the front door, and it’s officially all kinds
of weird. I learned that you can lock the door for certain
sims, so… sorry Naomi, but you know, I’ve moved on. You should too. Also my sim drew a portrait of us two and
well, his art skill needs serious improvement. I worked on upping that romance stat and knew
what my sim had to do next- propose. So I asked her on a date back to where we
had our first date, found a nice quiet spot by some trees, and popped the question. Honestly, I don’t know why I still got so
nervous when my sim was going to propose, but I was legitimately worried her sim would
say no or something. I’m still haunted by that stupid pony-tailed
sim, but you know what? She said yes. So eat that, pony-tail face. Our sims are now engaged, only one thing left
to do- a wedding. GIRLFRIEND: The proposal was really, really
cute. I was not around for it so I had to watch
the video of it after the fact, and it was adorable. In the real world, both of our parents bug
us constantly about marriage, but especially his mom. We have had to explain to them all that we
plan on spending the rest of our lives together, but just don’t need a big ceremony or a government
certificate to prove it. Growing up I was never the little girl that
dreamed of her big wedding, and I don’t see what the big deal is. Next thing our sims did though was get married,
which again, was really cute. Except of course he picked the wedding venue
to be a kid’s park, in front of a giant toy rocket because as he put it, “You are out
of this world!” Honestly, he really is an idiot. After our sims got married he told me he was
done with the job, and I was a little sad to see our time with these two sims be over. I have really gotten attached to those two,
and it has been really adorable watching them go through the stages we went through in our
own lives when we started dating. But I was confused too because his assignment
was to make the perfect life in The Sims. When I asked him, he just looked at me and
said, “I married my dream girl, my sim life is officially perfect.” I know my boyfriend can be a huge goofball
and/or an idiot occasionally, but sometimes he says things so sweet I can’t help but want
to happy-cry. And most of the time he doesn’t even realize
what he said, and that is what I love most about him. The sweetest, most genuine things come out
of his mouth without thinking, and I know that is how he really feels inside about me,
about us. I told him that since Infographics gave us
a copy of The Sims for this challenge that he should not delete it, I think I want to
keep exploring these two sim’s happy little married life together. BOYFRIEND: Ok, challenge complete. As far as I’m concerned, I did it. And the best part? I got stupid gym douche pony-tail face right
there at the wedding. That’s right, I got the girl, now go home
and cry into your stupid little ponytail. What would your dream Sim life look like?! Tell us in the comments! Then go watch “Chained To My Boyfriend For
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