Hey there, today I’m going to do, I’m
calling it a chain pull. It’s like a string pull but using chain instead of
string this is the chain I’m using today. okay I’ve already prepared my canvas, I just
gessoed it and I put a layer of black paint mixed with a little bit of
water and let it dry. I just wanted to make sure that when I do my poor
or my painting that no canvas shows through. So that’s why I’m now
starting to paint the canvas with whatever I wanted
to use on the background. So what I’m doing is I’m going to put black on the
background and I have bronze and I’m just gonna streak bronze throughout the
black just in small areas and then spread it with with this. and
then I’m gonna put white flowers on the top with the chain so I mix
floetrol with my paint and my recipe as always will be in the description
below the video and I’ll have a list of the colors like what brand I use and
then at the end of the video you’ll be able to see the dried results.
I wait till it’s dry and then I film it and post it. So I’m going to start
spreading the black on, I’m not gonna put too much on. You need
it a little bit thinner when you’re doing the string pulls or especially the chain what I’ll do is I’ll pause it then I’ll
come back once I’ve done this. This is gonna take a little bit to start
spreading it around and get the edges. So I will be back. Okay so I spread
the black on and now I’m going to add some bronze. What I’m going to do is I’m not gonna
dip this in the paint. I’m just going to maybe just in certain spots I’m just gonna drizzle a little bit and then I’m just gonna blend it
in with the spreader that I have. Okay I’m not sure if that’s enough I’ll
just spread it and see what it looks like. Each time I’ll wipe it off. I kinda would like it to spread a little
more, just streaks like that, so I can put a few more dots here and there instead of wiping it off I’m gonna do
this. Actually I think I need to spread it more like this.
Looks kind of strange the other way. I think I might need a little more right about here. I’ve never done it
this way before so I’m not really sure, so I’m just guessing. I think some of the areas need to be a
bit thicker wider not just a bunch of streaks. I think that’s probably okay, just leave
it like that. So now I’m gonna get the chain dip it in the white. Can see this, good, dip it right in
there. You wouldn’t think so but this
chain really holds the paint so as well as scraping it with a knife when it
comes out I’m gonna rub it with my fingers, actually I rubbed it twice. Here
goes, and I pull. I have a little bucket of water beside
me here I can rinse it off and reuse it It’s hot water and just put a little bit
of soap and I dry it off. Okay it’s ready to use again and I’m
gonna put another one here and another one here. I’m just washing it off again, it’s dry. I’m gonna do another one on this side, by the way I haven’t put any silicone or Coconut Milk Serum in here or in the paint. Okay one more maybe I’ll put it right
here. Sometimes this chain wants to go where
it wants to go and it’s hard to control. Okay pull it again and
I just gently lifted it up I didn’t want the line to go all the way through. That’s it, it’s all I’m going to do. So I will zoom in for you
so you can see it close up cuz I know it’s far away. I did a long canvas
this time. Actually what I’ll do is
I’ll pause it. Okay so here’s the close-up All right so that’s it for today, I will
let it dry and you’ll be able to see the results at the end of this video ok bye
for now. Hello I’m back
um well this is dry it’s only taken overnight to dry, this is the next day. I
just want to show you, I’m far away yes. I can just do this. I’ll get a close up, so it’s pretty
much stayed the same as it was yesterday it hasn’t changed at all. The only
the only thing
I might do is I might touch up some of these big cells here I might just add
a little bit of white paint in there so they’re not so big. I don’t know we’ll
see. But anyway it turned out pretty good,
please focus there we go You can’t get too close I guess, so it’s
dried really well I really like it and so anyway thank you again for
watching if you guys like my videos you can hit the bell and you’ll be notified
when I do another one which probably won’t be too long. So anyway thanks for
watching have a great day bye bye.