– You know content marketing
is gonna generate you traffic. Everyone’s doing it. So if you don’t do it,
you’re gonna be left out. Do you really wanna be left out? No, who does? Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today, I’m gonna share with you how to measure the ROI of
your content marketing. (perky music) So now that you’ve already known, or at least hopefully
I already convinced you to do content marketing,
you need to measure the ROI. So what’s the first thing you need to do? Sign up for Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a
free tool from Google, that’s right, for free. It’ll tell you how much
traffic you’re getting. See, the beautiful part is, not only will Google Analytics show you how much traffic you’re getting, but, and this is a second tip, is it can tell you how many
conversions you’re generating. So tip number one was to
sign up for Google Analytics, tip number two is to
track your conversions within Google Analytics. So instead of goal tracking, and within Google
Analytics, you can identify how much each lead or
each sale is worth to you, and every time you generate a sale from your content marketing, it’ll show you that
this is how much revenue you’ve generated. Then you could match that up with how much money you’ve spent. If you spent a lot of money and you’ve generated even
more money, then you’re good. If you’re spending $10,000 a month but you’re only generating $1000 a month, something’s kinda wrong. The third thing you need to know is it takes a year before
content marketing does well. Yes, within six months
you will see results, but within a year or after a year more so, that is really when
things start kicking in, so you have to be patient. If you wanna be cashflow positive
in the first twelve months it’s probably not gonna happen. If you started five to
ten years ago, sure, but it’s way harder to
get rankings in Google and it’s harder to get
traffic from social sites like Facebook, so you
need to give it time. Last, but not least, if
you’re trying to generate an ROI from content marketing, go check out SEMRush. They’ll tell you how much
traffic you’re generating and how much it’s worth,
similar to Google Analytics, but they give you a dollar estimate, and they tell you other
people who are buying traffic for your keywords, how
much they’re spending. So for my blog, my neilpatel.com site, my traffic’s worth in excess of a half a million dollars a month. That’s a lot, and it’s all
from content marketing. As you can imagine, I’m not spending a half a million dollars a
month in content marketing. Now I’m not saying I’m generating
a half a million dollars in income, but what
SEMRush is telling me is if I had to buy that traffic,
and other people are buying it and that’s what they tell you, that traffic is worth roughly
a half a million dollars. That’s a huge number, right? That’s the power of content marketing. There’s ROI, you just have to be patient and give it a year. (perky music)