what’s up guys in this video we’re going to go through five things, that are actually 4, that people do that make Mazda Rx8 owners potential homicide contestants. So grab your blow up doll and crack, sit back, and enjoy. I can feel that this day is up to a great start. yea hehe, ok you can you can say that again! So you brought th e script ? No…. Emmm, Chris ? Yea? Could you maybe slow down ? I can’t. If i slow down, carbon builds up! Carbon ?! Do you have to do this with every car ? Nope, just with this one. Why? Becasue if you don’t do it the engine wears off prematurely, and then you have to buy a new one. management eating animals is presently imagine hey can I have to have been large what should be the jacket just put it on the back how does the seats on all from the register is open from the inside for how to source where he could resist this dough supplied the handlers and said it’s in the middle of speakers or no I know we’ve got to open tomorrow from the entire is open the door to introduced diseases but there’s a freaking handle in the middle how can you not see and you put it for me because I can put aside or is it a little to the CTA towards there’s not very much cancel in the middle of the North Pole with your hands work with you feel something in the middle i flipped so that’s a no then go about the doors of the song that starts hearing from the Lord just leave that on a4a tonight not of your concern traditional little accident and no spark why don’t you start because of differences the wank over because Rose rotating in better with grownups that got the engine of fighter in it count official design some special ones that require because you don’t want your caravan to completely break together or you know the fuel is your complexion and all the essentials website make any sense but it does to them actually get to you my cousin has a player and he says it actually more economical and more stapl of the road you don’t have to worry about this wasn’t sure if the fuel even our doesn’t use that particular actually I was a selection i was thinking we could not intentional bangkok I mean how much how much fuels of the wine cold engine dues I mean the previous section is really better I mean you actually get more around and goals longer board and the wine come engine again even if it goes that’s almost like this car with his force bags are some other tape oh my yeah