– Can we make ourselves sneeze?
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good… Mythical… – (sneezes) Morning!
– Fesundheit, Rhett. That is “gesundheit” for fake sneezes.
Today, we talk sneezing. You get a little tickle-wickle in your nostricles and then
BAM! Mucus and air shoot out of your nose and mouth at somewhere
around 10 miles an hour! – Flinging your body fla-fla-flace fluids–
– (laughs) – up to 30 feet away.
– Flace fluids! – Flave!
– And face fluids. – Face fluids!
– So it makes sense that at some point in your life, you’re gonna harness this
high-powered snot shooting apparatus attached to your face– maybe for self-
defense, or maybe just as a public display – of dominance. Who knows?
– I don’t know. Today, we’re gonna be checking out a few different ways to sneeze
on command and see if it actually works. So… Let’s Get Weird With It!
Making Yourself Sneeze. So we have scoured the internet to find
ways that people say you can make yourself sneeze. And I’m at a slight advantage here
’cause I’ve already got a bit of a cold, – and I’ve been sneezing already.
– (nasally) I can tell. You sound a little – bit like this.
– Got a little bit of the cold voice, so hopefully I can pull this off.
But let’s get started with the first one. ♪ (harp music) ♪ Okay, so apparently
looking suddenly into a– – Baseball bat?
– bright light– this is a flashlight. – It looks like a… billy club!
– This can trigger something called the “photic nees…” (laughs) Sorry. “Photic
sneeze reflex.” Basically, there’s a nerve which connects your eyes and your nose
called the “trigeminal nerve,” and scientists have found that between 18
and 35 percent of the population can have this nerve triggered by having
a light shone into their eyeballs. – All right.
– So the way this works is we’re gonna – bring the lights down.
– Do it. Ooooh! Now Link, I’m gonna– what I want you to
do is I want you to close your eyes, and then I’m going to shine this light on your
eyes, and when you feel that the light is shining on your eyes, I want you to
open your eyes as wide as you can, stare directly at the light, and you’re gonna
start feeling the sensation to sneeze. – How long do I stare at the light?
– Ah, it says “suddenly,” so apparently – it’ll happen suddenly, so…
– (crew laughs) – I’ll put it on there for a few seconds.
– I don’t wanna blind myself. You’re not gonna get–
it’s not the sun. Here we go. Okay. – Open wide! Open wide!
– Okay. – Nothin’. Here, lemme try it on you.
– Okay. Close your eyes. (crew laughs) I feel like a deer! – (Link) License and registration?
– Okay, take it off. Um, well, I mean, only 18 to
35 percent of the population… Bring the lights back up. I don’t
wanna get spooked out. (chuckles) I mean, two-thirds of the population,
at least, doesn’t have this, and we’re – just normal, I guess.
– Now I just see a dot in front of my face. I see like a– It’s funny, I see like…
you created a weird pattern. I see… – like a bat.
– Yeah, a light bat. Is there a light bat on
the middle of that light bulb? No, but I see it. It’s like the Batman
symbol but when I close my eyes. Batman is calling us! Batman is calling
us through the flashlight, Link! This is also spookin’ me out.
Let’s move on to the next one. ♪ (harp music) ♪ Apparently, snorting water can make you
sneeze, because your brain interprets water droplets as foreign bodies that it
then wants to expel instead of letting them into your lungs. So… it’s not
really snorting water, it’s snorting water droplets, okay? So what you don’t
wanna do is you don’t wanna drown – yourself in a bowl of water.
– You don’t wanna drink with your nose. – Don’t drink with your nose, guys.
– No, don’t do that. – This is not what’s happening.
– All right, so what we’re gonna do is, Rhett, we’re gonna dip our nose tips into
the water bowls and then we are going to… – Bowls?
– Yeah. So you allow some water to – residuate inside of your nostrils.
– You’re making words up now. And then sniff that in. So don’t
submerge your nose and sniff. – Yeah. We’re not anteaters.
– Tip… dip the tip of your nose… (nasally) Tip the dip… tip the dip in
the thing. First you wanna tip the dip inta the bowl. I’m dippin’
my tip in the bowl. (Link) All right, so my nostrils
have water in them. (sniffs repeatedly) (sniffs) – I feel like I could sneeze. (sniffs)
– (both sniff) – Oh!
– Don’t snort, sniff. – Oh, I just got–
– Tip the dip and sniff don’t snort. – (nasally) I sniffed when the tip was dipped.
– (crew laughs) (both sniffing) It’s like a sniff language
between the two of us. (both sniffing) (normally) There probably
somewhere this exists. – (sniffs)
– It’s not making me sneeze, though! ♪ (harp music) ♪ All right, so… plucking nose hairs is
also supposed to do it, because that – triggers the trigeminal nerve, which…
– Heard of that. Yeah, you’ve already talked about. But
we each have tweezers here, and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna pluck each
other’s nose hairs in unison, which is the true test of friendship.
Um… we do this all the time. – Which nostril do you want?
– Every day before we shoot, we’re like, “All right, are we ready to do the dual
nose pluck? I don’t want any of those – creepers comin’ out.”
– Okay, it seemed natural to do the left – nostril with the right hand.
– What? Is this your left? Just like we do every morning.
Hold on. – (Link) I’m about to sneeze!
– Yeah, I know. I don’t want a sharp – object in my nose while you sneeze.
– That’s a good point. You’ll kill me. You’ll be like– krrsht!
and it’ll go right in my brain. – (Rhett) You know? That’ll happen.
– (laughs) That would suck. I’m going to die at his hand. We already
all know this. He will kill me. – (high pitched groaning)
– He’ll be driving the car that we’re in, whatever the situation is,
it’s gonna be his fault. – (crew laughs)
– Okay, here we go. Okay, hold on. I gotta
see if you got any. – You have one that’s peeking.
– I know. I know you can see mine, but – can you tip top tip? Tip?
– I’m gonna grab– – Don’t pull, just grab and hold.
– I’m just not comfortable with you with the sharp object.
Look at how sharp it is! – I’m only gonna pull down.
– But you went up! – (both laugh)
– Let me find yours before you dig in there. (crew laughs) Okay, I see one. You’ve
got one right there. (Rhett) One, two, three. – Oh! Gosh, Rhett! This thing is long!
– Well look at yours, man! – (Link) Eugh!
– It’s kinky! – Gross!
– (crew laughs) – Where we gonna put these?
– (crew laughs) – I don’t know. We could plant ’em.
– (laughs) I don’t wanna do this anymore,
man. This is wrong and nasty. It is so wrong. ♪ (harp music) ♪ You can actually make a sneezing powder.
It kinda works in the same way that water does, in that your nose inhales something
that’s not supposed to be there, in this case it can be a mix of black pepper,
cayenne, and cumin, which is what we – have here.
– Oh, okay. And it’ll get into the inner lining of
your nose, and your nose is like, (tough guy voice) “This shouldn’t get into
the lungs, guys! Red alert! Red alert! Sneeze time!” (normally) That’s actually
exactly how the nose thinks about it. (Rhett) So what we’re gonna do is just–
you take a little bit and you pinch it. Mm! That smells good. It smells like
some rub I’mma put on some meat later. – (Link) You gonna snort or sniff that?
– I feel like we should snort. I’m just gonna sniff the
whole thing. You snort that. – Okay. Ready?
– Three, two, one. – (snorts)
– Ooh. – (crew laughs)
– Ohhh. Whoah, it’s hawt! – Is it hawt?
– Yeah, whoah. – Is it real hawt?
– (crew laughs) (Link) Don’t aim it at me, now. I’m gettin’ close. I’m going
all the way in though. (snorts) (crew laughs) – Oh!
– Dude, it’s strong. – (slurred) Oh, gosh. Oh my goodness.
– I can’t believe my brain is okay with this! Nose, you shouldn’t be
fine with this! This could be a– – Oh! Oh! Oh ga–
– (crew laughs) – It’s so– it’s so hot in my nose.
– (normally) That was a mistake. – I feel like I need to snort water now.
– We have some. (sniffs) (sniffs) My nose is amazingly hot
right now. Like, it is so… is yours– Come on… all I wanna do is sneeze. (sneezes) Oh! I just did it!
Did you hear that? I did, I saw it. It was
kind of a cough-sneeze. (breathlessly) Oh, here comes another one. (sneezes) I… I fought it. (sneezes louder) Oh! That was for reals. – How hot is your nose?
– (sighs) – I gotta dip my nose in some water.
– (Link sighs again) – My nose is hawt.
– (Rhett) This is the only way I can get relief. Oh! I just blew it all over my face. ♪ (harp music) ♪ This last one involves triggering the
lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, which goes through the groin area and
then connects to the– you guessed it! trigeminal nerve in the face.
So apparently, by getting your nether regions very cold, you can
make yourself sneeze. – Aah!
– Hence the bag of ice. Okay. – Okay, so…
– We’ll put this on our– (sneezes) Oh, there’s one! And all he had to do was hold the
bag of ice and it made him sneeze. – (crew laughs)
– All right, so– all right. Okay, so it’s already working for you. You
just got it near it and it made you sneeze. – I can’t open my left eye. I feel like…
– Okay, so just sort of place that there. – (giggles)
– Now what you’re supposed to do is you’re supposed to lean back, look
straight up, and extend your tongue out past your teeth and breathe
through your mouth. (Link coughs) I’m so close! Ohh, my crotch is so cold. (crew laughs) I’m just imagining the people watching
Good Mythical Morning together right now. There’s like a… there’s someone out
there right now sitting next to their mom and they’re both watching
Good Mythical Morning. – Two guys with cold crotch.
– Two guys with ice– bags of ice in their nether regions for science. (Link breathes loudly) (slurs) You’re makin’ a lotta noise. (crew laughs) (Stevie) Hey guys? Um… we completely
made this entire last one up. – What?
– (crew laughs) – You made this up? Icing the crotch.
– (crew laughs) You’re lying. You’re lying. I’m
gonna throw this bag of ice. – (crew laughs)
– (Link) I think it could work. – Let’s just sit here.
– I can’t believe y’all did that. – (crew laughs)
– Whose idea was that? It will happen again. Why is my crotch still cold?
Here, I don’t– all right. – (sneezes)
– Oh yeah, there’s one! – YEAH! Yeah, got it!
– Yeah! All right, I finally got my sneeze.
I don’t think it had anything to do with – the ice packs. Thanks for that.
– Oh, I think it did. I think we add that one to the list. We can start
circulating that one on the internet. Slightly stick your tongue out,
look up, and put cold compress on your – groin if you really wanna sneeze.
– In my opinion, the only thing that – actually works is the sneezing powder,
– This stuff is money right here, y’all. – but your nose will burn.
– Let us know what you think in the comments. What’s your experience? Thanks
for liking, commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time– (sneezes) it is.
– Fesundheit. – Hi, my name is Nicole Johnson.
– And my name is Zach Johnson. (both) And we’re from Beaver Dam,
Wisconsin, and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! It’s gettin’ cold out there in places
other than Southern California. – You need a Good Mythical Morning hoodie!
– Wooo! – (Rhett) Rhettandlink.com/store!
– Click through to Good Mythical More, where we’re gonna try to get
members of the crew to sneeze. Oh, and I’ll be blowing
my nose some, but not a lot. (Rhett) Shrimp: The Musical. (both humming) – I’m a shrimp.
– I’m a shrimp! – I’m a shrimp.
– We’re a shrimp! – ♪ We’re shrimp! ♪
– ♪ Together we’re shrimp and we’re swimming around in the ocean.
We’re lookin’ ugly but tasty ♪ ♪ Oh, what’s that thing? It looks like a
net! I’m really into nets, let me go into it! ♪ – ♪ I’m actually in a net… as well! ♪
– ♪ It’s gettin’ kinda hot! What is this? ♪ – ♪ It’s the air! It’s the land! ♪
– ♪ No, it’s the water at Red Lobster! ♪ – (harmonizing)
– ♪ Ooh, we’re gettin’ boiled. ♪ – Huh!
– And fried! [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]