Yvonne Decelis from YDCtv; this is a very
quick one to do I mean I’m just doing this in response to a question I got
asked by someone they were saying that they were all set I think physically but
emotionally psychologically they needed help with protecting themselves from
trauma or past trauma I got the in I got the overall impression this was someone
who has bad had post-traumatic stress disorder energy healing can help with
that I had also recommended that she do some Tai Chi and maybe do some yoga and
some guided meditation but this is an exercise I’ve done before here a few
times but I didn’t have this new handy microphone that I have here I’m also
trying really hard not to bonk it or make noise with it because my last video
I did that a few times and I apologize for that
hoping that doesn’t happen again this once again should be fairly quick before
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channel anyway sorry just trying to adjust the camera a little bit this is
again it’s a quick one this is energy healing for trauma and overwhelmed so
what you want to do first is you want to cup your face I’m gonna basically be in
your face into your hands like this cut them like this this is a position you’ll
see many people get into when they’re very sad depressed this taps into Europe
and trade of flow so this is a good one to start with and you want to do the
breathing and again best practices for breathing is in through the nose out
through the mouth if you can and if not just breathe however it is most
comfortable so put your head in your hands like that’s cradle yourself and
breathe in and out deeply and when you feel ready then you take your middle
fingers and press them at the bridge of your nose where it meets your face press
and kind of hard and then on the next in-breath you want
to drop pressing pretty hard and bring your hands up and just drag them up
slowly until you reach your hairline when you’re at your hairline you’re
going to bring your fingers together at the center of your work forehead by the
way when you’re at your hairline like this you’re out of Meridian so that’s a
good place to be but now you want to actually bring your hands together and
the center should be at your forehead or at the center of your forehead and
you’re going to press him dig and pull apart kind of like a crown pull pull
apart to the ears and that’s it rub your hands together shake them out let’s try
that one more time one more time so again hands like this breathe out
eventually bring your fingers together at the bridge of your nose next up for
us just slowly bring your hands up all the way up to the hairline when you get
to the hairline bring your hands this way tilt them now so that the fingers
are at the center of your forehead for its end pull a little apart and another
thing you can do if you want to is you could pull apart and just bring your
fingers to your temples here this is another good spot to end up at and if
you have a headache this can help with that you can do a little bit of a
massage here and another thing you can do this again is an extension to this
one but from here you can go down on to the heart chakra we then turned out having your hands on
your heart chakra that’s another good spot
if you want to leave them there you can and this is a good spot to leave off at
as well and if you want to add to this again I
just really like this one this one that I’ve seen done by two tanya doe and
where you can go back up and then just kind of grasp and squeeze a little bit
as you go down I’m going to stand up a little just so you can see if I mean
when you say four it and squeeze just little squeezes on the way out bring the
hands together bring them into this prayer position and then rub them
together shake them off and if you haven’t watched my videos before when I
say rub them together and shrink them off the reason we’re doing that is there
are actually chakras on your hands there’s the seven primary chakras which
are just in the body up to and including down to the pubic bone those seven
chakras are root sacrum solar plexus heart
there’s throat chakra the third eye chakra in the crown those are the
primary chakras but there are many other chakras and there are chakras on your
hands which if you bend your middle finger down and press it into your hand
that’s right where the chakra is when you do energy healing it is possible to
bring negative energy into your hands this transmits energy but it also takes
a bend so when you do energy healing exercises it’s always a good idea to rub
your hands together and shake them off another good way of cleaning them is
just cold water or Epsom salt but anyway I do hope this helps you if you have
problems with trauma or depression anything like that I really hope this
exercise helps you I will be back in a few days with some more exercises but I
wanted to put this one up since it was a request and once again that said there
is a comment section down below if you’re using a smartphone I think you
have to scroll down past a bunch of images thumbnails for other people’s
videos scroll down all the way to the bottom of the screen and you’ll see the
comment section if you have requests if you have any sort of ailment that you
want to see energy healing for please leave that request down below
I’m speaking of which one other thing that I have not found or is energy
healing practice board that really works efficiently is nosebleeds
nosebleeds I will try to address this at some point if I get the answer I don’t
have it yet the only thing I can say with regards to nosebleeds if you get
them think of the skull where the holes are where the eyes are and find the spot
where your cheeks meet with your nose and then just put one hand in and just
kind of squeeze into where the nose is you should feel some discomfort at the
spot where the cheekbones go up to the nose and you can press down on that spot
that should help with prevention of nosebleeds but if you’re having a
nosebleed that’s another area you might want to press in while you’ve got
tissues or whatever I don’t know if you put them in your nose or if you hold
them to it but that’s a good spot to squeeze and apply pressure to if you
have a nosebleed if I do find something that’s more efficient I remember reading
something about someone using hand kinesiology to stop a nosebleed and I’m
not really sure how that works but if I find it and I find that it does work I
will put it up here as well but once again if unique requests please leave
them down below as always thank you so much for coming to visit No Mas