Hi everyone! In this video, we’re going to
have a look at the Elementor add-ons, that are going to be a great help for
you if you’re running a blog, a news portal, or just the website with a similar purpose. So, these are the plugins that are going
to help you to organize your posts in a very convenient and a beautiful-looking
way, create mega menus and organize the mega menu items in a way you can present your posts, and gallery, and media items right there in the mega menu.
Also, there is a plugin that’s going to allow your visitors to leave reviews.
They’re going to be able to create their review forms. Also, we’re going to have a
look at the plugin that allows you to work with dynamic content, create
custom post types and much more. Also, you’ll be able to add a search widget
that’s gonna allow the visitors to search across your entire website and find the exact post that they need using the keywords. And we’ll also look at some widgets that go in JetElements plugin that is the most advanced add-on for Elementor page builder and probably the and probably the most famous one.
So, now we’re going to have a closer look at each of these plugins separately and to demonstrate
you the features of these plugins. I’m I’m using 24.Storycle Multipurpose News
Portal Elementor WordPress theme that you can get if you follow the link in
the description under this video. Also, you can get all of the plugins
mentioned in this video if you follow the links that I’ll put in the description.
So, this theme is perfect for blogs and news portals. It goes with multiple skins and you can pick the one that you need for your specific idea.
We’re going to start with the first add-on for Elementor that I totally recommend to
everyone who runs the blog and it is called JetBlog. You can download this
plug-in if you follow the link in the description. And it’s got a lot of
features Actually, it goes with the number of
widgets that I added to the Default Widgets in Elementor page builder.
These are four widgets that are very simple to navigate. They’re intuitive and they allow you to create these really beautiful designs, to
organize your posts in tiles and add that navigation arrows animation. So, here’s the Smart List and Smart Tiles. Smart Tiles are more about using images. You can present your post using this thumbnail – like that. So this is just the presentation page for the features of this blog but we’re gonna proceed to Elementor Editor and try to create something on our own. So, this is a feature called a “New Sticker” and this widget allows you to create a section
that will be presenting one post at a time and they’re gonna be switching
each other, showing only one post. It’s mostly used to attract the
attention of users to the most interesting and the most trending news on your website and also the Video Playlist. It allows you to create also to create a section to present videos from YouTube Vimeo and You can style it, so it matches the
design of your entire website. So now Now we’re here in Elementor Editor and
I’ve opened the home page of one of the skins that go with 24.Storycle WordPress theme and as we scroll down we can see that all across the home page in this skin there are used the widgets that you have in JetBlog plugin.
Let me just scroll down and show you how the the page looks. So, as you can see – it is all made of the blocks. Here is a Smart List, there are Smart Tiles too, and here at
the bottom of the page we have a stylized Video Player. so there we go
here you can see a number of examples of how the designs that you create
with JetBlock might look like. Let’s look at the settings.
So, here you can choose the layout minimum height and the width of this entire block.
Here you also have query controls. If you wish you can use custom query
and filter the posts that are going to be displayed in this widget, in the Post Styles Widget. You can query this post using the settings that are presented in here.
Also, there are styling options. There is a number of them so you can change the
the style of pretty much any of the elements that you have here in this block.
Smart Post Styles and Smart Post Lists have pretty much the same styling
and query settings. And here you can see the “New Sticker”. This is a tiny section at the top. And you’ve got arrows here that allow you to switch
between the post. The settings are also extremely simple and easy. Now let’s quickly have a look at the settings that we have for the Video Player.
As you can see the player itself is pulled out from YouTube and it’s a default YouTube player. So here you can simply add the URL of the video and fill in the list of the items that you
want to be shown in your video playlist. So here simply add the links and the title and that said it pulls out the link from the video hosting and then
just shows here all the videos that you put in the list of items.
Here are the settings for the player itself and some styling options.
It is pretty much it for the JetBlog plugin now. I hope that you are interested enough to go to the description under this video and try
this plugin out for yourself. And now And now it’s time to proceed to the next add-on for Elementor that I have for today and it’s gonna be JetMenu plugin.
JetMenu plugin allows you to add media library elements and pretty much any section that you want to add to your mega menu. If we click on the “Live demo” you can see the examples of designs that can be created
with the help of this add-on. so you see those are complex drop-down menus.
You see there are lists and you can add badges. You can add icons to your menu items.
So, there is a complex hinge multimedia
Mega Menu item like that, where you can add videos and video playlists. You can add galleries, you can add blog items, you can even add
the product showcase if you have an online store. And you can even add a
contacts page with the contact form and some other information right here.
The contact form is going to be absolutely working right from the Mega Menu item. Here if we have a look at the Mega Menu created in the 24.Storycle WordPress theme you see that here had you see that there is the showcase of the post, a working slider with the navigation, like that. And here you can see different kinds of post showcase that we can create. Simple dropdown. Also the list like a mega menu item. Let me get back to the WordPress dashboard. What you need to do here is to go to Appearance>Menus and here you choose the menu that you want to edit. I have quite a bunch of them in here and I want to edit the Main Menu
that is the main menu at the top. And we click Select, so it opens up this menu for us. So here we can see the menu items, all of them. So, this is how dropdown
menu items are presented. They’re just like sub-items, as you can see there.
Okay, what we want to do here is we want to edit the Business item.
If JetMenu for current location is enabled we can click on this JetMenu icon right here that is appearing once I hover over the item. Like you simply click on it.
Here we have a number of settings for the item itself. These settings includes
the position of the Mega Many items. So, this is the section that opens once you
hover over the item in the menu. So, here you can set the width and you can
choose the icon for the Mega Menu item. So, there it goes. So, it shows the icon
right here, you select the color. It works pretty much the same way for badges. Here, what you need to do is type the text that’s going to be shown on your badge.
it’s like the badge color and the badge background color. If you leave this field
empty, the badge simply is not going to appear. And also have miscellaneous
settings which include “Hide Item” navigation label, and the possibility to
set custom padding for this item. Also, with the help of JetMenu plugin you
can create vertical Mega Menus. But we’re not going to have a closer look at those
in this video. I just can show you the vertical menu right here. It’s pretty
much the same and it’s created pretty much the same way as the horizontal menu is. Normal difference is that all the main menu items are stacked on top of
each other. So, I’m going to create it now but you just know that there’s a
possibility to do that. Now, here back to the content tab here in this little
pop-up window. What I need to do is to make sure that Mega submenu “Enabled” option is set to “Yes” and then you simply click on this big “Edit Mega
Menu Item Content” button and it just takes us to Elementor Editor and allows us to work with the content of this Mega Menu item as with a regular
section in Elementor. So this is how you create Mega Menu items with the help of
JetMenu plugin for Elementor and you can get this plugin in the description under this video. Yet another plugin that will take the user experience on your blog to the next level is called JetSearch. This plugin allows you to add a search
field to your page and allows the user to search across your entire website
using keywords. Like in this example you could search using one of the types of
posts, like you could search across posts on your website, across pages, across products. Like you could choose one post type to search within this post type.
In here you could pick the categories, and here you could pick the taxonomy, and
help filter your search results using the taxonomy. Or it could also search
across your entire website. And the great thing about this widget is that it comes
with the Ajax support. It means that it allows you to get search results
instantly, right after you type your keyword in here in the search fields and you don’t need to refresh the page. And you can
view all of the search results using the pagination over there. The look of
this field is absolutely customizable. Сlicking on any of the results you
will be taken to the specific post As for the next plugin for today, it is
JetReviews which is going to allow you to create similar review forms for the
users to fill in. There are different styling settings. There are different
possibilities to create various designs with this plugin, so this is how
this form can look like for the user once they need to fill this in. So, if you
want to have reviews by your users on your website, you definitely need to
check JetReviews plugin out. Now the next one is JetEngine and this plugin
and its possibilities and the features it has are really huge, and I think that we
will not have enough time in this video to cover all of it. I’m simply gonna name
a couple of these the most impressive features that this plugin has. So, with
JetEngine plugin you are able to create Custom Post Types, which is extremely
useful if you’re on the blog and you want to run multiple post types for
multiple kinds of the content that you have on your blog. What it also does is
makes creating custom fields extremely easy and fast. Also, custom taxonomies
which is almost as useful as creating Custom Post Types because it’s gonna
help you categorize the content that you have on your blog or on a news portal in
a new amazing way. So, while working with Custom Post Types you’ll also be able to
create custom listing items and then reveal them in the Listing Grid, which is
really a new way to present your content to your users. And with the Dynamic
Calendar functionality it’s extremely easy and convenient to manage the
dynamic events that you create on your website. And, the last but not least is a
JetElements plugin which in itself has almost 50 unique new widgets for
Elementor that are not present in the default version of Elementor. It is compatible with free version of Elementor and all of these
add-ons that we have had a look in this video are also compatible with the free
version of Elementor. So, you don’t need Elementor Pro to use any of these. So,
these are the widgets that you have in JetElements package. So, there are also
the functionality to create Post Carousels, Post Sliders, Post Grids, etc
and much more including Maps. So, we can add Google Maps, Countdowns, predict
showcases, a possibility to add Contact Forms which is a pretty useful
functionality, if you’re on a blog. So, it allows you to also create the
Subscription Forms and connect these forms with MailChimp. Also a possibility
to create Pricing Tables, Simple Tables, Timelines to showcase the progress that
you’ve made with your website over a certain period of time, to add Portfolios,
Weather Widgets, which is quite useful if you’re on a news portal. So, it can also
showcase some information about the weather changes and weather forecasts on a website. So, another Video Player and Audio Player, Drop Bars, multiple kinds of
galleries and many other widgets that are gonna make your pages look more
sophisticated, more interesting, and simply more convenient for your users. So, that was pretty much it for the video on the best add-ons for Elementor that you
need if you run a blog or a news portal website or something of its kind. So,
thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed this video and you’re gonna go
to the description and check out all of the links to the add-ons and to 24.Storycle
WordPress theme. Thank you for watching!