Hey everyone, today Im gonna talk to you about a very serious topic. These are 7 things you need to know about bulimia. Today Im gonna talk to you about bulimia. Here are 7 facts about bulimia and why Im urging you, if you struggle with this, to get help! Number 1: something that no one things about is damage to vocal cords. Ive had clients who were trying out for different things, whether it would be, even just a high school play or a high school musical or people who do it professionally and they’ve been let go because their voice isn’t consistent. Something that we didn’t think about, right? 2: Damage to teeth. Because we’re purging, right? And our stomach acids are coming through our mouth and it’s getting on our teeth and it’s eroding the enamel and it can cause permanent damage. And the sooner we get help, the better the outcome. 3: something that I don’t even think anybody talks about: swollen salivary glands. You can usually tell – honestly. I can usually tell, with pretty – like 90% certainty – if someone’s purging or not, because they are really puffy here. You are actually asking your salivary glands to be extremely overactive and so they are reacting adversly to this overaction and they are puffing up. 4: and this is the most concerning for many of my clients: reproductive harm If we’re not getting enough nutrients and our body is slowly eating itself because we’re not actually digesting the food that it needs, our reproductive system can shut down and we can become infertil. And that is really sad and a lot of my clients want children and so the sooner we get help the better off we are to not do any damage to that. 5: and probably the most embarrassing – is hair loss. Because our hair growth is depending upon our nutrients and the nutrients our body needs in order to keep our hair growing. And also our skin can start to sag, because our body relys on hydration and if we’re purging chances are that we are pretty dehydrated. And some of those things – I mean our hair may grow back – but oftentimes my clients are really frustrated, because they’ve aged themselves. Like, they may be 20, but they look 40. And that’s not something to scare you, it’s just a fact. Once we’ve wrinkled and we’ve aged, that damage can’t really be undone. 6: bone density loss. And this is something that’s really scarry, especially for my clients who are still active in sports. We can have osteopenia or osteoporosis pretty quickly, if we are not getting the right amount of nutrients. Because something people don’t realize is that your body starts to kind of eat itself, when it’s not getting the right kind of food that it needs. It will start eating our muscle and our bone density will go down, because it needs to use those nutrients for other things and bone isn’t that necessary at that moment. Our body kind of goes into survival mode. So the sooner we get help, the sooner we can stop the osteopenia from becoming osteoporosis. 7: the tearing of your esophagus. Now, this is someting that I want all of you to pay attention to: if you see blood when you’re purging, if you see blood if you cough and you have some blood in your mouth, anything like that: please please please get help! Tears in your esophagus can be not serious and if we get help and we get to see our doctor, they can sometimes repair them, they can tell us what to do to heal. But if we let them be open for too long and we have tears that we’re consistently making, we can get terrible infections. I’ve had clients and even people who followed me, tell me about horror stories of infections they’ve received and had to have ridiculous treatments, because if you think about it, youre tearing in your esophagus, right? And then we’re eating and drinking and purging more, and all the food bacteria and all the bacteria that’s just in our body in general is seeping into those tears and it can get really dangerous really fast. So I urge you: if you see any blood in your throw up at all, please please please go to see your doctor, go to the ER and get help! So I know this video is kind of scary and it’s a lot of things maybe you didn’t know about maybe you already did know, right? But what I’m really asking is for you to consider the damage that you could be doing if you don’t get help. And you are worth it! You deserve help, you deserve treatment! Know that YOU can beat this. And together we’ll get better. That’s why I keep putting out videos, that’s why I have workbooks and that’s why there’s a community of people here to support you. So know you are not alone and we’ll get through this together, as we work towards a Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body. Subtitles by the Amara.org community