– So, you’ve probably
been hard at work creating a lot of content for your
blog or your video channel or perhaps your podcast. No matter what it is, one of
the hardest things to do is to continue to create that content knowing there’s not very many
people on the other end who are consuming it. So, we’ve got a question
in today from Ben, who is asking about just this. – Hey, Pat, Ben here. And my wife and I have a
podcast called Breaking Espanol where we talk about our
journey learning Spanish. We’ve been doing it for about a year and one of the challenges we struggle with is how do people find podcasts and what can we do to kinda maximize and make sure anybody interested in learning Spanish and
those kinds of things finds our podcast? – So, it’s great that
you’re creating content. But, how do you get found? Well, for podcasting specifically
there’s a number of ways that discovery happens. Number one, iTunes, just like Google, just like Youtube, it’s a search engine. So, making sure that
the content you create does include keywords in the title and in the description of those things will insure that, down
the road, when, you know, the algorithms play in your favor, you will get discovered for those keywords related to what people are searching. Now, in terms of what keywords to include and what content to create, always make sure you’re trying your best to answer people’s questions wherever they might be putting those in. So, you can do some research into forums. You can do some research on Google to find what kind of related
keywords people are typing in. You might even also use
sites like Answer the Public which actually gives you a
database of all of the questions that people are typing related
to your particular topic. So, that’s Search but let’s think about how other ways
you might be discovered. What else might a person be doing right before they discover your show? Well, they might be scrolling through some sort of ranking system or, you know, some library
of a bunch of other shows or videos, or blogs that
are similar to yours. So, you’re gonna have to ask yourself, well, what’s gonna stop
a person from continuing and scrolling beyond
your show or your video. So, for podcasting
specifically, think about it. So, even before people
actually listen to your show they first see the graphics,
the cover art for your show. And that’s gonna be really important. So, you might wanna do
some research to make sure that in the space that you’re in and the categories that you
actually place yourself in. You wanna make sure
your artwork stands out. In addition to that, it’s
obviously the title of the show and also the description
that people see and read before they actually listen. On Youtube it’s very similar. Think about it. It’s the thumbnails, typically, that capture people’s attention. Which is why so much of
the work that is put into a great video is actually
what lives on that thumbnail. So, we talked about search and we talked about visually
what things look like to stop people while
they’re scrolling through. Really important, you also need
to utilize your own website. A lot of websites don’t
actually do a great job of sharing the other kinds
of media that they have beyond their blog content. So, if you have a podcast you
also have a responsibility to let people know on your website that you have this podcast. If they join your email list,
let them know it exists. On the sidebar of your website, at the bottom of your
blog post, for example, you need to be promoting your podcast too. They’re there, they like the content. Give them another way to
consume what you have to offer. Now, all that stuff we
just talked about is great but probably the biggest thing you can do that’ll get you the most viewers
or listeners or subscribers in the shortest period of time is to utilize other
audiences that already exist by building a relationship
or connecting with in some way, shape or form the influencers who have already earned the
trust of those audiences. So, then for example, your
Spanish-speaking podcast, you might wanna try and be
a guest on another language related podcast that’s out there. You might have some really
interesting insights that you and your wife have learned through this learning process that you can offer for
them and their audiences. So, it’s not just you getting exposure from getting on the show but
it’s also you offering value in exchange for having a little bit of exposure to their audience. Now, starting with other podcasters since you have a podcast yourself, is gonna be great because
those audiences already know the podcasting world and they can easily subscribe to your show too. But that’s that, you don’t have to just stick with podcasting. Maybe you can be a guest
on another person’s blog. You can do a guest blog post. Or, perhaps you can on
another person’s video channel if you have that capability. Now, a lot people who are getting into the podcasting space are also
experiencing with advertising. So, they’re using Facebook, for example to highly target audiences that
are of their audience type. So, you can get very
specific with the kind of ads that you can do. And there’s a few things
that actually work. You can, perhaps, have
a guest on your show and then target people who
you know follow that guest. So, if it’s sort of an A-lister
or influencer in your space and you know that a lot of
people follow this person you can even target them to
show ads for that podcast episode where you interviewed that person because they like that person,
they’re gonna go listen and it just so happens that you’re the one who interviewed them. A lot of podcasters are
also doing the opposite. So, perhaps if you become a
guest on influencer’s show you can pay that influencer to boost those posts on Facebook. And, again, you’re utilizing
the trust that they’ve earned with their audience and
the reach that they have and because they are promoting
their show to their people you are likely going to be
listened to a little bit more than if you didn’t do that. So, another group of influencers
that you can reach out to, which is smart because they’re less likely to be reached out to and
are more likely to say yes are forum or group owners. Meaning, Facebook group owners
or Linkedin group owners, for example and think about it, if you go to Facebook
and type in, for example, Learning Spanish, you’re
likely going to see a number of communities of people who are together and staying together to
learn Spanish, right? And to keep each other motivated and hold each other accountable for that. There are admins to those
groups who you could find just simply by clicking into those groups. You don’t even have to join them yet. Reach out to those people. See how you might be able
to feature them in some way or feature their community
because when that happens and you make them look
like a hero, for example, they’re gonna be more
likely to share that episode to those communities who they’ve already earned that trust with and that way you’re able to
get in front of communities that already exist through
the trust of the admins for that group. And, finally, and you’ve
all heard this before, no matter what kind of content you create, create epic content. Stuff that people can’t help
but talk about and share. Because, guess what, word-of-mouth, is the most powerful form of marketing. As Mark Zuckerberg says, “There’s no better recommendation than one that comes from a friend.” Right? And, so, when a person
listens to your show and it’s so great and they’ve
learned so much from it, for example, they can’t help
but share that somebody else who they know has the same problem or wants to accomplish the same goals. So, make great stuff,
which I’m sure you are, Ben and I’m sure most of you
who are watching this are. But, just as a reminder for you, create great stuff because
when you offer that word-of-mouth happens and
that’s how you continue to grow and you build raving fans over time and you’re gonna build
this long lasting business that will continue to grow and serve you and have you serve them too. So, final piece of advice. Beyond the stuff that just should be done, the foundational stuff, such as the cover art, the
description, the titles, having keywords in there,
search engine optimization, et cetera, once that’s all taken care of what I would recommend is
for these other strategies, these reach outs and
connecting with other people, pick one strategy to
focus on and just focus and master that. You could drive yourself
crazy doing all these different things but
only putting half effort into each of them. Put your full effort into
one of those channels or strategies and you’re
gonna see results. Hey, and really quick, if you
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