Behind us sits a Porsche 911 Carrera S. This is the seventh generation of the 911, which is 50 years old this year. The engine is the notorious flat 6 which is mounted on Porsche for 50 years now. Rather logic. Emblematic six cylinders, flat positionned, the flat 6, 3.8 L which pops 430 hp out as it comes with the engine pack This engine pack adds 30hp compared to the original version. Its design is recognizable amont all the other cars.
It has very slightly changed, compared to the original 901 although it moved a little with the different styling codes among the years. You sill find the fastback design. The meaning is you have a sedan basis which is risen in the back to avoid aerodynamics vortex and get a better Cx. That’s a real big work from the designers and engineers. It is to force the evolution of a generation while keeping what is unique, what is the distinctive 911 signature. Well, anyway, we’ve seen quite franc evolutions such as the mobile rear fin, big changes as well on the rear bumper, in the front lights orientation and so on. model is grey, and grey is as well an emblematic color for the Porsche brand as this was used during the 60s and 70s
on the race cars from Porsche. When it came out, in 1963, its life was not really easy The rear six cylinders made ink spill a lot ! There was also the name, 901,
as it was meant to be name 901 but Peugeot put finally an end to this as they had some king of pattern, for 3 digits car names with a 0 in the middle Also, the racers criticized a lot its not modern enough aspect. Because of the rear engine, it was said a huge lack of grip on the front axle. The rear grip was obsviously good furthermore with a quite low gravity center but the front axle was light and not easy to handle but years after years, and we could see it today, that problem was solved a bit by a bit as the driving and dynamism of this 911 is amazing. Thanks to that and this is significant, Porsche and moreover the 911 means rear positonned engine with a strong level of performance. Then, the sound as well. Yeah, the flat 6. Inside the car, it is both nice and simple. One button per action, meaning a lot of buttons. This is globally nice. Leather, alcantara on the roof this is really well done even if when looking onto details some things seem a little bit too much simple. Yes it very neat, but you can feel it was really a work to make it that way minutious, quality… it is really a qualitative inside Nonetheless, little glintch on this one regarding the steering wheel. Compared to the ones on other models, that one has no stitching on it. It is very simple, very… plastic like. Not only the seats are gorgeous, but they’re also so adjustable that they can suit every driver and every driving style. But, what I find really amusing at Porsche is their stubborness to add two rear seats in their cars. Honnestly, I think that beyond three months old, there is no existing human being that can fit in it. That’s ridiculous. Kids ! That can be useful.
No, you just buy an Espace. to someone who really wants a sport car. Or a limbless man ! Yeah, a limbless man could fit.
A limbless man is good. Another singularity is the 7gears manual gearbox. The first time you shift to the 7th, well it is quite a special moment. Most of the Porsche come with a double clutch PDK gearbox which is quite fast, etc. but the pleasure having a manual gearbox, a quite tough clutch
this is quite uncomparable. What I only regret is that the car has no manual and classic hand brake lever, old fashioned rather than an electric parking brake, very hard to understand. What really bluffed me on this car is that, although it is a prop’ on quite greasy roads today as as it, well, it rains. From a grip point of view, I really thought the rear axle was going to slide and in the end even when pushing quite sportly it really handled well, I was quite surprised by this. The ESC is very efficient. I think you should not try to disconnect it as the rear axle slides on every white stripe and if the ESC was not there no handle it or to correct a little bit the oversteering Clearly, this car would be more demanding from a driving skills point of view. So, the great detail on this car is also an horeful one : it’s the key. The key has a really funny and recognizable design, among all other theys. Nevertheless, it’s also very annoying to have to push buttons on it to open the car, open the trunk, etc., those kind of things that are a little bit obsolet nowadays The GPS, a least a bit of it, is shown in one of the tachometers, which is very useful and convenient when driving on a daily basis. The horeful detail, it’s a deception coming from the gear. An example : automatic windshield wipers.
You do not get automatic wipers and must to everything by hand. On such a model, with quite expensive options, I find this a little deceptive. If I had to choose an item to whom I’ll give the best quotation, that’s obviously the gearbox. Not only it is innovative with its 7 gears, but it is perfectly stepped The gears shift and lock very well, it’s quick.
NOIIIIIISE. Huuu, f*ck ! This one’s name is gymkhana, you may want to film it ! Her name is gymkhana. Do you think she’s Ken Block’s boat ? I’ll meet Antoine over the gearbox, indeed. But I would talk as well about the rear axle which is so efficient from a grip point of view. There is as well a super cool option, the button which represents the exhaust pipes on which you push to emphasize the engine sound, so fabulous ! The flat six is mythical and earing it like that, in stereo, inside the cabin, that’s a wonder. Back in 63, globally when it came out, what was critisized was the rear position of the engine. Nowadays, it has become not only a crazy chracteristic of the car but also a guarantee of sportiness as they found a way to stem the overlight front axle. Now, the engine position has moved from a defect when it was presented
to a real and recognized quality. Antoine, thirtieth !