Hi there! I’m Yvonne Decelis; it is
Friday October 4th it’s a little late it’s close to 9:30 p.m. a little later
than I usually do these types of things but I really wanted to get a video out
to you guys because it’s been so long since I’ve done an energy healing
exercise video so I’m putting this up here now I hope that you like this one
this is going to be a few exercises that you can do if you’re having problems
with fatigue and you need to just wake up a few things I’m going to do another
video in a couple of days one video is gonna be about a temporal tap and
another one’s gonna be about pulling the earlobes to help you wake up but for now
I want to do this one and since I’m having problems with my microphone I’m
using the Logitech headset so pardon this contraption at the moment but it
will get replaced soon but anyway a couple of videos a couple of exercises
you can do first off I’m gonna be standing and sitting a lot for one of
them which you do not have to do I’m just doing it so that you can see the
exercise because the constraints of this camera are kind of limiting if I could
this around and make this portrait so the landscape it would work better but I
can’t do that unfortunately so you’ll see what I mean about that in a few
moments but before I get into the exercise it’s just a word about
breathing the best breathing for energy medicine it’s also good breathing for
Reiki tai chi yoga anything like that best breathing method is if at all
possible breathe in through the nose out through the mouth and whether you can do
that or not whether you can do that switch or not you can do whatever feels
most comfortable to you but the other thing you should do when you breathe in
let your tongue touch the roof of your mouth tongue should be at the roof of
the mouth up against your top teeth and then when you exhale let your tongue
drop the purpose for that or one of the main or a few of the main purposes for
doing that for our purposes is number one so that you can focus on your
breathing to help clear your mind a lot of people that’s their biggest complaint
with meditation is that they just can’t clear their mind they can’t make their
mind stop racing and that’s a very good way of doing it because it forces you to
focus on your breathing I’ve heard that compared to holding a
tea spoon full of water and trying not to
spill it someone said something about imagine you’re at a costume party but
you’ve got to hold on to the spoonful of water yes it’s very distracting and
annoying but it’s easy to do so that’s what he had recommended to his students
who are trying to meditate and clear their minds he kept telling them to
focus on their breathing so that’s also supposed to help force quiet the mind it
also tells your inner source that you’re not going to be speaking so that’s
another way that it helps quiet the mind and also it keeps the mouth from drying
out so also to help prevent dry mouth next thing I’m going to go into I’m
going to start you off with a hearts exercise that will activate your body’s
radiant circuits should activate the way you feel when you feel true joy so a
good way to wake up is with the hearts exercise and then from there I’m going
to do a couple of energy medicine exercises and I’m gonna switch off into
EFT tapping EFT stands for emotional freedom technique that’s the way I
learned it from Nick kortner at the tapping school I’ve spoken to other
people who learned tapping from other sources it doesn’t matter what the
source is if you learn it and you make it part of your daily health toolkit it
will help you out it helps with things like stress PTSD it can help with
concentration I’ve been asked if it’s useful for
helping with remembering I wouldn’t say that it really helps with that but it’s
really useful for distressing and again for just waking up and energizing so to
start off with the hearts exercise and as I said I’m gonna be doing a lot of
standing and sitting for this do what works for you you can do this exercise
seated or standing but just for the purposes of the video I’m gonna start up
standing because you want to start right at the pubic bone with your hands
together and what we’re gonna do is just trace a heart on either side and you’re
gonna just go up a little bit higher and then up over the pecs down to a heart
point up again through the head and then back down to a point and then one last
time you’re gonna go up above and then back down to a point at the
pubic bone and then you can trace up again if you want I find doing this last
one going up and above to be very nice it’s a it’s just a nice feeling again
though what you want to do is what works for you I usually do that last one about
three times and then you just end it down at the pubic bone one last time and
then you can just rub your hands together and shake them off and that’ll
get rid of any negative energy you may have unwittingly picked up to keep it
from going in through the hand chakras so that’s the first one and then the
next one and by the way the order you do this in is up to you I would recommend
starting off with the hearts one because that activates again the radiant
circuits which is a feeling of joy a physical feeling that takes place when
you feel joy so I’d say to give that one a try first
and then the next one is the tapping so I would say start with the K 27 points
and the way you can find your K 27 points is by tracing your collarbone
from the back go to the front to where the points of your collarbone almost
meet and then just dig around underneath just from where the collarbone meets
just drop down a little bit like about a half inch dig around and you should be
able to feel two soft spots two little indents most people have soft spots at
this point that’s how you find your K 27 and you can either vigorously massage it
or just very vigorously tap it so you start off with the K 27 you can come
into the cheekbones this is on your stomach meridian by the way so if you
have problems with digestion this is another good spot to tap but it’s also a
very good spot for waking up and this is my microphone I don’t know if I’m
bonking and I’m trying very hard not to I’m hoping you can hear the tapping I’m
not sure that you can but just to give you an idea of how hard you should be
tapping yourself you don’t want to be hitting yourself to the point of pain
but the very first time I saw a video by Donnie Eden she was doing the tapping
and she had someone come up from the audience and she started tapping them
right here and the woman who she did it to was very startled I think by how hard
she was pinger I just remember the woman kind of
jumping back and going oh my it really does need to be vigorous especially if
you want to wake yourself up so cheekbones and now as I said from here
we’re going to actually go into the EFT tapping this point right on the
cheekbones is one of the points you’re basically tapping around the skull sees
do the cheekbones you could do the sides of the eyes eyebrows one side of the
eyebrows to the other edge you can do one side you can tap two sides at the
same time or like I said just once that actually why don’t I go away from the
microphone I’m just going to do this one side just as again like I said do what
feels right to you if something just feels wrong or it feels really
uncomfortable and it just feels forced it means that your body is not
benefiting from it but if it feels right or if it feels like it’s helping you
that means it works this one by the way you do the side of the hand all four
fingers and this is called the karate chop you can do both hands obviously not
at the same time but you can do one hand for a couple of taps and then you can
switch to the other one you can also go under the arm the chin under your lower
lip and also the skin between your upper lip and your nose so these are all
tapping points and you can do this as much or as little as you want whatever
feels right to you so anyway I’m going to hold leave off with that with those
few exercises but like I said I will be back to show you guys how to do the
temporal tap and also the earlobe pole I just can’t do that because unfortunately
these are in the way but I will be back in a few days with that one and then
I’ll probably come back with another break a distance energy video unless if
anyone has anything that they want to see if you have anything you want to
request anything I can do to help you with any physical issues or
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