Hi there it is Tuesday October 8th and
it’s the little after 5 p.m. I’m Yvonne Decelis coming to you on YDCtv and I’m
here to do a few energy exercises. I was going to say a couple but there’s more than
two coming… I’m going to go a few things; I’ve written this down because I want to
make sure I don’t screw up on lists of things that I’m gonna do here I want to
tell you everything that I’m going to do so a few things we’re gonna do the
radiant hearts exercise and then I’m gonna follow that up by a new heart
exercise that I discovered by Donna Eaton’s daughter – Tanya Doan I will as
soon as I am able to put a link to her exercise as well I love it it’s a really
good one and it’s a great one to do for waking up it’s just a really good feel
good exercise as is the radiant hearts exercise so two hard exercises I’m also
going to do the temporal tap and I’m gonna show you how to do the ear pull
exercise these are all really good exercises to do if you’re feeling very
stressed fatigued you just want to come to life wake up and you want to feel
some joy so I’m hoping that these are good exercises for you I hope you enjoy
them and I hope they help you please feel free to let me know in the comments
down below and also if you have requests for any future energy healing exercises
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it’s very helpful to me it’s your call but all that said let me just get on to
the exercises for you really quickly and I apologize in advance for standing up
and sitting down a lot I kind of have to do that because I cannot change the way
this is filming me right now so all that said let’s start off with those heart
exercises and again I’m gonna be standing up and sitting down you do not
have to you can do these exercises seated you can do them lying down
standing it is your call with an energy healing the best exercises are the ones
that feel great if anything feels off too
you if it just doesn’t feel natural if it feels forced it’s your body’s Way of
telling you you’re not really benefiting from it and one last thing is a note on
breathing I recommend when you breathe if you can breathe in through your nose
out of your mouth leave your mouth open a little bit and also when you breathe
in your tongue should be touching the roof of your mouth when you exhale let
the tongue drop that’s just Reiki breathing or
meditative breathing breathing it’s to help you focus it’s to help your mind
focus on what you’re doing one of the most common complaints I’ve heard with
meditation from people is that they can’t make the racing thoughts stop they
can’t make their brain shut off one of the purposes for having your tongue
touch through their mouth leaving it against your teeth is it just forces the
mind to focus on your breathing it also keeps your mouth from drying out it’s
just a good stress it’s not patricians a stress free but if you’re stressed
keeping your tongue at the roof of your mouth can actually help with that it can
actually have a calming effect and then when you breathe out just let your
tongue drop and you can make a verbal noise if you want I usually just make a
whooshing sound I do not do my affirmations aloud I do them internally
a lot of people will do the both the breathing aloud as in they make a sound
as they’re breathing out and when they do affirmations like for example if
they’re tapping and they’re saying things like I’m going to be better
everything was going to be fine I’m feeling lousy but I’m not gonna let that
get to me I do not do that when I do my tapping any sort of meditation
whatsoever I do not do my affirmations aloud I do them internally I’m just
because like well if I go to the gym I don’t want everyone at the gym to hear
what I’m thinking so I just keep it to myself
that is again your call you should do what feels most natural to you but again
with the breathing if you can breathe in through your nose and out through your
mouth that’s ideal it is really highly recommended that you keep your tongue at
the roof of your mouth when you inhale if at all possible but again do what
feels right to you so let me just start off with the heart exercise I’m going to
have to stand up because this one starts at the pubic bone you just bring your
hands together facing apart and you’re gonna do is start it’s almost
like a butterfly you’re sort of tracing a heart you can think of it as a heart
or a butterfly and you’re just gonna keep going up I’m now just going around
the pecs and now I’m gonna sit so that I can keep showing you what I’m doing I’m
still tracing hearts or butterflies if you want to think of just butterflies
and I’m going to go around my head and go down and then this one last one is
bringing the arms all the way up so I have to kind of crush it down so you can
see what I’m doing and then you bring the hands back down back to the pubic
bone and you can just keep doing this as many times as you want and you can do
the tracings all the way up if you want usually when
I do this move I do this part maybe once or twice but this last part that going
up all the way up and back I usually do that part about two or three times the
breathing on this one is up to you whether you’re breathing in or out here
it’s really your call but this is a really good exercise once again that one
is called radiant hearts it activates your radiant circuits it basically
simulates the way your body reacts when you feel joy the physical feeling of joy
is activated when you do the radiant circuits exercise this next one is a
really good one it’s another hard exercise that I just discovered recently
as I said by titania dalan and once again I will put the link to her video
since she is the expert here but I did want to show you one more hearts
exercise as you put your hands on your upper thighs and then while you’re doing
the breathing what you want to do is slowly bring your hands up and together
in a prayer position bring them up right about to underneath
the pecs and then go into prayer position so you again you’re just
lifting up and then twisting them around so you’re now in prayer position at your
heart chakra so you’ve got them up against the heart chakra and now that
they’re here sorry I have a cable in the way and I’m trying really hard not to
hit my microphone too but now when you come up here you can now go up bring
your arms out and then an infant have to stand here again bring it back down here
into that reverse prayer position go back up go into the heart
and can I have a cab home the way and then one more time up so we can do this
one several times I’m just gonna do this one more time for now up flip and then
out and then what the last thing you would do is instead of going back down
when you get to your arms at this position bring them in front of you this
way don’t you don’t have to clap or anything but bring them this way and
then what you’re going to do is place them on your heart chakra and then you
want to rake across what we’re doing now is we’re opening our heart chakra this
is a really good way to wake up it’s a good way to energize and as I said you
are opening the heart chakra one thing I’ve seen at the time you do when she
does this and she shakes her hands out it’s a good way to get rid of negative
energy another good way to get rid of negative energy just rub your hands
together shake them out that way if you’ve accidentally or unwittingly
picked up any negative energies that prevents it from going into the hand
chakras because that’s what we’re trying to avoid we don’t want to have any
negative energy come back into our system so one last time I’m going to
just do this tracing one more time so again I’m starting on my thighs going up
bringing my hands together going into the flip and then going up but now I’m
just gonna bring my hands in front of me this way because I just want to open my
heart chakra just bring it out and now I’m rubbing my hands together shaking
them out so that’s a really really good one I just discovered that one I think
it was yesterday and as I said I will put a link up to her video I’ll put it
in the description and if I can I’ll also put a link within the video so that
you’ll see a window pop up probably on the upper left side if you want you can
click on that and then you can see – Tonya’s version of the video next one as
I said is temporal tap this is a tapping exercise you can do to wake yourself up
and it’s also a way to sort of reprogram your brain when you when I say temporal
tap I literally mean tapping with your five fingers or sorry four fingers over
the ear behind it and down to the neck but when you do the left side you want
to see your negatives on the left the right side you want to say your
positives and again you don’t have to do this out loud you can do this internally
the most important thing here is your intention so if you’re saying one thing
and you’re thinking something else you’re going to be confusing your energy
body don’t just make sure you’re not saying something aloud that you don’t
actually really feel you want it to work so you want your your intention to match
what you’re saying so here’s just an example I’m not gonna let the MS get to
me I’m gonna be fine I’m gonna be as healthy as I can be the MS is not gonna
stop me the fibro is not gonna slow me down either I’m gonna be as healthy as
possible I’ve seen people use this for money I mean I’ve seen things like I’m
not gonna be broke forever I’m going to get lots and lots of money I don’t want
to be disingenuous I’ve said this in the past I can’t guarantee you that this is
going to work but I can tell you that it’s a good practice to get into it’s a
good thing to make part of your daily routine if you can so one last time
temporal tap on the left is the negatives so anything that you want to
say negatively say on the left just bring that to the left as you’re tapping
so all right will not be a failure I will not be sick I’m gonna be healthy
I’m gonna be successful that’s the temporal tap so I’m gonna rub
my hands together and shake them out and then last but certainly not least one
last exercise a very quick exercise you can do if you feel yourself just feeling
really sluggish and dragged out the ear pull is a really good one it’s
surprisingly effective you can do both your ears at the same time what you’re
doing is you’re grabbing your earlobe and you’re just pinching and pulling
outward so you just kind of go in the same direction of the earlobe and then
you just pull up so I’m just going to switch to the other ear now so I’m gonna
go to this low and pull down and like I said you just pinch and pull pull out
pinch and pull the earlobe and then pull up so that’s a really good one just for
waking up and I’m really hoping these exercises help you and you can go down
and out for up and down it really doesn’t matter
what direction I find going down and up is very helpful so I’m gonna just do
that pinch and pull one more time I’m just doing them both at the same time
and I’m just using my index finger and my thumb if you want to use more fingers
than that you can but as I said what you want to do is what feels right to you so
I’m just tugging that’s the point of pain but to the point of a little bit a
little bit of discomfort if someone else did this to me I’d probably want to
smack them to get them away from me but anyway when you do this hopefully you’ll
feel a temperature and or a pressure shift and hopefully that will wake you
up so anyway I will be back in a few more days either with more energy
healing or with another Reiki distance healing video depending on what sorts of
requests I get and also depending on the reaction this video generates so as
always namaste peace of light thank you so much for coming and checking out my
channel I will be back in a few more days with something new I don’t know if
it’s going to be energy healing if it’s going to be a walk and talk video or if
it’s gonna be a distance Reiki healing video so once again please let me know
down below what you’d like to see next I really do go off requests including
the requests of my viewers or family or friends or people that I know from the
gym so again please let me know down below if there’s something specifically
you would like to see thank you once again take care of yourselves
buh-bye Cheers