Hi! I need help with a letter. This
Valentine’s Day I want to tell IUPUI exactly how I feel.
Welcome. We can help you with that. Thank you! Marilee. So nice to see you. Thank you
for coming to the writing center today. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to this. Me too. I have two main pieces of writing
advice for you. The first is to always find a reader. A reader will help you
flesh out your ideas, listen to your concerns, and really help you make the
strongest piece of writing you can. The second piece of advice is to not feel too
silly about what you’re trying to write. Sometimes it can be hard to express
yourself and so not being nervous and just putting it all out there on paper
is a really great way to start. Then you can always revise. Very good! I now
know what to write. Wonderful. February 14, 2020 Dear IUPUI, No matter the season, my
office has one of the best views of campus. On quiet summer days, I look out
my window and see future Jaguars here with their families getting ready to
start their journeys. In the autumn, as the leaves turn, the crisp air is
filled with Jaguar energy, which fills my heart with joy. As the weather turns cold,
peaceful snow covers the campus like a blanket, comforting students as they
prepare for finals with hard work and determination. In spring, as the magnolia trees blossom,
I look forward to seeing graduates in caps and gowns on campus, ready to make a
positive difference. I love you, IUPUI. You are truly a beautiful campus. You — and
the Jaguars who call IUPUI home — mean everything to me. Sincerely,
Nasser H. Paydar, Chancellor. P.S. Just so you know, IUPUI, my wife Niloo, my sons, and my dog Meeko will always be my first loves. Thank you. Have a good day!