– I like to always tell
teachers that Writing Workshop is differentiation at its best because everybody is at a different level. And there’s no other
way to just reach them besides letting them choose
what they’re writing about and being able to do their best work. Children, when they’re
really into Writing Workshop, they care about what they’re making and what their book says and what they’re doing
in their illustrations. – It’s interesting because
this book is very focused on a particular group of children. A lot of books in the series won’t be as focused as this one is. But we wanted to have room and space to answer that one question, how do you get started with
very beginning children? – The video lets you
come into the classroom. As a teacher, I love to visit
other teacher’s classrooms. I love that, but we don’t
always have the means to leave and to travel and to go to
another teacher’s classroom. But the video can bring
you into my classroom and let you see how I really got started. – Bookmaking is such an
open invitation, ya know. The paper’s blank. That’s one of the reasons
why you don’t start with lines on the paper because
lines carry this assumption that you know what’s supposed
to go on those lines. So the paper’s bank, it’s wide open. Basically whatever you can do, this is just a space to do it in. – Making books every day
helps children become writers. We read books to kids every day so when they’re learning
to write, they make books.