This is a quick video to show you how to link student blogs to a class blog. In this
instance I’m going to use my blog, which I can view here and here’s the URL I’m going to copy that URL so copy it and if I go to another blog that I have – it’s
a practice blog Go to the design tab up the top there and go to the layoout On the layout you will see a heading somewhere usually on the right hand side but in this instance its on the left. Click add a gadget and go the Basics Down to this bottom one Blog list is what I want, so click on it and the title is My Blog List so you could call it class blogs or student blogs would be more appropriate all student groups have been more
appropriate student You want to sort it alphabetically by the blog title you don’t need an icon you don’t even need a title of the most recent item we are going to add a blog to the list, so this is where you paste the URL add it. We are going to rename it with a student name, so in this instance
I would call it “Leigh” Save and then continue to add to the list all of the student blogs and save it. aH you can see in the layout there we now have the Student Blogs You can take it up or down to wherever you put it I’ll put it up the top so it is easily visible Save that arrangement you can see on the saved page I have this heading Student Blogs and my name Leigh is underneath and when I click on that it links directly to my blog ie the students blog