Hi and welcome back to Webination Station this is Jason with your quick tip you’re quick tip for today is coming
from empire avenue tips strategies and resources for empire avenue if you’re on empire avenue then you’ve
probably already met my friend Paul Steinbrueck It was it was if you’re new to
Empire Avenue you’ve never been there before but you thinking about
wanting try it out this is a great place to start empire
avenue tips strategies and resources I was commenting on Paul’s blog today and at the bottom that’s what inspired
me for today’s quick tip it’s Gravatar how cool are these little images
that are next to your name when you comment so you know i’m here to tell you that if
you are serious about branding yourself online you absolutely have to have
gravatar but it’s not enough just to have gravatar you need to use it to its
fullest so i’m gonna show you five things right now that you need to do
it is absolutely necessary for you to have for your online strategy in terms of branding social media right first let’s check this out picture no picture or or no picture
picture picture okay that speaks for itself while they’re here you can do this
also cover cards here paul’s got this you know some information is holstein Webination Station
that’s me and hey I went a little bit further
i give us some address and eventually gave some information and by included my url my website so your number one reason why
you absolutely have to have gravatar and use it to its fullest is because
gravatar is by name it’s your globally recognize
avatar it literally follows you everywhere every blog that you go to a
new comment using the same email address it will import not only your image but
your information and everything that you filled out on your gravatar now two that brings us to why that is so
important because you know to wordpress.com is you know gravatar is default out of
the box on word press dot com paul’s blog here’s a wordpress dot com and of course we’re using gravatar
default out of the box how many other people are using outward prasanna just
want to look this opera quickly for the sake of this video and i was interested to find out
that wordpress.com tells us that there ae fifty five million blogs out there using wordpress.com and using gravatar now there’s you know three hundred fourty
million people two point five billion pages five hundred thousand new post four
hundred thousand comments each day with all of this traffic you want to
have your name associated as you can just walk around and start dropping your
business card which is my point number three it’s
branding in your business card look at ted for example i went over to ted blog and looked at uh… six art
installations by candy chin that make the view are part of the peace and although there’s only two comments
here i think it really illustrates wonderfully with that one person who has
an image one person who doesn’t birding gauging you might want to click
on or waive your miles overplayed and you find out that she’s a heavy
coffee drinker and a blogger at and she’s got her url short profile short bio photo what’s the other person have nothing so you know even know you know you
here’s an opportunity to cure your url out there now although it’s
probably not going to give you a lot of juice in terms of asio because in most cases it is no follow but hey it gets a free place to
just go dropping in your business card so imagine just commenting all over the web
everywhere you’ve left your business card there and somebody happens the wave
over it they like your comment they’re gonna go
check you out so what are you gonna find their but look over here at gravatar i’m not gonna teach
you how to do it it’s really simple and easy which is my point number four and you know in the end it just
looks really cool i think so that’s number five here’s paul here’s your hirschmann paul’s gravatar here’s my gravatar im not picking on you paul but i am kind of delighted to be
able to give a quick tip or give some advice to someone who i
believe is one of the social media greats paul you really know what
you do when you’ve got some great stuff going on and so i kinda get to they give you a little sock in the
shoulder to say hey man haha check it out you know give you a little encouragement comment below have to say about my
little but but you know i want to use this to illustrate and encourage poeple look your email your here your contact information
your phone number twitter facebook there’s all kinds of stuff that you
could put in here edit your profile there’s tons of stuff out of the box you can connect all kinds of services
blogger flickr you know i only choose my top five i think it speaks for itself cases
have been jason with your quick tip for today and Webination Station leave your comments below like
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