Hey youtubers it’s Charlie and this week
Agents of SHIELD made a huge callback to the Howling Commandos and filled in all of Ward
and Garrett’s backstories. There was also a lot of foreshadowing for people releasing
secret power inside of them. Which means we could see some full on super hero action in
the finale next week. If you’re finding me for the first time
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When SHIELD goes off the air I’m going to fill this spot with Star Wars videos. So let’s talk about some Howling Commandos
and Flashbacks. Careful for spoilers from the episode if you haven’t seen it yet.
Here are my top 5 WTF moments. Number 5 – Garrett Recruits Ward For HYDRA. We finally found how Garrett ‘rescued’
Ward from that Bad Situation. I actually thought he killed his brother in that house fire but
more importantly, I think he convincingly lied about trying to kill his brother. I don’t know why the SHIELD Agents had to
break into Juvie like they were breaking him out of prison. Maybe Garrett was too lazy
to spend the time doing the necessary paperwork. The funniest part was when Garrett dumped
him in the middle of nowhere Wyoming and told him to survive. It reminded me of when How
I Met Your Mother showed Robin Scherbatsky’s Sweet 16 flashback. Played by Cobie Smulders
AKA Maria Hill. She got dropped out of a helicopter and forced to fight off packs of rabid wolves
and horny miners. Does that mean that Maria Hill is a bigger
badass than Ward? Pretty much. I know we saw his dog in the crosshairs at
the end. I think they want to leave the possibility of Ward getting a redemption arc. If we had
seen him straight up kill it, I think that would be a much harder sell. And he didn’t
even really kill Fitz and Simmons. He just dropped them out of the sky in a glass container,
Loki Avengers Style. If only they had Thor’s Hammer to bust out with. Number 4 – Howling Commando Antiques Roadshow This was definitely the most fun scene aside
from maybe them breaking into Cybertek. In case you forgot, Tripplett’s grandfather
was a Howling Commando and technically so was Nick Fury, but they’re playing it fast
and loose with the timelines. Nick Fury was probably one in the 60s and 70s. I wonder
if he ever fought with Triplett’s grandfather? Here’s the items I heard Coulson geeking
out over: A hand held hypno beam, a transistorized blaster gun, the joy buzzer EMP and the grapling
gun that they used to zip line onto the train in the first Captain America movie. Just based
on that I’d bet Tripplett’s grandfather was on the team around the same time. Don’t
be surprised if we get more references to Coulson’s love of memorabilia. I can totally
see him playfighting with action figures when no one else is around. Pew Pew. That’s actually one big flashback we haven’t
seen yet. A Coulson flashback to when Nick Fury first took him under his wing. Number 3 – Garrett was the first Deathlok In case you didn’t know the comic book version
of the character is a cyborg. Not a Deathlok cyborg like on the show, but we got a peek
at his metal plating last week. He’s basically on the edge of death, just because his body
was so far gone when he first started the program. This was the big plan reveal, Coulson kind
of figured it out with his chart porn but Garrett explains it explicitly. He needs the
serum to live. He’s only got 1 to 2 months to live. I was so happy that they gave us that Garrett
flashback where he explains how and why he joined HYDRA. SHIELD basically took a dump
on him after an operation went sideways and now he’s out to make them pay. I keep watching Raina more and more closely
too, because as she learns what Garrett is really after she and Ward start to distance
themselves from him. I sense a reckoning, if it weren’t already plainly obvious that
Coulson always wins in the end. Number X – Raina and May Foreshadow Transformations
and Releasing Inner Power This is all about Skye, everyone is wondering
WTF is up with her DNA. Raina is coming at it from a metahuman perspective. All that
talk about “what’s on the inside revealing itself” is just a clear indicator that Skye
and Raina are going to morph into alien or superhuman form during the finale. I’m going to stick with my two possibilities
for Skye, either she’s straight up Frost Giant, like the monsters Raina mentioned or
she’s Kree. Either way both her parents were aliens. So she isn’t half anything,
she is 100% Kree or Skrull or Frost Giant. I think it would be badass if she were a Skrull,
it would explain the human form. Actually let’s go with that. You’re friendly neighborhood
Skrull. and my Number 1 WTF Moment – Garrett Takes
The Serum Glowy skin equals not good for Team Coulson.
We saw him punch Coulson across the room in the teaser for next week. So I’m guessing
that he’s just healed and super strong. And super crazy. I expected him to manifest
some physical deformity, but the minute Raina produced that vial I knew there was no way
Garrett was NOT going to take it himself. That’s all he cares about himself. And why
would she give it to him if she’s pissed he’s such a deusche? She’s curious and
wants to see what comes out. Just like with Skye. She kept looking at her own hand like
she was hiding something special inside herself too. Like she’s either a metahuman or she’s
an alien or skrull in disguise. I full expect the finale to reveal but not
explain what Skye is. They’ll probably save the deeper exploration of her heritage for
season 2 and beyond. That feels like a Willow Buffy thing, where she developed her powers
over the course of a few seasons. Not all at once. But let me know what your biggest WTF moment
was? And do you think Ward killed buddy the dog? I don’t think he did. We never heard that
rifle go off. Overall the episode was back to A minus status.
I loved Maria Hill last week, but this episode really went a long way to deepening this Skye
Blue Alien plot. And right now, that’s really the only one I care about. I totally expect
Brett Dalton to be on the show in season 2 and even if everyone hates him, he’ll be
back on Team Coulson. Bill Paxton has been a lot of fun to watch
at times, but I feel like for him, this episode was just purgatory before he gets to be a
full on supervillain in the finale. He was amazing as a dirtbag SHIELD Agent and then
an asshole HYDRA Agent. But this episode was mostly him hobbling around being taken out
by joy buzzer EMPs. He was literally a fleshbag of fail until he took the serum. I always hate those times when characters
are in limbo states. Either be a man or be a superman. Don’t sit on the fence. It’s
boring. Based on all the blue alien, May bottled rage,
Ward and Raina turncoat foreshadowing I feel like the final battle will be pretty much
all the main characters versus Garrett. Deathlok too, but they’ll have to fix the detonator
in his brain before he can help them. I will say SHIELD has definitely gotten really
good the second half of this season. I really hope they’re able to build the momentum
for a strong second season. I know a lot of you have been asking me whether
or not it’s been renewed. Essentially yes it has, but not officially. They will make
the official announcement when they reveal the Agent Carter series. Right now in Hollywood
all the studios are announcing which shows are getting renewed and which pilots are going
to series. For instance, the Flash tv show at the CW. We’ll also officially find out
about that in the next week. So if there’s anything big I left out of
the video, just write it below in the comments. And let me know what you think Skye is. Remember,
whatever she is. She is 100 percent alien. So you have to account for the fact she can
still look human. Hint Hint, Super Skrull. Next week is the finale, so be sure to subscribe
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