Hey youtubers it’s Charlie and this week
agents of shield finally revealed what real life simmons has been up to and we got to
spend some more time learning about the big villain Doctor Whitehall aka Kraken. The interesting thing is that even though
they had a super powered comic book character in the episode. He wasn’t really the biggest
thing in the episode and I really like that they did that. They made Simmons the main
character. Lot’s of big stuff this week so few announcements
at the end but careful for spoilers from the episode if you haven’t seen it yet. I’ll
wait just a sec…okay, top 5 moments. Number 5 – Kraken Is Stealing SHIELD Agents Did anyone else catch the reference to Sound
of Music, it was the “Very Good Place to Start” line. It’s the Do-Re-Mi Song. Very
sinister. Of course that story took place in Nazi Germany
and Kraken was a Nazi so it’s totally appropriate. It gives the whole rest of the episode this
Sound of Music theme where Clark Gregg is the Christopher Plummer character, Captain
Von Trapp and he’s trying to keep his family safe from the Nazis. I guess that would make May the Julie Andrews
Maria character. They did dress Skye up kind of like a Nun with her black hood here. It’s just a fun meta way to look at the
episode, Music was a big part of the episode too and Sound of Music was a Musical. Kraken bookened the episode, so we’ll see
more of him in the future. But aside from the Sound of Music moment, my favorite part
was the big oh shit at the end when they implied they might try to brainwash Simmons. Number 4 – Donnie Gill aka Blizzard is Back I love that they had some more fun with the
powers in the episode and that they kind of buried the lead a little. He wasn’t the
biggest part of the episode, so I’m glad we didn’t spend more time than was necessary
with him. Yes powers are cool, but this was all about
Simmons, so Blizzard was just in here as a way to explain how HYDRA’s conditioning
works. That also explains last week’s episode where
Absorbing Man got all creepy. Compliance will be rewarded. Turned out Donnie had been brainwashed the
whole time and HYDRA just reactivated him. And the fact they didn’t find the body at
the end of the episode just means that he’s still out there in the world alive. They didn’t kill him off, that was what
the whole Skye, crossing someone off bit was at the end. Number 3 – Skye Is Trying To Keep It Together It’s really all about whether or not she
has it in her to “Cross Someone Off”, they kept repeating that theme. I thought
the watch they made her wear, the one that tracked her pulse, was unecessary. It was just May explaining that her pulse
was a good way to measure whether or not Skye was keeping herself under control. Like when
Ward told her about her dad and the watch had a heart attack. She lost it for a sec
and then calmed herself down. She’s just trying to become a really good
agent like May, which requires control. Or Compliance I guess, depending on which team
you’re playing for. I love the way Team HYDRA and Team Coulson’s
story arcs are mirroring each other. Like Kraken is an evil version of Coulson. Number 2 – Fitz almost kills Ward Loved Fitz in the episode, did not love Ward.
And I think that’s how the writers want us to feel. Fitz hasn’t really had a confrontation
with Ward since the finale last year, so this was a long time coming. I know a lot of you have theories about Fitz
maybe turning evil this season. I think the bit with Coulson at the end provides some
more context. Coulson has the Dad moment where he explains,
yes. I am keeping things from you. I’m your dad, I’m trying to protect you and deal
with a ton of other unrelated bullshit in the world. But you are an important part of this team. I felt like he was going to give Fitz a hug
for a sec. I think Fitz will still be stuck like this
for most of the first half of the season. Something really significant has to happen
with his character though. I just keep wondering if it’s going to have something to do with
the HYDRA plot or Skye’s Father and the Obelisk. Characters have to change. Matter only has
two states of existence, Growth and Decay. So either Fitz has to keep getting worse or
he has to evolve somehow. Evolve doesn’t necessarily mean something
good. He could get wrapped up in the Simmons HYDRA plot. and my Number 1 Moment – Simmons is HYDRA She was by far, the best part of the episode.
They could have just done the Simmons scenes and it still would have been an amazing episode. The name of that song that she woke up to
is God Help the Girl. Which is funny, because Coulson brought food, helping the girl. Thus
Coulson is God. He is kind of Immortal inside the Marvel Universe,
so you could say he’s like a God. It seems like based on that last little bit
in the episode, Simmons will stay inside HYDRA for most of the season, or at least until
Kraken learns she’s a double agent. And that will definitely happen. I wouldn’t
be surprised if they did something like that during the mid-season finale. So just look forward to learning more about
Kraken when we get our Simmons scenes. Because they’re literally moving her upstairs, she’ll
be working directly with Kraken and this guy. It’s like Simmons is getting promoted to
work inside one of these crazy Baron Von Strucker labs. His operation is way more advanced than normal
HYDRA. It’s like the way Red Skull said HYDRA was way beyond the Nazi’s in terms
of scope. Baron Von Strucker and Kraken are way beyond the scope of HYDRA. Just pushing
the boundaries of science. Let me know what your favorite part of the
episode was, and what do you think they’re going to have Simmons doing in that upstairs
lab? Next week they’re going full fan fiction
with Coulson and May, and I am 100 percent on board with it. Because my Flash videos
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