All right. All right! Hi! Hi! How’s it going? I’m good, I’m good. You did such a great
job hosting the Grammys. That was a very– [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Thank you so much. Look, hosting is hard
anyway and you did– you’re always so present. That’s what I love about
you is that you are– you always look like you’re
in the moment, whatever you’re doing. But that was an especially
hard night to do anything, and you handled it so well. You must have been freaking
out having to host that. Well, I mean, we
were all freaking out because obviously hearing
the news about Kobe and his daughter was so tragic. And none of us can still believe
it right now to this day. So I think that
it was definitely a crazy feeling, because
literally minutes before we were going
to do something else, and we had to really figure out
how could we properly honor him in his house on this night. And everybody who adores
him and loves him so much has been inspired by him. And it felt so devastated
in that moment. We couldn’t– we had
to properly do that. So I think that I was
literally backstage, I put on my meditation music. I just was thinking,
and I called some of my closest people
that helped me really find the truth in the moment. And it just so happened
Boyz II Men was there already that night and we
wanted to do something special, create just something that felt
like it was the right thing. And we pulled it together. And it was just beautiful. It was like that magic that
happens when it’s necessary. And so, out– whoa,
whoa, like, whoa– it was so much. But I was very honored
to be able to share that moment with all of
us– with the entire world– that we together could
go through something that hurt so bad, together. And I feel really honored to
have been able to be there with you in that time. Yeah. You handled it really–
you did a great job. Thank you. Thank you. So it was your
birthday Saturday. It was my birthday Sunday. And so you had to go to bed
early because of the show the next day. Did you make up for
it Sunday night? Oh, yes I did. You did. I partied on your
birthday real hard. Yeah? You stayed out late? Real late. Late, late, late. I got home, I was
like, oh no, 4:30! Oh, wow! It felt good. I was like, woo! Been a little sec
since it’s been 4:30. It was great. And Happy Birthday to you, too. And yes, I was definitely
asleep by, like, 11:00 PM on Saturday on my birthday. I was like, I got to go to bed. I got to go to bed and
get myself together. That’s late for me. Right. [LAUGHTER] So you have a new album. It’s called Alicia. How did you come
up with that name? [LAUGHTER] It was really hard. I mean, I couldn’t think
of anything, obviously. And so I just went with that. You know, truly, I’ve
realized that I’ve never been more fully myself. And I’ve never been
more fully Alicia than I am in this moment. And I’m really enjoying
getting to know myself in a way that I haven’t maybe been
brave enough to before, or haven’t just really
understood the nuances of what makes us all who we are. And so this music really
reflects all of me. And I felt like this is the
first time I could actually call this album Alicia
because I’m finally so much closer to who I am. That’s fantastic. When does it come out? (SINGS) March 20th. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Thank you. And the song that you’re
going to perform for us– that you performed
at the Grammys– such a beautiful song. Wow, thank you. Such a beautiful song. “Underdog.” I love this song so much. It’s like sometimes songs
have a thing about them and they come at the right time. So this song means so much, I
think, in this current climate, where we are in a world,
just really remembering that we’re here to defy
the odds and there’s nothing that can stop us. It is a beautiful song. And you’re here on a
good day, because she is going to perform that song
for us when we come back. We’ll be back.