I arrived in New Delhi as the US Ambassador to
India 1 year ago this month, just before the historic visit of President Obama as
the chief guest at India’s 2015 Republic Day celebrations. Since then I’ve taken
some thirty six trips around the country meeting so many people and witnessing
firsthand the strength of our people-to-people ties and the deepening
US-India engagement across the board. For example just outside of Mysore I visited
of migrants slum community of cricket bat makers. Hi Uma, this is Uma from USAID. We
met these cricket bat makers to see innovative low-cost decentralized solar
energy home lighting system designed by SELCO with USAID support. The community has seen a
30% increase in income and improvements in their safety comfort and the overall
quality of life for their whole families In April I was pleased to make my first
visit to the kingdom of Bhutan. Hi John, this is John from the political section. United States and
Bhutan are supporting institutions and values that have brought peace and
prosperity to the Indo-Pacific region and the world and I look forward to the further
development of the ties between our two countries in the coming year The USA to go event in Jalandhar in May
coincided with a trip to visit the town of my family’s heritage . Hi Paul. This is
Paul from the commercial section and Paul helped us bring together over 200
business leaders and those interested in travel and education opportunities and
commercial opportunities in the US as a place to travel study an invest. I also had inspiring
moments visiting various schools and places where my parents and grandparents
studied and went to school. One of the most fullfilling moments came in September when
two visionaries Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Sir Ratan Tata joined me to engage India’s corporate leaders and frontline health workers in the fight to make
India TB free. Hi Rubin and Pauline from our health
team… what began on that day was a partnership that I’m certain will deliver a TB free India and this is a big
commitment that we’ve made and we’re going to keep fighting for in 2016. Now
our military partnership has been especially important and it grew by
leaps and bounds in 2015 and the great privilege of visiting three
US aircraft carriers. Hi Dan from our defence team. And visiting those carriers
was symbolic both in terms of demonstrating the trust inherent in our
partnership but also emphasized aircraft carrier design and jet engine
technology work that we’ve agreed on to pursue together our military cooperation
has grown to include sophisticated ground air and sea exercises as well as
a robust defence portfolio that enables our great militaries to operate seamlessly.
I also became an honorary highwayman after trying to keep pace with legendary
foodies Rocky and Mayur. This is Emily from the Public Affairs Section. Sampling
India’s diverse cuisines from the north south east and west with the original
highwaymen brought back fond memories of growing up with my own family’s passion
for food and reminded me once again of the cultural diversity celebrated throughout
each of our countries. Of course none of our achievements and
2015 would have been possible without the amazing team we have here at the
Embassy and we’re so proud of them. As we march towards a better future in
US-India relations on behalf of Mission India and myself we pledge “Chalien Saath Saath”
forward together we go