Our extraordinary democracy, which continues to make
us the envy of the world. Iowa caucus chaos. Precinct chairs reported
glitches with an app. “I gave up on the app,” someone writes. “I’m not using the app.” Ours is the greatest
democracy in the world. Precinct caucus chairs
were making mistakes by not properly understanding the rules. So they’re just starting
to tweet out the results. This is starting to look like a debacle. The phone backup system
that they had in place, according to one source, is a disaster. The world’s greatest democracy. It’s a coin toss deciding
an apparent delegate. Around the world they’re
probably saying to themselves, “What’s going on?” Democracy works, America. Chaos, confusion, meltdown. Uncertainty and embarrassment. So awkward, so embarrassing. This is an unmitigated disaster. Dumpster fire.