Oh my god today at school I asked to use the bathroom because I hate math class and I’m wasting time and after five minutes of taking selfies and blogging on my tumblr blog My teacher walks into the bathroom and says, “What are you doing?” And I accidentally said, “None of your business, CUMBER BITCH!” *yelling* and he stood there shocked, but he said, “Who do you ship?” and now we follow each other on Tumblr! Really? So he somehow knew you were using Tumblr right after you called him a cucumber or whatever is what you’re saying, right? I don’t remember asking anyone if they have any questions… OK, fine, jeez. I’m wearing a Pokémon shirt to my chemistry class and playing a Pokémon emulator as I wait for class to start. The teacher comes over to me. Isn’t Pokémon for little kids? You seem a little old for it. ♪Pokémon theme starts playing♪ ♪Pokémon theme starts playing♪
Not really. A lot of high school students play Pokémon. But why? Because… ♪I WANT TO BE THE VERY BEST!!♪ ♪THAT NO ONE EVER WAS!!!♪ ♪CATCH THEM IS MY REAL TEST♪ ♪TO TRAIN THEM IS MY CAUSE!!♪ More students join in until we finished singing the theme song. Our teacher is looking really fed up. I- I don’t even know what to say anymore.. you guys are too childish for me after he said this, he walked out of the class, and wasn’t seen for the rest of the day.. Does- does anyone actually believe this shit???! SHHHHH *Applause* My brother’s friend was starting to apply for colleges and one of the colleges he applied to required a three page essay explaining what daring meant to them. So, being the clever person he was on each page he wrote one word with huge font “THIS IS DARING” and he later got accepted…. That is the biggest bull fucking shit…. I’ve EVER heard in my life… Do you have any idea what would happen if you do that in an actual setting? Are you saying my story is fake? Yes. I have a panic disorder while having an attack one day, I called my boyfriend because I was scared he hung up the phone as soon as I said that and was offering no time to comfort me. He doesn’t have a car. He lives 10 miles away. He ran. Marry him! I won’t even question this one ♪Metal music starts playing♪ Just told the guy who was on his phone in the library to shut the fuck up…. And everybody clapped!!!! so I told them to shut the fuck up too.. *Applause* Well that was interesting! Shut the fuck up! *Applause stops* *Sound of microphone being dropped* Ow! the edge…!!! At least he backed it up somehow. Last night at olive garden: Oh, a mother-daughter dinner. How nice. Actually, I’m not her daughter. I’m non binary, and my gender is still evolving through a complicated series of identities and ideas. Oh, sweetheart, she’s just being silly No I’m not, you are just being close minded C l a p . Today in 6th period it was pouring rain and I arrived late to class due to appreciating the rainfall. So when I finally walked in I was dripping wet and the teacher gave me a dirty look and said that she was going to mark me tardy with a referral to the office. And I point my finger at her and said no! then thunder crackled at that exact moment and the power went out and just to freak out everyone I whispered, SIX SIX SIX and this girl screamed Alright, that’s it. I’m out. It’s about time she left..