Previously onBuddy System,the fellas split up and
decide if they’re gonna–
…make a video saying that you
are officially handingGood Mythical Morning
over to me!-Rhett meets…
-Peder. -Peder?
-Peder. -Peder?
-Who uses his…
-And a…
-White gourd.
-To help Rhett realize…
We gotta get your phone back,
and get the show back.-But…
-There might a be a little problem with that.
-Yeah, ’cause Link drank
some nasty water, and created
clones of himself and Rhett.
You and me can make this video where we officially give our
channel over to Aimee and we never doGood
Mythical Morning
again. All you have to do is break the
hallucination barrier.Oh, yeah, there’s also
a talking,
flying version of Rhett’s bike.Don’t ask me, man.Enjoy.So… now it’s official. We’re packing it in and moving
on to bigger and better things. But, we have full confidence
that Aimee Brells, four-time cover girl
and one-time centerfold ofPitchin’magazine, will take
the channel in a new… and exciting direction,
with content that is much better than the vapid and immature
tripe we have been uploading for the past
several years. (upbeat music) Rhett and Link are right, and I wish them all the best in
their future endeavors. (tinkling) But most importantly,
I look forward to building a future with you. A future that includes you
owning the full suite ofBrellLyfeproducts,
becauseBrellLyfeproducts, (on phone, all in unison)
are products that you need!
How could you do this? I didn’t do it. I mean, it just kinda happened
in my brain. And then in the real world? Yeah. But it was actually your
exercise bike’s idea. What are you talking about? Oh… and I’m sorry about
your grandpa. I just saw him last week. Don’t let him ride your bike. ♪ ♪ (upbeat techno music) Hey, guys! Welcome back! What were you guys thinking? Um, I don’t really like
the colors, but I can put it back up
if it makes you happy. No! How could you give up
the channel so easily? Well, because now our
secret is safe. -Yeah!
-You’re welcome. (sighs) I don’t know who
to be more mad at, the vested scarved
versions of us, accompanied by the talking
version of my exercise bike, or the guy’s brain
who invented ’em. Oh, I– I’d say
be mad at them. Listen guys, I know we’re
all sad that we don’t have GMM anymore, but…
look on the bright side: we have each other! You’re not helping. But how many times
did you guys said, “What if we had clones
of ourselves? Think of all we could get done.” Huddle? They’ve got a point.
This could be amazing. Besides, what are we gonna do,
kill them? I don’t think it would
technically be murder. We can hear you. Guys… just think about all the
stuff the four of us could do. (blow pitch pipe) -♪ If… ♪
-♪ If… ♪ (four-part harmony)
♪ If… ♪ ♪ …I had another me ♪ ♪ Think of all the
wonderful things ♪ ♪ Us two can do as we ♪ ♪ Like a perfectly matched
thumb-wrestling match ♪ ♪ That ends with us
falling asleep ♪ ♪ I’d hang out with him
just to see ♪ ♪ How annoying I can be ♪ ♪ Or look at parts of my body
that I’d never really seen ♪ ♪ If I had another me
Another me ♪ ♪ If us had another we
Another we ♪ ♪ There’s no doubt
that our lives would be ♪ ♪ At least two times
more amazing ♪ ♪ But I’d probably start
to hate the way ♪ ♪ His voice sounds after time ♪ ♪ And he’d likely use his DNA
to frame me for a crime ♪ ♪ Maybe having another me isn’t
all I thought it’d be ♪ ♪ I think I’ll eventually
have to murder me ♪ (ominous drum) (harmonizing)
♪ There can only be one me ♪ ♪ There shouldn’t be
another we, oh ♪ ♪ I would dismember me ♪ ♪ And bury me under a tree ♪ ♪ If I had another me ♪ (dull thud) (cell phone rings) -Maxwell.
-Hey, yo. What’s this video of
you guys saying you’re giving up your show? Oh, that wasn’t us. It was from a hallucination
I was having. MAXWELL:Oh, no, those bastardsbroke the hallucination barrier,
didn’t they? -Yeah.
-Have you killed them yet? -We just did.
-Good. Now listen, I saw online that Aimee is shootin’
some commercials and it’s open to
the general public.I suggest that
you guys just show up.
You might be able to get in
Maybe you can infiltrate. ♪ ♪ (whispers):
What’s your back story? What? I’m an old man. Yeah, but who are you
supposed to be? An old man! (scoffs) No, come with me. We can’t blow our cover, man. If Aimee finds out that we’re
here, she could just make a video telling our secret
to everybody. We gotta have believable
back stories. We gotta be ready
for questioning. Okay, well, who are you? (southern accent):
The name’s O’dell Nobell but my friends call me
Pigeon Blood. I was a longtime session
flautist for the Skeeter Brothers Band. You can hear my musical stylings
on hits such as, “Sometimes a Dog’ll Do”,
“Thinkin’ ‘Bout Nothin'”, and “Little Juicy.” I toured with the band
till ’08, when I was excommunicated
for assaulting a sassy sound engineer,
Wade “Elephant Ears” McCloud, because he ket mixing me
into the left channel. I took my flute and I stuck it
right into his earhole and spun it around
like a ragdoll. The only reason I’m not
currently incarcerated is because I got off
on a technicality; apparently, it’s completely
legal to assault someone with a reedless wind instrument
in Franklin County, Kentucky. And even though I’ve been out of
the biz for a few years, and I’m currently driving
an Uber, I can still blow a
mean tuber. (flute with jazz band playing) (music stops) Wow. That’s, uh,
pretty detailed. Yes, it is.
What about you, man? Who are you? Uh… I’m… Sink… Mirror! Sink Mirror! Sink Mirror? Yes! I think you’re ready. (toilet flushes) GEORGE: Hey, fellas. -George?
-George. I heard the whole plan. (laughs) Oh, don’t worry.
Don’t worry. I won’t tell anybody.
(laughs) Oh! And by the way, Sink Mirror? That’s good!
(laughs heartily) RHETT: What are you
doing here, man? Oh, uh, today I become
commercial star! (laughs) And what is this secret that you
don’t want anyone to know? (blower running loudly)
LINK: Oh, well, uh… (blower drowning out dialogue) (inaudible) (blower slowly turns off) And they removed this popsicle
in the emergency room? Oh, no, they just let it melt, and then they just
removed the stick. -(grunts)
-But at least we were able to see the end of the riddle. (laughs) The end of the riddle, yes. (laughing) Coming through. Watch your toes. AIMEE: Hey, hey, hey! You’re forgetting something. (steam hissing) AIMEE:
There we go. He won’t be needing that. You. See if this fits. Uh… It goes on your head. I know that.
I’m Sink Mirror! (uneasy laugh) Oh!
(claps) Good! Come with me, Mr… Mirror. Come on. (claps) Time is money, time is money. Oh, wait… Who in here is good
with their hips? Me! O’dell Nobell, ma’am. I actually dislocated my pelvis
in a fan boating incident while filming the music video
for the hit, “Ain’t No Lovin’ Like
Swamp Lady Lovin’.” But the cool thing is,
it actually healed in such a way as to give be 13 to 17 degrees
increased range of motion. Got it. Follow me.
(claps) MAN: Action. Hi. I’m Aimee Brells. If you’re like me, you
don’t wanna have to choose between enjoying a cold beverage
and power washing. Introducing…
the Power Pelvis! The world’s first hands-free
power washer! The Power Pelvis lets anyone
with a power wash… That’s not right! Let’s people power wash
with pelvicking… poop! Let’s… pelvicing people,
power wash with… pipes… made of pelvices. (screams) Sh– The Power Pelvis, lets people
with pelvises power wash like
professional power washers! Who doesn’t have a pelvis? -I know a guy.
-Mother– Most people have pelvises. Why not use them to power wash? MAN: We’re losing the stream. Cut! Why can’t anything work as
advertised around here? I know what you mean.
I used to have a… electric flute that would
constantly malfunction on me during our 19-minute
rendition of “It’s Okay, She’s My
Stepsister.” (ominous drums) (loud snap)
(gasp) God! We’re gonna need
another unit! It’s like an amateur hour here! I’m gonna come back when
you guys figure this out, but I’m pissed! MAN: Uh… Sink? Uh… that’s me! We need to get some
footage of you activating the
Eureka Bulb. We found the best way to do this is to present the users with
unique scenarios then have them come up
with an idea. -Ready?
-Uh… You’re in windowless
and doorless white room. Just out of reach
is a sandwich. There’s a red ball in the middle
of the floor. Next to the ball is a hole
with the words “Insert ball here for sandwich”
written beside it. What do you do? I do… nothing.
(gasps) Uh, you have to make a choice. Wh– I choose to do nothing. Well, you’re gonna get hungry. (pause) I don’t like sandwiches! What do you like? I’m not touchin’ the ball! Sink, the ball will
not hurt you. I-I’m leavin’ the room! There are no doors or windows. Mmm– I’m goin’ in the hole! (light bulb buzzes) Okay… hold on a second. Okay, that was an idea. It was a stupid idea,
but it was an idea. Whoa. What is wrong -with this thing?
-(moaning) AIMEE: (gasp) Link! No, I said Sink Mirror! It’s definitely not Link!
(bulb buzzes and shatters) You almost killed me!
Get him! And this is definitely not a
disguise, so, uh, that I could -get my phone back.
AIMEE: (frustrated scream) Because that wasn’t me and Rhett
that made your video, it was another me and Rhett, that broke the hallucination
barrier, in a hallucination I was having,
on a soul search, and then we murdered them. And that’s definitely not Rhett
disguised as a flautist. What? Seriously? (cellphone buzzes and rings) Oh-ho! Looks like we got
a last minute gig. Let’s go. It’s magic time! -♪ If… ♪
-♪ If… ♪ (four-part harmony)
♪ If… ♪ ♪ …I had another me ♪ ♪ Think of all the
wonderful things ♪ ♪ Us two can do as we ♪ ♪ Like a perfectly matched
thumb-wrestling match ♪ ♪ That ends with us
falling asleep ♪ ♪ I’d hang out with him
just to see ♪ ♪ How annoying I can be ♪ ♪ Or look at parts of my body
that I’d never really seen ♪ ♪ If I had another me
Another me ♪ ♪ If us had another we
Another we ♪ ♪ There’s no doubt
that our lives would be ♪ ♪ At least two times
more amazing ♪