Well hello everybody! Welcome to Geoff’s
Baking Blog. Today I’m making apple squares or Apple bars, and that is two
layers of pastry with some apple in between them, cut into squares or bars. It’s quite a simple recipe and doesn’t take too long but you do have to wait
for the pastry to chill a little bit. So for the ingredients I have : 500 grams of
plain flour, that’s the equivalent of 4 cups. I have 250 grams of softened butter,
unsalted, and that is two sticks plus one and a half tablespoons . I have two medium
eggs which would be large in the USA. 100 grams of icing sugar, and that works out
at about three-quarters of a cup plus a tablespoon. I have a teaspoon of baking
powder and I have 45 milliliters three, tablespoons of milk I may not need all
of the milk. That’s for the pastry and I’ll just put that , some of those
to one side for a minute to show you the other ingredients. I have here one
kilogram, which is 2.2 pounds just under two and a quarter pounds, of apples which
I have peeled and grated. These are Cox’s apples but, you can use whichever apples you prefer. And I haven’t squeezed any juice out of those. I have 100 grams
which is 1/2 a cup of caster sugar a teaspoon of cinnamon powder , you could use grated nutmeg if you wanted to but not quite a teaspoon I wouldn’t think. and I also have a 1 packet of vanilla pudding mix. So that’s for the apple
filling. I also have an oven tray which is about
35 centimeters by 25 centimeter,s this is just maybe a little bit smaller than
tha,t but about that. and that would work out at 14 inches by 10 inches . And I have lined that, I’ve greased it and lined it, with parchment paper. So the first thing
to do is to make our pastry. And I’m going to put into my flour the baking powder and the icing sugar. And I’m just going to give that a bit of a stir around. Llike that. And then I’m going to drop my eggs in, I’m just going to bash those to break up the yolks, make it easier. And then I’m going to put my butter in as well. And with all those ingredients in
I’m simply going to mix them, you could do this with your hand but I’m going to
use my hand mixer. And I’m going to mix those until they come together, into a
dough. I may use my hand towards the end. So as you can see that’s clumping
together, And what I’m going to do is I’m going to use my hand, just to knead that
a little bit to get it to form into a dough. Because I want to make sure that the
butter is evenly spread throughout. So that’s mixed well enough. And what I’m going to do with that is to divide that into two, about equal parts. And I’m going to form
each one into a rectangle like that and. I’m going to wrap those in plastic wrap. And put them into the fridge and chill them for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes I will put my oven on to preheat to 180 Celsius that’s 160 Celsius with a
fan 350 Fahrenheit, and I’ll come back and we’ll roll out the pastry, and mix the
other ingredients. It’s been about 30 minutes, and I’m still chilling the dough, but I thought I would mix the Apple ingredients. The first thing I need to
tell you though is that you may have noticed I didn’t put my milk into the
the pastry dough when I was making it. And that’s because it didn’t need it. it depends sometimes on how absorbent the flour can be but my dough came
together quite nicely without the milk. So I didn’t need that at al,. so I can
put that to one side. So for the Apple ingredients I have my grated apple here, and what I’m going to do is to pour into that my pudding mixture. Now the other
thing I ought to say is if you don’t have pudding mixture you could use
custard powder, or you could use in the UK we have something called blancmange. So you could use a vanilla blancmange or even probably a vanilla angel delight
mixture. So that’s my vanilla and my icing sugar and my ground cinnamon. And I’m simply going to mix that all together I’ll use a fork, to start with,
and then maybe I’ll get my hand in there. I think I need it. No I don’t need it, I don’t
think . So I’ll put that to one side again. And we’ll roll out the pastry. So for the first piece of pastry I’m going to coat it with flour, and I have floured my
surface as well. I’m going to roll this out into a rectangle which is at least
an inch and a half, maybe four centimetres larger than the base of my
tin. And if it’s not exactly fitting it doesn’t matter because you can patch
this pastry quite easily. And once it’s rolled I’m going to
carefully put that onto my rolling pin, and put that into my prepared tin. And I want it to come up the sides, like that. And I’m going to patch it
where I have lower amounts. Just like that. And then I’m going to put the apple
mixture in and spread that around. Llike that. Trying to make it alright there’s… Trying to make it as level as I can get
it. And what I’m going to do then is I’m
going to just fold the pastry down onto the top. And you can, if you have too much, you can take some off . Because you don’t want it to be too thick this little layer here. And that’s then ready to take the other piece of pastry which we will roll out
now. so roll that out the same but it doesn’t need to be quite so wide or long
should I say. And that’s good ! So I’m actually just going to trim this a
little bit. I’ll just check this again. And then roll that on. And try to drop that into the tin, like that. I’m going to press that down. and patch any bits that might need it. Like that. And I’m then going to take a fork and
I’m going to prick the top. Like that. And I’m going to put that into my
preheated oven and I’m going to bake it for between 30 and 45 minutes. I’ll check it after 30 minutes and see how the top has browned, I may leave it a little bit
longer ,I may take it out. but once I’ve taken it out I let it cool down
completely, and then I’ll come back and show you the results. I baked our apple
pie bars for a full of 45 minutes and then I took it out of the oven and
allowed it to cool down, it’s still a little bit warm ,but I’ve taken it out of
the tin and I’ve cut a couple of bars. So this is what it looks like, and I’ve already eaten one bar but I’m gonna have a taste of another one. So it’s nice and
full of apple. If anything you could cut down on the amount of Apple I think but
I like it like this. Hmm, it is very very good. It’s got the,
just a hint of the cinnamon, and the the sweetness of the Apple and then that
lovely buttery pastry as well. So this is a very good recipe I think. And that’s going to be it for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and if you have please give
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back with another recipe in the very near future so until then happy baking.