Do you value your mother? If you still have it. I still have my mom alive, maybe you
no longer have yours so maybe these questions don’t make much sense to you,
but you who have your mother alive yet me I ask you: Do you value your mother? Were you raised by your mother? Or did your mother leave you when you were
small or you were raised by other people, maybe because of some difficulty from your mother? Or your mother left home and you and your
Dad how many cases happen? In this video I want to talk to you about
a subject that a lot of people ignore – yours Prosperity, including financial prosperity,
she’s totally tied to how you relates to your mother. Stay with me until the end of this video and you
You will be amazed at what I have to say. My name is Ivan Maia and the name of this video
Learn to Value Your Mother. I need to tell you that as always, I’m
putting here not only my opinions, but 21 years of human study in my
life and in the lives of thousands of people who I’ve trained and helped in the last 21 years,
also in the readings of the great men and women in all the works that deal with this
subject and I can quietly tell you the following you are free to believe
and follow what I’ll tell you or just find that i’m going crazy and that’s
all bitch. You are free to choose and I am in
peace with that because first you choose and then you reap, and your choices are
whatever they may be, they can only affect the your life. In the Bible, the first commandment with promise
says this: Honor your father and mother to let your days be prolonged in the land that
the Lord your God gives you. Honoring Father and Mother is a commandment, ok? If you do that, your days go on
and your prosperity increases but today I I want to talk specifically about mom. Another thing you need to know is that
there is a cross line in the universe that was instituted by God there in the Old Testament
if you look there is a book just about genealogy, a book that says who was whose son, and
who was son of such and grandson of tal and how many years lived and so on and why that
is there? Because genealogy to God is a matter of
utmost importance, then your biological parents, their descendants this is fundamentally
importantly it’s vital to your life whether you know it or not. If you’ve never heard of it and don’t know
that, ok, it makes no difference, one one and a half year old child when
she’s learning to walk she never heard talk about electricity, she has no discernment,
but if she takes a clip or a nail and sticks it at the power outlet, she will die electrocuted
or take a big shock. Ah Ivan, but she didn’t know that. Ok, no problem, that’s why she
have tutors, that’s why a child You have to have adults taking care of her. Universal Laws are always fulfilled, whether
you know it or not whether you understand it or no, whether you believe it or not, whether you
respect or not, they will be fulfilled. So you better know and we
we are talking about prosperity, and we are we were created to be prosperous and prosperity
it’s not just about wealth, it’s prosperity in the 7 areas of your life and involves health,
mind, body, spirit, money, work, marriage, emotional balance. Have you seen how many people are depressed in
world today? Have you seen how many people with panic? How many sick people, how many people who have
to take sleeping medicine, medicine for waking up, medicine to have erection, medicine
to lose erection, libido medicine, medicine to lose libido, the people do not
lives without medicine anymore, don’t you think there’s something wrong? With so much technology having more people sick? Don’t you think something is wrong
in having so much technology and information and the people be increasingly stupid, stupid and ignorant? Don’t you think something is wrong
and in Brazil, 3 out of 4 Brazilians suffer of functional illiteracy? Which is reading and not understanding, seeing and not understanding,
listen and not understand, watch and not understand. There is something wrong, in fact there is a lot
wrong thing and one of the main reasons is that people are ignorant, they ignore
the natural laws, the laws of prosperity. Ok, but what does all this have to do with mom? All. When the commandment says: Honor your father and your
mom he is not saying to honor them as long as they are good. He doesn’t say to honor since your mother
have not abandoned you or honor your father and your mother as long as she’s not a screamer
and has not abused you. The commandment says: Honor your father and your mother. And what is honor? Honoring begins when you understand the following,
whoever your mother was, a person who beat you and who screamed and diminished
you don’t care what matters is that you only have one biological mother and if you
is alive today, you had a biological mother. What does that mean? It means that you were born from her,
whoever she is and nothing can change that. What is honor? To honor is to recognize that if it wasn’t
this woman, you wouldn’t be here today Breathing, it starts there. Ah, but she was bad, she was this and that. No matter you have to honor the memory. And what is honoring memory? It is to recognize that the fact that she brought
you to the world, you will never be able to pay, This is honor. To honor is not to speak ill of her. To honor is not to wish her badly. To honor is to thank her that she existed because
If it wasn’t for her you wouldn’t have come. It is. Does it hurt you to hear that? I’m sorry for you, but I don’t have
Nothing different to say. Now if you were raised by your mother,
you grew up and she along with you no matter that she has defects why you
There are also, you also have imperfections, There is no perfect human being. If you had a mother like me, that
created you, which was not perfect, but which love and that prayed for you. Love her intensely if you have this opportunity. If your mother has passed away, you can also
do something you can bring it in thought not her in the coffin but as
she was at the best of times and you can love and honor her memory to this day, no
matter that the person has died because as long as you remember her she never
will die, she will be alive in your heart. The people we lose in life, first
we don’t lose because we are not owner of nothing then you can not miss
one thing you don’t own but people that we love and that death draws from our
life, they will never die while we remember them. Honor. Now I need to tell you something, remember
did I speak of the cross line that God created? Please understand, while it’s time, the
boys go to mom, girls go to the father. Almost every time you find one
man almost every time i won’t say to you every time because i would be
being an arrogant if I said that but in my life, 57 years old, I’ve never met
a man who gnaws his nails and when I talk about biting my nails
meat is not eating the corners no you You may have seen people like this
swollen fingers I’ve never met a man that he gnaws his nail to the point of flesh
live that he has not been suppressed by mom. Every repressive mother will raise children who
will be disturbed, this is basic. Now girls go to dad, it’s highly
common, girls marry her husband which is very similar to the father, in the likes,
in the way of being and why? Because it’s a trend, pay attention,
It is a trend. So the biggest influence on a man’s life
boy is the mother and in a girl’s life is Dad, I’ll still make videos about it,
I want to deepen this subject with you OK? But today, I’m dwelling on the issue of
mom. Your relationship with your mother determines
the health of your teeth, gums, determines the health of your phoner, the better
you are at peace with your mother when I say in peace it may be that your mother neither
talk to you, she may have been a person who wanted to kill you, there are many
cases like that in the world but when you enter at peace with that, that is when you forgive,
when you let go and when you recognize that without that woman you wouldn’t be here,
you are already at peace with yourself and the prosperity opens the door for you. And if you want to know the amount of money
that you will earn in your life, ie financial prosperity is closely linked
with the inner relationship you have with your mother. Do you find everything silly what I’m talking about? Alright, remember what I said at the beginning? No problem, my intention
is not to convince you of anything, because, it wouldn’t change my life, my intention
is to share with you an information that maybe no one gave you and never
You have heard. Balance your relationship with your mother
what if she’s still alive and you’re a person who loves her and is able to see her,
to hug her, kiss her and thank her for everything she did and still does for you do
so you have no idea how your life will be leveraged, your career for example
will rise like a comet, and you will have a fruitful family. It’s the little things that make the difference
in our life. Have you seen how people in general
live today? You don’t care about dad and mom, don’t you
even for children, by the way, the people of today, the great human cattle, no
you don’t care about anything, this is the big true, therefore, that they do not know of
where do you come from, where are you let alone where why? Because they will never get anywhere,
come from nowhere, are in nowhere and will arrive in anything. They live in limbo, which is dust subnitrate
out of nowhere, limbo is below everything and Stars up there. I always tell my students, to whom
assists me: Get out of limbo. Exit the limbosphere and go to the strelosphere,
You will see how your life will change. If you agree with me, put it in the comments
this video to Hashtag #eusaidolimbo and if you haven’t left yet, write, because it’s already
The first step you get out of it. In limbo there is nothing, in limbo there are only people
limbosa, there are only mediocre, stupid people, idiot, goofy, whose life is always the
same way. Start the year like that and end the year
like that, in that mediocre, dull life, odorless, tasteless and colorless if for you
living like this is not a bother, great, life is yours and as i said in the beginning this is not
will affect my life in no way but I hope make these words make sense to you
and that you make peace with it so that your offspring be fruitful and you
have a prosperous and full life like yours Creator wishes for you. My name is Ivan Maia and my mission
to help people live better and happier in the 7 areas of their lives,
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