As an atheist blogger myself,
the worst hate mail I tend to get is just people preaching to me.
You know, maybe tell me I’m going to hell,
but even that doesn’t happen that often. But if you’re an atheist blogger and
you’re in a country like Bangladesh, now your life is in danger when you’re
writing about why Islam is wrong or why, you know,
God may not exist. And in fact, there was
a group of four men who were blogging –independently I believe —
but they were blogging in the country, and not only were they arrested
for their blogging months ago, at least one of them was nearly stabbed to death.
I mean, he was close to being assassinated for his beliefs, but he found a way
to make it through. But that’s what
they have to face. And very– In this past week
they just got indicted by a court and this means that they could end up
going to jail for over a decade and pay a fine that’s
very heavy on top of that. All because they’re,
you know, blaspheming, they’re offending
people’s religious sensibilities. And that’s a crime punishable by a
jail sentence, or a big fine in that country. It’s scary to think about that, because
I feel like as an American there’s– there’s not much
I can do about it, other than tell their story
and make people aware of it. But it doesn’t seem like
there’s any way out for them. I don’t– There doesn’t seem to be
a safe way for them to escape. And this is
coming off of a guy in India,
a famous skeptic in India who recently got assassinated there.
He was shot to death, because, presumably,
because he was so vocal as a skeptic. So, people in other countries,
Middle Eastern countries, countries where, you know, religious people
really have the power, it is unsafe for them to be
talking about things that, you know, we as Americans
take for granted. So, if anything, I hope people stay
on top of this story. I hope people are made aware of what’s going on. There’s a link
below if you want to learn more about what’s going on. But just know
what’s happening and speak out about it if you can,
because it’s awful and hopefully these guys will eventually go free and not have
to worry about their safety just because of
what they believe. My name is Hemant Mehta and
I write at We’d love to hear from you, so please
leave your questions and comments below.