Behind us is the Audi RS6 Avant Quattro Obviously when we say Quattro , we think of the legendary S1 RS6 stands for Rennsport It means Racing in German Mr. is bilingual There is a real challenge for Audi here, because of the legacy of the R18, 24 hours of Le Mans, Tom Kristensen… The stakes are high for this flagship model, which is also the most powerful At first you wonder if it’ll be really be as fabulous as its pedigree suggests We find all the proper codes of Audi The more aggressiveness: a carbon blade at the front, at the back there is a beautiful diffuser which I believe is optional it’s possible, you know there are many options when you chose to buy an Audi RS6 badges, especially this beautiful Quattro at the front is incredible: it gives the car so much agressiveness It immediately gives the mood: Audi / Quattro / Racing We know that this is a sportscar, but what is incredible on that car is that from the exterior it could […] Aaaaah “Laugh ” Also the wheels: is it 24 inches? They are optional 21, otherwise they are 20 It’s big, it’s low cuts You could put spinners on them Yeah I’ll definitely do! It has beautiful petal wheels which are sublime Always stay at 1 meter from the curb because otherwise … Fortunately you got Park Assist, but I’m not sure it include the fact that you have extremely fragile rims The V8 does not scream, the car knows how to stay discrete I think in a more sober color than this white it would pass almost unnoticed V8 bi-turbo apart Inside you’ll find the Audi microcosm: it looks nice, it’s clean, it’s … What’s wrong whith him again? Brice I can not be in the esthete team! Why did you put me in this team? But we agreed though Yes but the Jackass (Fracasse) team is better! Well inside RS6 we find all the comforts of any good A6 Semi sport seats not maintain too bad, except when you drive too sporty But it’s still super comfortable: the Audi MMI system I think is wonderful because everything is done intuitively via a single button and a touchpad Cruise control, lane assist…: you can drive 600 km without wanting to stop, it is comfortable! Unless for refueling. Yes you just have to stop to refuel, but you can drive on comfort mode which is just wonderful! The steering is well Yes it is tough! The dynamic mode is a real sport mode! You feel the weight of the car, but you fell like you control it It’s very nice to drive Such efficiency! What bothered me a little is the pedals feel. They could have done a firmer brake pedal, it would have been better it does not reduce from the effectiveness of the RS6, that car really deserves its racing badge there is a real difference, for once, between the normal mode and the dynamic mode And very good point: the individual mode that adjusts all settings according to our preferences if you do not like the smooth steering but still want to save the car, you can adjust it it’s really nice to be able to set your car precisely Seing the length and the weight of that car, I was a little afraid about fast turns, but it actually performs very well! We are not used to have so much power on a car that weights almost two tons 2.9 tons, be precise please And I find that the downsizing of the engine – compared to the previous V10 model with 580 horsepower – is a success because Even if we lost 20 horses and two cylinders, the car lost 100 kg That finally increased performance compared to previous generation We aproximately lost one Charles Still, it does 0 to 100 kph in 3.9 seconds! The killer detail is the carbon blade at the front which is very pretty Outside the elements of carbon are very pretty too grid honeycomb which is very pretty Actually the whole car is a killer detail! The detail that stinks is its sound, not because it is ugly. Actually it sounds nicely. But not as loudly as we’d love to, you hear nothing! We would have liked, as Audi does now on less sporty models, an emphasize on the sound in dynamic mode to feel the sportiness of the car. We would have liked her to scream it’s not even worth using paddles watching the tachometer, you better watch the road. But the noise is not a landmark for gear changes For me the best score is clearly accelerating. 0-100 in 3.9 seconds any pression on the right pedal and the car accelerates, more, and more, and more… For me the better mark goes on steering Pigs! The RS6 Avant is the perfect compromise for any father A nice soft comfortable sedan, Which is also an aggressive sportscar Even though it weighs almost two tons, we can really drive it hard and it really gives you feelings It is Dr. Jekyl and Mister Hide Father with his family, and when his wife asks if they arrive soon he always answers yes This car is incredible, you can really feel the racing expertise of Audi It gives you very close feelings than a Formula 1