Welcome friends to autocad training by masters
academy. This is day 2 video
In this video we are going to learn about how to set up a drawing. First one is units command. For every drawing the unit which we are using
is important. Before starting the drawing we should set
our unit. For that type UN in command line
Check the type. Precision
Then scale and the angle I think the
Best one is decimal , precision is 0.000,cm,angle degree for small drawings.! Set it is by clicking ok button
Next is Drawing Limits Simply the limit that we can draw. Just type LIMITS in command window
We are drawing in a rectangle sheet. In limit we are setting corner coordinates
of that rectangle but only lower left and upper right corner. So Use 0,0 for the lower left corner and just
type 100,100 for the upper right corner. You can check by typing limits
command whether it is right or not. Then next is Plot scale and paper style
By setting dimensions of paper u want to print set up the limits as per we discussed.A4 A5
A3 as per your need Check the pdf attached with this video for
more details. Create a new drawing
Click A icon Or Ctrl+N
Or click this icon Or type NEW in command line
Then OK To Save drawing
Click A button Or Save in a command line
Then Existing Autocad
Click A button Or type Quit in command line
Ok that’s for the day. I hope you understand the session. Kindly go through the video again and again. Make this basics strong. Keep watching, and share to your friends. Thank you.