Special curly mane [Hobbyhorse Tutorial] Hello! I was thinking that it’s time to do a new short tutorial I’ll show you how to make a “separated strand” mane for a hobbyhorse It’s gonna be… Well this is not finished yet but here you can see how it’ll look like It’s gonna be super curly I have this commission horse that I’m making so I was thinking that I’d show this whilst I’m making this Attaching the mane is same as with the normal mane I also have a video about how to make a mane on my channel I’ll link it down below and on the upper right corner First, you need to measure the length you want This mane is going to be 25 cm Now I need a couple of more pieces of yarn I’ll start with three Like this… This kind of mane is the easiest to do using… wool yarn You need to be able to “open”/separate the threads/strands Easiest to “open” is thick wool yarn For example Naava or Isoveli They are the easiest and fastest to make this mane out of But also you can use wool yarn with normal thickness E.g. 7 veljestä Poju (one of my hobbyhorses) has this kind of a mane made out of normal wool yarn So it is possible to make this out of a normal thickness yarn It will be… Exactly I’m not sure… The curls will be probably speaking approximately the same size as with this thicker yarn Here we have one piece of thread In this case, I will make this count as two pieces of thread I will spin both heads It’s pretty hard to show this due to this length Basically, you can jump over this step but I twirl this open So I’m just turning both heads to the different directions I’m doing this because this yarn is thick and has many strands I’m using half of the piece of yarn to make one horsehair So the mane won’t be too thick If you have thinner yarn then you should use the whole piece as one horsehair I don’t know how well you can see this… When you twirl/spin wool yarn open you can see these strands Basically, wool yarn is made by twirling many strands around each other If I remember right wool yarn has four strands so has this one With this mane, the goal is to get these strands apart ‘Cause I’m putting only half at a time it has only two strands So then… now… (Doesn’t matter if you’re using half of the yarn piece or the whole piece) First thing is to attach the piece into the horse You can use your own method for this I have a tutorial about how to make a mane and attach it on my channel You can go to check that one too In that video, I show you two different ways to make and attach the mane Normally you would attach this whole piece But I’m using these half That’s because I don’t want this mane to be over thick I got a lot of questions about how I nowadays attach the mane because I’m using a totally different style than in the tutorial video The answer is I won’t make a tutorial about this style Probably many of you can see it on my videos I still won’t make a more accurate tutorial Here I have the whole mane attached Oh, and you don’t need to attach the whole mane at a time It is easier to make when you add smaller bits at a time and twirl them open Then we’re ready to start twirling these open You take one piece of the yarn at a time Then you twirl/spin it open First you need to check in which direction it opens Opening it like this… Then one more strand to open… by twirling it You can see how it opens I try to show you… Like this Make sure you open all the strands One strand is really fragile And these are curling like that I really really carefully “pull” it through my fingers This is how I can make it more straight With this kind of a mane you need to be really carefully during the making and also when it’s finished It can snap broken easily So be careful when using a horse with this kind of a mane Don’t be rough with it With a finished horse There are many of these strands so these will support each other It is not like if you touch it you’ll break it When finished it’ll be stronger than during the making Remember not to pull too hard I can pull this but not too hard You can see it won’t break that easily With every hard pull, it will weaken The more you open this the thinner the strands will go and the more you need to twirl ‘Cause these last strands are always attached tighter to each other So you’ve seen how it happens I will open/separate the rest of these and will show you the finished product But here you can see how it’ll look like. I haven’t neatened it yet And remember you should NEVER comb or brush/groom this kind of a mane This kind of a fragile yarn will weaken really fast if you brush it If you brush it there is a danger that these strands will snap Poju (one of my hobbyhorses) has this kind of a mane and I have brushed it sometimes in the past So the ends were little damaged and some pieces fell out and up here he had shorter hair when the strands have been broken Later I’ve fixed his mane By the experience, I can say that never brush it But now I’ll finish this and continue filming My Day Let’s get back later Thanks for watching!