P: hello everyone this is a mysterious guy voice
*cheering* D: uh Phil, I really don’t think you’re fooling anyone with that P: really, aw ok it’s actually Dan and P: Phil doing a pre-recorded announcement *cheering* D: yeah how exciting D: ha the show will begin very soon hi everybody it is Dan here live backstage at the dolby theatre before we film the amazing tour is not on fire and D: Phil where are you? Litr…can you- P: Coming, I’m putting my outfit on D: ok Phil woah, would you have just flashed D:everybody if you
P: nearly
D: can you please let D: the mic guy and in
P: hello D: hello Chris with the microphones. Phil can you hold this D: I’ll put mine on first
P: this is a lot of responsibility this P: looks expensive D: seriously Phil, don’t make them D: motion sick P: you can see all corners of this room D: okay Dan’s microphone first
P: ooooh P: Dan’s getting mic’d up P: they have to go in our back pockets and be P: careful not to break them
D: seriously D: yeah okay, you want to drop that my shirt P: it’s cold when it goes down your shirt, isnt it D: it is, here we go D: yeah drop down those packs, why do you have icy hands P: *laughs* you can see me in the mirror, i think. Hello!
D: hello D: and then insert it into my butt D: that’s how we do it here P: yeah feeling ready for the show, Dan D: I’m so ready to do this, are you
P: I’m a bit nervous now D: really
P: we’re actually at the dolby going P: onstage in like minutes
D: it’s a big deal, ok right P: I’ll give you this back now don’t break it P: i almost dropped it about three times D: what people seeing right now D: should we have tidied this room P: maybe, it’s a bit of a mess P: I mean my bags here, phone, what else we got? D: why are there so many shoes everywhere P: they’re my spare shoes because they’re white and get so grubby D: take a moment to scroll down and appreciate D: the grubbiness of phil’s shoes
P: look how shiny these ones are P: these are the newest ones
D: ok I am Dan and I am mic’d up, there we go D: Phil are you ready
P: Not yet, i gotta do this first button D: woohoo D: here we go guys, are you ready for this
P: down the back of my shirt D: exclusive Phil down the shirt action you D: know how it is
P: *laughs*
D: I apologize for D: nothing
P: we haven’t warmed up either yet Both: la-la-la la-la-la la-la-la D: what’s the one that stretches your mouth?
P: me-mo-me-mo D: ready here go 321
Both: me-mo-me-mo me-mo-me-mo Both: me-mo-me-mo me-mo-me-mo D:that was beautiful
P: thank you D: are you ready
P: yeah, I feel warm in P: my voice now
D: you are nice and warm we should D: warm up our bodies as well get nice and loose D: Phil, do up that top button seriously, please
P: i’m sorry D: what is your problem P: it’s a formal event like the Oscars but better D: okay are you ready then
P: i’m ready, let’s do P: this thing
D: to the stage P: here we go
Both: hey there, hi, hello people D: how ya doing? doing your job? Hi D: wow ok, i can hear the audience stamping their feet
P: i know! D: on the floor this is terrifying P: they’re all singing though, that’s nice P: i hope the stampede is like “come on Dan and Phil” D: i hope its a good thing
P: yeah
Both: there they are on the screen P: there’s the stage
D: you can see them there D: okay are you ready to see behind this in D: real life
P: let’s go
D: ok here we go D: oh god, here we go
P: here we go D: have a tour of our little station this is very D: necessary we got the water this D: industrial size packet kitchen roll D: without that my face if you have no idea D: oh
P: its starting *cheering and tatinof intro playing* D: are you ready, phil
*cheering* P: should we do this
D: ok *cheering because we love DnP* P: good to start the show? *cheering because we appreciate everything they do* P: giant microwave if you hadn’t realized
D: it’s a very high D: concept story *cheering for memes* D: hello to dan and phil *such cheering* D: we can do anything but walk in front of that projection right now *cheering for memories* *tatinof starting + Dan and Phil saying hello*