You are at Bakina kuhinja channel. Today we prepare fasting peppers. To see how to made them stay on channel. Have fun. Welcome. Hello my dears. Welcome on the channel. Today we prepare fasting meal. Its good for those who are fasting. These are fasting peppers on little bit deifferent way Its different from the last time we did it. We made them 5 years ago. It was 1800 recipes ago. Its hard to remember what we made. Sorry if i dont remember you . I cant remember all of the things. For this meal, you can use dry peppers. You can buy them on the market. But they need to be 25-30 minutes in warm water. For this recipe you fasting meal, that you can make in any occasion, because its great, you will need garlic, 4 pieces of it, peppers, i have about 10 peppers, i will stuff them with 200 grams of rice one big leek you also need, if you dont have it you can use onion, tomato, if you dont have it, you can slice potato, salt, pepper, oil, 200 milliliters of botled tomato, I will use 100 milliliters. You need powder paprika, spice, if you want, chard, one lace of it will be good, 1 bigger carrot that you will grind, and you need 2 spoons of ajvar. you can add parsley also, or celery, This is all you need for this nice peppers. You can make larger amount, and if you like, beside in baking tray you can add potatoes. This will be great meal. First, on oil fry the leek. Then add carrots. After that add rice. Stay on channel and learn something new. Put your apron and lets begin. Lets begin. Have fun. Leek is fried, now i add chard. Add garlic. Add powder paprika. Add ajvar. 2 spoons of it. Those addings you probably have at home. Then add rice, you previously cooked. Add salt, pepper, and i will add some chilly paprika. This is it. Now mix it. Its best to put paper in baking tray. Now stuff the peppers. You dont need to cook rice entirely. These are our peppers. We put them in the oven on 200 degrees. Bake them 40-45 minutes. Here i am. Lets see. Amazing. Top. Little chilly. This is perfect. Me dears if you want perfect meal, this is it. Try it. Follow my steps. My paprika was baked about 50 minutes. On 200 degrees. See you tomorrow morning. love you to the moon and back. God help us. Give us good health. Thank you for today. Send comments, i really appreciate it. Have fun on the channel. Kisses. Thank you for today. Bakina kuhinja loves you.